10 Types of Content to Attract Great Traffic

If you’re running your WordPress website and looking to attract a bigger audience, you might want to take a minute to think about the type of content you have been posting. If you keep writing about the same topics and don’t try anything new, you are probably not attracting a big amount of followers who would be interested in them.

Writing without a certain purpose and just for particular topics will leave you unmotivated to write and also out of good ideas. If you are having trouble deciding which topic to write about next, here are some types of WordPress content which will help you build a bigger following.

1. Tutorials and How-To Content

One of the most classic and also loved topics in the content world, this type of content can help you attract audience from all sorts of niches. There are really no restrictions as to what kind of topics you can cover and offer tutorials and how-to posts for.

One of the things you can do though, which will be very helpful when it comes to attracting a bigger audience to your website, is offering solutions to problems people might have expressed on your previous posts.

By addressing them through such posts, you are showing them you take their suggestions into consideration. Also, the more helpful your solutions to these problems are, the more likely the readers are to share them with their peers on their social media accounts.

2. Trending News

Even though you might enjoy creating new and fresh content, this doesn’t mean that you can’t write a story in different words. Trending news are always eye-catching to people online and by writing about things that are happening on a day to day basis, you can attract many new readers.

If you wish to make your content a little more personal, you can also add a personal opinion on the matter and let your audience know your thoughts on each topic.

3. Lists

Lists are equally as popular with online readers as anything else. They are easy to go through and offer straight to the point solutions for any problem. The way to create a list post is simple:

  • Create a small introduction about the problem you will discuss
  • List your suggested solutions
  • Finish your post with a conclusion

Not only are they simple to create but they will also definitely help your website receive a lot more attention. Just keep in mind that with these posts, the more detailed they are, the better.

4. Reviews

Whether you decide to review products, services or even books, there are many people out there who will want to know your opinion on them. Reviews are always a great way of attracting more followers and you can discuss anything you enjoy, without having to worry about picking something to review based on any standards.

5. Infographics

Infographics allow the reader to go through information in a visual form. They are always a very effective way of attracting traffic to your website but they might be a little tricky to create if you don’t have a lot of experience on the topic.

The good news is that there are plenty of online tools you can use in order to create your own infographics without much effort. Some of these include Canva, Infogram and Visually. They are all great options for beginners and all are either free or offer free trials.

Infographics are also usually the easiest type of content to translate in other languages so localization will be easy for you, if that is something you are interested in. You can find a complete list of translation companies on the PickWriters platform, in order to find the best translators for your content.

6. Guides

Guides can be thought as bigger and better tutorials or how-to posts. While they are enjoyed by many readers and sought after, they require a lot more research than a simple how-to post and they can take up a lot of your time.

If you believe you have the time and resources to create a longer and well-researched piece of content, guides can truly help you attract more people to your blog. You can choose to create guides for topics such as SEO, economics or anything else you can think of that your audience might want to read.

7. Guest Posts

Another great way to attract more traffic to your WordPress blog is by having guest writers create posts for you. This is a great tactic for many reasons. First of all, they might be influencers who will bring over their followers to your blog for the post.

On top of that, they will be able to create new content for you, which can be completely different to what you usually create. This content can cover different niches and can attract many new readers to your website.

8. Videos

In our day and time, many people don’t take the time to go through articles and long lists if they can get the same information in an easier way. That easier way is usually through videos, and they can really help bring more traffic to your website.

The usual problem with this type of content though is that it can be pretty expensive to create a professional video. If you don’t know how to create a video by yourself you don’t need to worry. There are plenty of great and easy-to-use video editing tools such as Camtasia which can help you create great quality videos in no time.

9. Memes

Memes will always be a fun way to express your thoughts online. This type of content will most likely attract a younger audience as it is usually not used for communicating anything serious. You can make them very easily by leveraging one of the free meme generators online, which will only take minutes to learn before you start creating your first memes.

10. Interviews

Last but not least, another great type of content you can use in order to attract more people to your website is interviews. You might be a little concerned about where you will find the right people to interview, but there really is no reason to worry.

Apart from asking your audience who they would like for you to interview, you can start slow by interviewing other online bloggers or even smaller YouTubers. These people as influencers will help attract their audience to your website and that can be beneficial for the both of you.

Finding the right type of WordPress content for your needs

WordPress blogs can be very diverse when it comes to the content they carry. The good thing is that there are no rules as to what you can and can’t post. As long as you are the one creating it, you can ask for your audience’s suggestions and start creating things you will not only enjoy but which will also help you attract more people to your website.

Which of these types of content do you believe would be the best choices for your WordPress website?


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