5 WordPress Web Design Tips That’ll Boost Sales

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A website is today one of the basics of starting a business. But whereas many companies now own one, not all have leveraged the power of the internet to drive sales and boost revenue. A good website costs time and money to setup so it’s a waste if it isn’t all it could be.

A failure to maximize this investment means forfeiting a potentially massive opportunity. Fortunately, there are a couple of tweaks you can apply to your WordPress website that can greatly impact sales, customer retention and brand loyalty. We look at some of these below.

Go Global

This may sound odd given that your website is already on the world wide web meaning it’s accessible from anywhere on the globe. It takes much more than that to be global though. Think about walking into a meeting conducted entirely in Mandarin. You probably won’t stay there for long since you cannot be engaged in the conversation.

Similarly, your WordPress website isn’t truly global if it only communicates in one language. Of course, it’s impossible to accommodate every language in the world. However, you want to at the minimum cater for the major languages that cover the majority of the world’s population or at least the markets you are targeting.

Use Responsive Design

In 2016, mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) overtook laptops and desktops as the primary way people accessed the internet. This was a monumental development given that many websites were originally built for desktop users.

The shift to mobile devices has necessitated responsive web design where the goal is to deliver consistent visitor experiences irrespective of the device used. Fortunately, realizing responsive design is fairly easy on WordPress though you still have to ensure you use a reputable responsive design agency.

Add Video

Consumers are drawn to video content. The mind processes visual content thousands of times faster than text. However, poor internet speeds, low capacity end user devices and the substantial disk space required by the average video (compared to other content files) meant many websites saw video as an unnecessary burden.

Fortunately, these challenges are becoming a thing of the past thanks to faster internet speeds, higher capacity devices and the rise of free embedded video-hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo. You can also use tools like Vocal Video to make a video testimonial, product review, and other engaging content. Videos keep visitors longer on your site, increase their likelihood of return and can grow your conversions dramatically.

Publish Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are built around the idea that people’s decisions are significantly influenced by the opinion of others. Consumers are likely to purchase something if their friends and family recommend it.

Though the people sharing online reviews may be strangers to one another, their average opinion (as demonstrated by, for example, an average star rating) is likely to be fairly close to the truth.

Reviews have been shown to grow conversions by as much as 20 percent. Of course the presumption here is that your product’s quality is up to standard. If it isn’t, the negative reviews can bring your sales to a grinding halt.

Keep It Short

Visitors to your website are likely to be repulsed if you ask them for too much information. Few will be comfortable with having to provide their full name, city, state, country, employer, job title and plenty more personal data just to download a free 5-page white paper.

Always assume that every visitor is in a rush so whenever you solicit data from them, keep it short, specific and relevant. In most instances, a first name and email address will suffice though you could request for a zip code if you expect to share area-specific communication.

Another potential bottleneck is captcha tests. Previously, captcha required the user to key in certain words. Websites have realized the tediousness of this process and now either remove the captcha test or keep it simple (such as the visitor marking a check box).

Note that while all these tips can grow your conversions, it’s best to apply them one at a time so you can evaluate impact and make appropriate adjustments where necessary.

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