9 of the Most Popular Basic WordPress Plugins

For those using WordPress, finding the right mix from it’s incredible number of plugins (about 47,000!) can offer the means to get the most out of this popular platform. Here we take a look at what are, by many reports, the 9 best basic WordPress plugins currently available… so this is a list you shouldn’t miss.

Some WordPress plugins are more useful if your WordPress website is a blog or a marketplace, but there are some others that you will always need, regardless of the nature of your website.

  1. MonsterInsights. The first WordPress Plugin we will talk about is the best Google Analytics plugin currently available. It connects to Google’s Analytics tool, giving you a lot of meaningful information about your website visitors. It is a great WP Plugin to give you the chance to have a picture of who is part of your audience and how they behave;
  2. Jetpack. This second, extremely useful, WordPress Plugins, is made by a pack of amazing features, which will help you manage your website performance, its traffic, the appearance and its security;
  3. IFTTT. This WordPress Plugins (whose name stands for If This Then That) declares that its mission is to “put the Internet to work for you”, which it does letting you set some triggers, actions that can cause a re-action, put in place by the WP Plugin, to be put in place;
  4. Yoast SEO. In order to develop your website, you definitely will need a SEO optimizer like Yoast SEO, a WordPress Plugin that will help you optimizing it for search engines, the biggest source of traffic for your website. Using Yoast SEO will allow to create SEO friendly content and meta tag, in order to obtain a better ranking;
  5. Buffer. This WP Plugin will help you to schedule your posts on social media, keeping them active with a minimum effort, planning everything in advance. A precious WordPress Plugins for all those who own a business or for everyone who needs to have a constant presence on social media;
  6. OptinMonster. It is the best conversion rate optimization tool available among WordPress Plugins. Using it, you will be able to convert your site’s abandoning visitors;
  7. WP Smush. If you have been using images on your WordPress website, you probably already know two things: images are very useful to attract your audience’s attention, and they take up a huge amount of your storage space. In order to avoid slowing down your website, you can use this WordPress Plugin: WP Smush. This works letting you reduce the
  8. BackupBuddy. Once you do have a WordPress website, it will be crucial to have a backup system, which is easy to use and reliable. In fact, BackupBuddy, one of the best backup systems available among WP Plugins, that will allow to be safe from the loss of your valuable data;
  9. Broken Link Checker. If you don’t want your website’s users to arrive on an empty or broken page – which of course you don’t want to – make sure you install this WP Plugin, which will act monitoring your website and signal all the broken links, so you can act upon them fixing them, and improving the user experience on your website.

What would be your #10? Tell us about your favourite WordPress plugin in the comments below!

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