5 Best Tools for A/B Split Testing in WordPress

A/B testing is not that hard to understand but whether or not it is simple to implement, depend on the kind of market you are applying its techniques. If you are new, then a simple definition will get you the real meaning of this process.

We conduct an experiment and see whether a customer choose option A or B. Throughout the experiment this particular data of every customer is collected and recorded. At the end of the day, a simple conclusion is derived whether option A is better or the B.

To conduct such A/B Split testing, you need to have the right tools. That’s why I am sharing here this guide with you.

Best A/B Split Testing WordPress Plugins

Here is a compilation of best tools for A/B split testing in WordPress.  The list comprises of both free and paid versions and I hope you find at least one plugin, suiting all the requirements at your end.

Muhammad Muzamil the digital marketing strategist from Cloudways quoted that “There are lots of mistakes big brands make to start moving a bunch of levers around without having a clear plan or motive for what they’re trying to achieve, what will be impacted by those changes”. Also, you can check out these A/B testing WordPress plugins.

#1 Simple Page Tester

Simple Page Tester WordPress Plugin

Setup your first or couple of split tests, see through over a period of time that which one works better, integrate the data with your Google Analytics Goal, decide the winner, and this plugin will automatically publish the winner version of the webpage or part of it. You don’t need to worry about cleaning up the versions that didn’t work well during the split testing.

That’s how simple it is to use this very first plugin of my choice. Simple Page Tester is available in the official WordPress plugin store and it clearly means that you don’t need to worry about paying for anything here. The UI inside of the complete tool is simple which makes the setup process pretty easy.

The options are well-labeled and the plugin offers SEO friendliness too. It is being used by 4k+ users (active installs at the moment of writing this compilation) and always kept updated with every fresh version of WordPress script. It is also compatible with cache mechanism. Since, there is no pricing involved, then there is no harm in giving it a try.

Full Details & Download

#2 WP Experiments

WP Experiments

With the price tag of $199 per year, WP Experiments is the next tool I will recommend you to try. Don’t worry you don’t need to pay right from the start as it is also available in 14 days of free trial. The only difference between free trial and a premium version is that free one doesn’t come with any updates and support.

The plugin allows you to run an unlimited number of split tests on images, posts, titles, or on any element of your webpage. The statistic tool inside keeps track of every test running live at your website and thus a valuable data is generated. You are allowed to change even colors and see which one works better. You can choose different paddings and margins and even run custom JavaScript codes.

It can be added in Call To Action area and even on the landing page that is intentionally developed by you to get better sells on your main product or sells copy. The feature that makes its premium tag worthy is that it automatically removes the less performing options from user’s view and thus leaves the best performing options, automatically.

Full Details & Download

#3 Nelio A/B Testing

Native A B Testing Service for WordPress

If this A/B testing thing is new to you, then you must be thinking that it will require a lot of technical knowledge. If you are not good at technical parts, then consider using this wonderful option I got right here for you. The plugin claims the requirement of zero technical knowledge and it works that way.

It let you test the different versions of same webpage and different elements of the same from the visitors point of you and help you convert visitors into customers. Everything is done right in the WordPress Dashboard area that further helps us to stay within our comfort zone.

It is almost 100% automatic and works that way. It can be used inside pages, posts, headlines, themes, widgets, and even for heatmaps (a tool that finds out the most popular part/section of your website). It is simple to use and again, it comes with a price tag. You can also find it been recommended by many known tech review websites over the web.

Full Details & Download

#4 A/B Theme Testing

AB Theme Testing WPMU dev

Have you heard about WPMU DEV yet? If so, then you are aware of how experienced and serious they are when it comes to anything related to WordPress and their products are always impressive. This particular plugin is their product and it is priced $19 per month, offering an unlimited number of websites, tests and dedicated support.

The UI of the back-end tool is pretty simple and users never get a chance to know that their choices are being monitored. The results are monitored and maintained inside the tool and so you don’t need to leave your favourite area, i.e. WordPress Dashboard. After using it on a website, I have been experimenting, all I can say is that it is extremely simple to use, yet it happens to deliver on its promises.

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#5 Optimizely

Optimizely WordPress Plugin

This is the last recommendation from my side that is luckily available without any price tag. The plugin allows administrators to run as many tests as they want and it gives access to almost every section and element of any particular webpage. You can read all features it offers at it’s listing. And yes, it is already updated to be compatible with WordPress 4.2.2.

Full Details & Download

Over to You

Let me conduct a quick split test with you, before you leave. Do you like Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Although I am not keeping a record of what’s your choice here but still you can understand how the process works.

If I am using a tool to keep the record, then this is how I can decide how to pitch you and sell my marketing (i.e. revenue generating) products.

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below and let me know your choice between Coke and Pepsi. Peace.

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