It’s All About You – The Right Blog Topic For Long-Term Success

If you plan on starting a personal blog where you can share your thoughts on anything or everything, or you plan on further promoting your business, arm yourself with a lot of patience and prepare to invest time, energy and efforts. The topic you will select for your blog will make a huge difference and direct your steps toward the strategies you will need to adopt. Limiting the topics on your blog will, undoubtedly, narrow the number of visitors you are going to get. However, it will also ensure that the visitors you will get will come back more often.

In other words, selecting your new blog’s topic is more serious than you might imagine, and it should be given the necessary attention. Here are a few tips that should help you decide upon the best topic to make new visitors and keep old ones interested in your content.

Tip #1: Choose A Topic That Speaks To You

You might be interested in starting a blog on makeup, beauty, lifestyle, or a similar topic that seems to catch everyone’s attention nowadays but does this topic really speak to you? If you start a blog on a topic purely for the sake of the projected profits, then you may want to think twice. Unless you will truly enjoy the posts you will be writing, you will be doing it all in vain.

Readers will sense your lack of enthusiasm, passion or love for the chosen topic and they will “punish” you with their absence and lack of interest in your products/content.

Lots of bloggers eventually get brand deals and sponsorships, and they need to promote various products, apps or services as well. The sponsorships are usually strongly connected to the topic of the blog. So unless you truly love makeup palettes or face creams, you are warmly advised to steer clear from the idea of choosing makeup/beauty as a topic for the blog.

So what should you be writing about? Well, the trick here is to think real hard about the subjects you have a genuine passion for, so you can draw others with a similar passion.

Writing about what you love the most will keep you motivated in the long term and help you create frequent updates that will keep readers busy. Anything from the classes you enjoyed taking most in college to the things you like to do in your spare time or hobbies.

Tip #2: Use your knowledge and expertise

Most of us don’t walk around thinking of ourselves as experts but when you start to think about it, all of us are “mini experts” of something. Many of the most popular blogs are built around “mini topics” where people share the expertise they learned in their daily life. Thanks to technology we are no longer limited to countries or even languages when we want to share with the community. It’s so easy to translate a social post or blog in an instant that following a blog in a foreign language isn’t even an issue. Take Norway as an example. A small country with not so many bloggers, or blog readers, as in the US. You may think there is no point in starting a blog in, or about, Norway, about a topic you are passionate about just because of the country you live in. But look at it this way. 

Tip #3: Choose A Topic You Enjoy Talking About

  • Keep in mind that a blog is a two-way conversation between you and your visitors/readers.
  • Pay attention to the comments your audience will soon start to leave via your comment section or email and do not hesitate to initiate a back and forth dialogue.
  • Be as receptive as you can and you should manage to create a small community that will continue to grow in size in time.
  • Debates have a powerful presence online. As long as you will select a topic that you will enjoy discussing with your audience (be ready to hear a lot of for and against opinions), you should be fine.
  • The more comfortable you are with the topic, the more freely you will be able to talk about it and the more honest and transparent your blog will be.

Tip #4: Be Yourself but Steer Clear From Hot-Button Blog Topics

While you might be tempted to use controversy to your advantage and draw more attention on your blog, we advise you not to do it. Controversial subjects will usually attract personal attacks you may not be ready for or willing to handle. Stay away from controversial topics such as religion or politics, unless you are ready to deal with this type of negative interaction. You will need to know when to leave a heated debate and how to focus your readers’ attention on a different subject. A trial period may in these situations help you determine if you should stick to your original topic or choose something else.

So to sum it all up, it’s all about you! If you can think about a unique topic that has never been debated before, go ahead and write about it. Nevertheless, if you can find other blogs on the topic you have decided to opt for, you shouldn’t be too concerned about it. As long as you can bring your own personality spark into the picture, you should be able to achieve the desired success.

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