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How to Boost Traffic to Your WordPress Site in 2021


Since the boom of the internet over 20 years ago, businesses large and small realized the importance of online presence and the impact it can make on the overall success of any company. However, web design was not widely adopted and with such a high demand for new web content. Some kind of solution had to be found in order to facilitate the production of websites. The answer came in the form of Content Management Systems or CMS for short. There are now dozens of CMSs, software applications that provide seamless, collaborative content creation and management, yet WordPress stands above all others with more than 30 percent of all websites in the world being built using this particular piece of software.

As the number of websites and online business grows, it is more and more difficult to fight the competitors and attract more visitors. WordPress provides a multitude of tools and techniques that allow you to boost traffic, and we are going to share some of the most effective methods so you can bring even more people to your website.

Social networks

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According to the latest research results, the total number of active social media users spans somewhere above 3 billion people from all over the world. This is almost half of the human population on Earth, so sharing your content on social networks represents a powerful marketing opportunity. The good thing about WordPress is that it comes with loads of plugins and features that you can use for all kinds of purposes.

One such feature is called Publicize, and it allows you to connect your WordPress account with Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media platforms. Each time you publish a new post, Publicize will share that content across your social media accounts and let your followers know what you have prepared for them. You can also use free social sharing buttons to integrate more social media options on your website.

A compelling description and an interesting title will lure visitors to your page, and eventual likes, comments and shares will further expand your reach and bring in some new followers. If writing descriptions is not your strongest suit, you can hire a freelance assignment helper that could craft compelling and engaging descriptions for you.

Group your posts with Categories and Tags

Grouping your posts and placing appropriate tags will make your posts easier to find, and also enhance the chance of having your content features on WordPress Reader. Categories are much broader than tags, they should send a general idea of what the post is about like sports, economics, business, lifestyle, etc. Tags, on the other hand, are more specific and they often include tagging people, companies, products, or events featured in the post. Just don’t take it too far with the number of tags and categories you appoint to each post, more than one is good, but having more than 20 tags and categories related to a single post is not recommended.

Check out our list of the Best WordPress Category Plugins to help you organize your website in a more efficient way.

Repost archived content

An interesting WordPress plugin, Revive Old Post, allows you to automate reposting of your archived content. What’s interesting about this plugin is that it allows you to customize the categories you wish to repost, timeframe, the number of posts that should be published each time, and more. It’s smart to use evergreen content for your reposting purposes, as this type of content is not time-related, and raises interest in more cases than content that’s created for a specific time-related topic.

If you’re not certain about creating evergreen content, you can try and find an online assignment service that could create engaging evergreen content that will attract visitors every time you post it.


Basically, interlinking means placing links to other pages on your website into your content. If you already published a similar post or a post that explains a certain argument in your text, don’t miss the opportunity to place those links. Your visitors will click the link and besides obtaining additional knowledge they will also provide better statistics for your webpage. If the linked post also contains internal links then you have even higher chances to further increase your site traffic.

The benefits of interlinking also include a higher search engine position for your website, as search engines keep a close eye on how long visitors stay on your website, how much they explore your site, and higher search engine position you hold, the higher the chances for additional traffic.

Mobile-friendly design

In 2018, more than 52 percent of all online activities were served through mobile devices. This means that more than half of websites were presented via mobile and we already said that one-third of all websites in the world use WordPress. Therefore, creating an adaptive design which makes your website representable for desktop, tablets, and mobile phone devices significantly increases your chances to keep the audience longer on your page, and get even more new readers.


High website traffic is not only important for your overall SEO performance, but it also enhances your chances of higher conversion rate, which pulls more sales and scales your revenue. These are just some of the options you can use to boost your traffic, however, don’t forget that regular posting and original content should be the most important aspects of your web activity. Follow these steps, publish authentic content regularly, and the results will follow.


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