How to Choose the Perfect Online Store Builder for Your eCommerce Business!?

E-commerce platforms have become one of the most popular trends among entrepreneurs when it comes to online store building. Having an eCommerce platform will definitely step up your business and take it to a higher level. What’s even better, building a platform is definitely the best choice since it’s far more economical and effective than creating a completely new solution.

However, choosing the perfect platform may not be as easy as it seems since many different options are available.



Below in this article, you can find a list of essential tips which will help you choose the right online store builder for your eCommerce business:

Improve functionality with 3rd party plugins

WooCommerce sometimes lacks many of the features necessary to run a successful online business. Plugins for WooCommerce are necessary in this case. These extensions and plugins for WooCommerce will keep your customers coming back, save you time and money, and increase your revenue.

These WordPress plugins were developed to enhance the functioning of e-commerce websites. It is almost impossible to build a website without using plugins:

To export orders and product data, WooCommerce Order Export is available. Filters allow you to just see the data you’re interested in seeing. In addition to exporting all of your data, it can send outputs to your email or FTP, change the column order of your exported data, and more. Check out what this plugin looks like in the action:

Rules-based approaches to calculating final delivery costs are possible with WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping.
To fit the full order, it has custom prices and is broken up into groups. Complex shipping criteria based on weight, quantity, and other factors are only one of the numerous options available. You may also use shipping classes and force shipping methods to set more precise rules. See more on the video below:


Security and Protection

Computer hacking has become one of the main issues in this modern society. Hence, protection is needed when it comes to online business. Customers want to feel secure when they make online purchases since they often have to share some personal and sensitive information such as passwords or bank details. If an intruder does some damage, your business will for sure suffer from serious side effects. Therefore, your business should be trustworthy and provide your customers with complete security until they check out. One way to guarantee security is to pick a shopping basket with SSL encryption included.


Mobile Commerce Platforms

E-commerce is one of the most popular trends nowadays. Namely, it has been shown that customers prefer to buy things online to over brick and mortar shopping. However, m-commerce has actually overshadowed this trend. The estimated m-commerce revenue by 2020 is whopping 38 billion dollars. This only proves that creating a platform ready for mobile commerce is the best decision any eCommerce business can make in order to progress and be successful. Partnering with an ecommerce app development company could be a strategic move in achieving this goal.What’s more, websites that have a mobile-ready platform rank highly better on Google than others. As a result, the website will get better sales and traffic.



Easy Checkouts and Search

When online buyers want to purchase an item, navigation is crucial. There are two reasons for customers to visit your website:

  • Look for a certain product they have in mind
  • Take a look at the variety of products you offer

Anyway, if they find it difficult to explore your site and check out, they are very likely to switch to another site and abandon yours. And you don’t want this to happen! Making checkouts and search easy for customers makes a huge difference. Hence, avoid redirecting your potential buyers to different pages for completing a purchase. No one wants to do such time-consuming tasks.


Product Ratings and Reviews

The best way to present your business as reliable is to provide your customers with a facility where they can find out about other buyers’ experiences and reviews. Product ratings and reviews have once been thought of as optional and an added feature, but now they are considered a necessity. If a customer posts a good review of any product, it will immediately have an impact on and attract more online buyers. According to marketing psychology, people usually rely on and trust other people’s good experiences. For that reason, if you want to keep up with other online store builders, your eCommerce business must provide product ratings and reviews.


Scalability and Flexibility

We can all agree that trends are changing pretty fast. Therefore, modifying and customizing your site to make it fit your business needs can sometimes be difficult. And, even after spending a lot of time adjusting it, you can’t say that it is all sorted out once and for all, not until it’s completely tested. However, if you truly want to make a progress and succeed, customization should be one of your priorities. Luckily, a flexible platform can help you achieve your goal in the long run and provide you easy modification options. This will eventually lead to better ranking among the online market competition.


Following these tips, your eCommerce business is very likely to make a progress in a short time. Plus, it will increase the profit and become one of the most popular customers’ choices. If you have any additional questions regarding this article, please ask away bellow in comments, and we will do our best to help you in any way we can.

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