10 Common Blog Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By popular demand of today’s life, more and more youngsters are willing to make a blog. This idea emerges once a person finds out he can earn a lot of money by writing. On the other hand, this online journal may turn into a waste of time. No fast income, no followers, and other issues are the primary reasons people quit.

Almost any user of Instagram, Facebook has at least one subscription for a popular blogger. That user does not skip posts and is ready to blindly put a “like”. Besides, by following bloggers, anyone may find himself envious of their luxurious lifestyle and would think of earning money the same way. But, before starting your blog and improving your writing skills, check out how other people ruin their websites in 10 steps.

What Are the Most Common Mistakes Found in Blogs?

Protect your start-up from the mistakes mentioned below. So many cool ideas went flop due to the lack of knowledge about how to run a blog like a pro.

  • No user-friendly interface. Some people can get the impression of the relevancy of the blog in 5 seconds. If your blog is uncomfortable, people will skip it. Do not make too bright design, and avoid unreadable typestyle.
  • Useless content. The number one rule – unique texts. Find the desired goal of your website. Avoid such common posts as about food, celebrities, and sports. There is an enormous competition that would be too heavy to lift for a newcomer. Firstly, read some popular websites, learn the stylistics of the language there, and research why people read them. And of course, check the list of the worst websites which mistakes you’d better avoid.
  • Fast money. Some of us must confess that on the first day of launching the blog, we straightaway applied monetization. Why? Because there was neither the desire of writing the blog nor actual knowledge of how to do it properly but long for fast income. It drives away the readers. Use ads only after you have a big audience. The only good example of the blog loaded with ads, it is a blog about advertising.
  • Lack of SEO. Today to attract readers’ attention, you cannot just write a post and publish it without applying SEO tools. Such texts are just plain. SEO is a unique text written by following a proper structure, and with attached advanced keywords. Keep in mind, no texts in a “bed sheet” form. It means do not forget to structure it in paragraphs and subtitles.
  • No smartphone optimization. If your blog is not automatically converted into a mobile version, for some users it would be a primary reason to unsubscribe. Once the number of your readers increased, try to optimize that aspect.
  • No feedback. When there is no comments section, it looks strange. Why? Because readers cannot share their feedback about the post.  But, what can be even worse? When bloggers block a user or delete the comment. Let people tell you how they find your blog.
  • No upgrading of old articles. A long-forgotten post can again rise from the ashes. Update the articles if there was actual information at that time. For example, you wrote about the prices on real estate in 2018, change them according to 2019. A reader will save their time.
  • Closed blog. Some of the websites allow readers to preview a post within 5 seconds. Then you should sign up to read it for free. Its feature decreases the number of potential audiences and also makes the person waste time to search for similar info. Check Wikipedia or WikiHow free websites that are impossible to excel by any other informational sources, due to their universalism. Imagine if they have closed access.  Students would cry.
  • Too many posts. The biggest mistake of bloggers, to write about everything they see, how the bird is flying, how the car is driving only to get more reviews. Make your content unique one and the reader would wait for a long-waiting post the whole day.
  • Lack of hashtags. If you need a fast advancement of your blog, hashtags may help to increase the audience. The only mistake that can emerge is that the text is 1K of symbols and the number of hashtags is equal. Use 2-3 of them, it is quite enough.

These mistakes will not let you succeed in blogging. Read popular blogs and adopt ideas from them. If you struggle with content for your blog, the expert academic writers for the most difficult tasks are ready to help you. Such service is ideally suitable for writing posts, essays, or even a difficult research paper. Moreover, they are working 24/7, so your readers will not wait for long for a desired piece of information.

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