WordPress Facts for 2019

14 Intriguing WordPress Facts for 2019 and Beyond

WordPress – The leading free and open-source content management system is becoming even more popular with each passing day. In fact, WordPress websites are always considered better than the ones that aren’t based on this platform.

Have you decided to use it for your website yet?

Well, it is pretty natural that sometimes the buzz alone isn’t enough to make up your mind. Hence, we are presenting a perfect compilation of some of the best WordPress stats and WordPress facts for 2019. Whether it is about the free WordPress themes or WordPress plugins, you can check out some interesting stuff about everything below.

  • WordPress is covering at least 26% of the internet

According to wordpress.com and w3techs, WordPress is not just a mere content management system. It is much more than that and astonishingly, now powering more than 26.4% of the web. The excellent and extensive versatility that WordPress offers is the only reason behind such popularity. Truly, it is beneficial to be a master of WordPress

  • WordPress is growing faster than its competitors

If you just take a glance at the recent WordPress stats then you will see that there had been a steady growth of 4% from 2017 to 2018. This sort of an increase in the popularity rate of WordPress market growth in the past year is commendable. It could be considered as one of the most interesting WordPress facts for 2019 that you can ever check out.  

On the other hand, when it comes to WordPress competitors, there had been diminished growth in the same year. Joomla’s market share has reduced up to 3.1% from 3.4%. Also, the same statistics for Drupal stands to a reduction from 2.2% to 2.1%.    

  • More than 1.1 million newly registered WordPress domains per half a year

One of the recent surveys on global internet CMS usage revealed this wonderful WordPress fact. It states that WordPress successfully adds up an additional 1.1 million domains every six months or so. This excellent WordPress stat clearly indicates how much users love the convenience and effortless working approach of this famous platform when it comes to online presence.

  • Users downloaded WordPress 5.0 close to 1.5 million times

WordPress proudly incorporates a large community and a multitude of volunteer contributors. In fact, this number is so high that it can sustain the development of WordPress’ own self-hosted variety. Interestingly, the WordPress stat reveals that the latest iteration alone, WordPress 5.0, has been already downloaded close to 1.5 million times! 

  • You can find 72 translations of WordPress


This might seem to be the smallest number when compared to the previously mentioned figures in this blog. But, the huge significance of it has can’t be ignored at all. It’s because of the vast community and lucrative initiatives that WordPress has so it’s not surprising that the number of languages in which WordPress is available is growing steadily. There’s a myriad of languages starting from Albanian to Scottish Gaelic in which you can set your the dashboard of your WordPress website successfully.

  • WordPress has the highest SERP results

The word ‘WordPress’ gives you 2,120,000,000 results. Isn’t the figure a pretty massive one? But, it’s true! You can get the most unexpected results when it’s related to WordPress. It is definitely not that high when you think about it. Right?

  • WordPress – The most used CMS

According to a massive range of information from W3techs, WordPress is successfully claiming at least 59.3% market share for a long period of time. People use it extensively around the world. Next, lies the second most famous content management system Joomla which has significantly less usage of only 6%! WordPress is clearly more popular than the other CMS platforms like Squarespace, Magento, Wix, etc.

  • There are over 54,365 WordPress plugins in existence


According to the Plugin Directory, WordPress currently has 54,365 plugins with a total number of 1,279,101,512 total downloads. Yes! That’s equal to a massive 1.3 billion downloads. Although, there’s a debate whether WordPress should reduce the number of obsolete plugins in the directory or not, you can be always assured of finding a solution to any problem you run. There will definitely be a plugin for that!

  • Akismet blocked 100 billion spam comments

Who doesn’t know about this highly popular WordPress plugin?

The high-end Akismet has already achieved the milestone of blocking 100 billion spam comments long back in 2013. Can you imagine how many unwanted ads that is?

  • The maximum set up time for a WordPress website is only 5 minutes

The 5-minutes installation of WordPress has always made it unique. It is one of the prominent features of this popular CMS which has enticed more and more users to use it. You only need to spend 5 minutes and a fully ready WordPress website will be there in front of you!

  • WordPress possesses a merchandise store of its own

Yes! This amazing CMS has an official merchandise store and it is called the Swag Store. If you are a WordPress fan then it could be one of your most favourite shopping hubs. It sells a wide array of WordPress merchandise starting from coffee mugs, carry bags to sweatshirts, t-shirts and more!

  • WordPress is favored by 30.3% of the top 1,000 websites

Does this statistic really surprise you? Well, just think a bit sensibly. When it comes to the use of off-the-shelf CMS available, it is pretty less when it’s about the huge websites which have extremely high-performance requirements.

  • WordPress works for 80-90% of crawling problems of Google

WordPress is the most SEO friendly content management system that you could ever find. Matt Cutts, the former head of the web spam team of Google, once said, “sites built with WordPress are capable of ranking higher in search results because the CMS takes care of 80-90% of Google’s crawling issues.’’

  • People visit WordPress more than Twitter

Surprisingly, WordPress has 131 million unique visitors every month! This huge number says that it is visited even more than Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms. Twitter gets pretty less new visits when compared to WordPress which is just 114 million per month.


Weren’t these extraordinary stats and facts about WordPress worth exploring? Hope you enjoyed reading the article. Undoubtedly, WordPress can be considered as ‘The Best CMS’ of recent times.

Make use of it and let your website stand out!


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