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How to Start a Successful Food Blog Today with WordPress!?

If you’re thinking about starting your own food blog, you’re at the right place. This article will show you how to achieve your goal the easiest way – with WordPress. To be more specific, WP is a remarkably diverse and useful tool for building any kind of websites, and food blog isn’t an exception.

What’s even more convenient, you don’t have to be a professional in technology and coding since WordPress features a complete graphic interface. Plus, there are plenty of food blogging themes and plugins specifically developed to serve this purpose.

Hence, all you need to do is go through this list of top WordPress themes and plugins for your  brand new food blog and get started!

Top Five WordPress Food Blogging Themes:


Talisa – Food Recipes WordPress Theme

Talisa is the perfect option for engaging and inspiring visitors since they can browse through numerous recipes. This template has an eye-catching design and displays your photos in a very attractive manner. Plus, your visitors can also share their own recipes with you so it is great for interaction. But, that’s not all! They can also ‘favorite’ the recipes that they prefer best.

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Divi – The Multipurpose Theme for Any Occasion


Even though, Divi isn’t specifically designed to be a food blogging theme, its flexibility makes it a great choice. It features a really intuitive page builder which helps you create the type of website you want. Yet, regarding food blogging, the best thing is that you can make your site stand out from others alike. So, go for it and custom your own website according to your liking!

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Daily Dish – Simplicity Personified

Here’s one for all of you who are looking for simplicity, rather than plenty of features. Daily Dish will help you build your website thanks to its six page layouts and a landing page template from which you can choose. The entire design is completely responsive and loading is as quick as possible thanks to the clean code. Plus, it is user-friendly and very easy to set up.

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CookBook – Food Magazine Blog Theme

CookBook is a template specifically developed for general food content, reviews, and recipes. It has a magazine style layout which is perfect for publishing regular content stream. Moreover, the design is fully responsive and suitable for mobile devices. It also includes a recipe template which makes your recipes quite easy to follow.  CookBook also offers numerous options for customization.

Bacon – User Generated Recipe Theme


The key feature of the Bacon template is enabling visitors to submit their recipes through beautiful front-end submissions forms. Creating an account and posting recipes are such easy tasks thanks to Bacon. Furthermore, this theme enables you to easily organize your website content so that your visitors don’t find it difficult to browse through it.

Top Four WordPress Plugins for Creating a Successful Food Blog:

Simmer for Recipes Plugin


Here’s another WordPress tool for publishing recipes. The Simmer for Recipes plugin provides a new custom post type to your site and with a form for displaying the content of your recipes. This means that it features cooking instructions, ingredients, and other information alike and about the dish. If you choose to use this specific plugin, you will make your recipes more straightforward and with a uniform appearance, which is great for easy following.

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BigOven Recipe SEO Plugin

The BigOven Recipe SEO plugin is one of the options if your aim is to optimize your recipe posts for the search engines and rank better. What’s even more convenient, it is free of charge and offers you some wonderful features. For example, you can use it for importing saved recipes from Ziplist, which is now defunct recipe repository. Also, it includes a print button and three distinctive templates for content formatting.

Visual Recipe Index Plugin

Visual recipe index

As you can guess from its name, this plugin is specifically designed for creating a visual index of all your recipes. Thanks to this feature, visitors can easily browse through all your recipes in one central location. However, you can also divide this index into groups while the plugin simplifies the adding and managing process of the thumbnail images for each of your recipes. Plus, it’s free.

Recipe Card Plugin

Similar to the first one, Recipe Card is yet another plugin developed especially for food blogging websites and for optimizing your recipes for search engines. In other words, Google can identify your recipe content and rank it according their results. If your site ranks higher, you will get more traffic, which results in more money. But, let’s get back to the features of this plugin. It includes nutritional data display, an option to print and save dishes, and it’s easy to use and browse through.


Thank you very much for reading this article. The rest is up to you. Choose your favorite theme and plugins for your food blog, and enjoy creating the perfect website. If you need any additional help from us, or you have any questions regarding this article, please contact us below in comments, and we will do our best to help you in any way we can. Take care. 

*last updated 10/26/2019

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