Top 21 WooCommerce Tips & Tricks

Online stores are on a roll. They are capturing the market slowly and gradually. People love buying things online because of the convenience it gives to us. And as online market is increasing, subsequently the use of woo-commerce has also increased.

The basic reason for the huge popularity of woo-commerce is that it is powered by WordPress. It can be considered the backbone of most beginner to intermediate-level websites. It is only fair for them to get the level of popularity they have got in this world where everything is turning digital. Though it is easy to work on WordPress it is always good to grab some tricks that help you boost your sales to your website. Here are some tips that can be of use to you.

1. Have the best plugins

Plugins allow you to create nearly any type of website, from e-commerce businesses to portfolios to directory sites, by adding or extending the functionality of your site.
Plugins are an essential part of any WordPress site, no matter what its purpose is. Our top selections for WooCommerce-based e-commerce are as follows:

WooCommerce Order Export is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that allows you to export orders and product data from your WooCommerce site. You may apply filters to obtain only the information that you want. Furthermore, the above link is the PRO version that contains many extra features such as exporting all relevant data, automated exports straight to email or FTP, making it perfect for dropshippers, the option to restructure columns, the ability to set up several exports, and much more. If you’re interested in how that actually works, on an example of order export, check out the following video:

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin is a unique addition to your WordPress website that allows you or your business managers to optimize shipping and implement rule-based methods for determining the final shipping cost amount. It includes customized pricing and is divided into sections to account for each component of the order. Furthermore, it is accessible in both free and PRO versions. Several features include the ability to use advanced shipping rules (based on weight, item count, and more), the ability to use force shipping methods, the ability to create unique shipping method names and use shipping classes to create fine-grain rules, and the ability to import and export your own shipping methods. Tutorial on setting up WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin may be the real insight in functionality and simplicity of that plugin:

2. Add brands to your website

It is one of the best things that you can do. You don’t need to do much publicity in this as the names and the prices are almost always known. You can also give the option of brand wise searching so that people just come and place their orders.

3. Ensure the security of your website

You will be handing some really sensitive data. Security must be of your top priority. Everyday there are hundreds of viruses and malware created and if you are holding an expensive host then you certainly need to focus on the security more than anything.

4. Frequently backup your data

The database you create of your customers and the product is a gold mine for you. Customers’ likes and dislikes, the count of every product is really very important. Woocommerce is getting a huge attention that makes it more prone to malicious activities. So, to be safe, take Backup frequently.

5. Add product images

In order to give your customer the ease of evaluation of your product you need to add some pictures of your product. This adds the required charm and customers feel more engaging.

6. Enabling quick product view

The only downside of online market is that you cannot physically touch what you are going to buy. Because of this many people feel uncomfortable while shopping. A quick product view enables the customer to take a good look of the product and be assured.

7. A compelling sales copy

The amount of attention you will get if your description is good is unmatched. This helps the customer get the real picture of the product which makes you the winner.

8. YouTube videos

If you wish to describe or convey something it is best to convey it through video. It will serve as the best source of description for your products.

9. Import data from another store

Changing your store platform can be a very good decision. Getting a reliable platform is great and for that you u will have to import data from your previous store.

10. Create daily deals

The daily deals is one thing that can make your conversion go out of the park. You need to include daily deals section in your website to attract customers to your store.

11. Offer discounts on bulk orders

It is a rule in the market to give discounts on bulk orders. Your margin gets better so giving a little to your customer won’t affect you a lot.

12. The stock count

Providing a stock count on the first page of your website gives you a lot of benefit. Seeing this your customers think that they have got limited time and actually end up placing orders immediately.

13. Allow customers to rate and review

By allowing your customers to rate and review the product you make them feel special. This also makes your pages trustworthy plus it is always to have a second opinion.

14. Promotions on slider

Promotions are one of the most essential thing in a business. What better than promoting deals and products on your website using a slider? This saves money plus increases your reach too.

15. Motivate the old customers

It is easy to maintain and keep the old customers connected than making new customers. Use newsletter to reach them and keep them informed. And chances are that your old customers will be back buying stuff.

16. Display relevant products

When people sit online to buy the product they wish to keep it quick. You can grab this opportunity and display items that are related to their search so that they get it in their platter as soon as possible. This will make your customers happy and your sales also reach heights.

17. The checkout process

A successful purchase is only complete when the customer successfully completed the checkout process. If your checkout process is too exhausting chances are that customers will drop the purchase then and there. Simplify it and see your sales going high and high.

18. Enable users to create wishlist

Not everyone is going to buy stuff at first visit. People usually like to wait for discounts and deals to hit the best deal. Let your customers create a wishlist so that they can keep the product aside and buy whenever they wish to.

19. Continue shopping

Adding this option to your website will give your customers the facility to add things to their carts even at the last moment of their checkout process.

20. Allow product personalization

In any business it is the customers that matter. Give them the facility to customize their products as per need. Remember, that a store is only good till the customers help it with mouth publicity if this goes against your store then you might get into a little trouble.

21. Create a simple registration form

Include just the important things and keep it as simple as possible. No one likes to fill long forms to get into a website.

WooCommerce is really proving out to be one of the best product CMSs in the market. Working on it is very beneficial. These tips, if applied wisely, will surely help you get your sales higher than before.

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*last updated 3/18/2022

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