Top 8 WordPress Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

WordPress is Awesome!

Almost everyone will concur to the above idea. The platform is easy to use and turns the most novice person into a temporary genie that builds beautiful websites.

WordPress Ecosystem is what makes the whole scenario possible. From the user-friendly dashboard to the stunning themes and useful plugins, everything gels perfectly to create a wonderful experience for the novice and the master alike.

But, the quest for knowledge doesn’t end here and we are left with tons of questions that need to be answered on the daily basis. The questions can be related to simple theme choice to complex WordPress database operation. And, there is no end to the questions that keep flowing in my mind about WordPress.

Anyone who is currently using WordPress or developing with WordPress may also go through the same scenario of asking so many question that he/she needs to regularly turn to Google Search. But, there is another way of understanding how WordPress evolves around us. Keeping yourself ahead of the pack is also necessary to evolve yourself as a developer or a normal WordPress junkie, who just loves WordPress.

Wondering where to start? I hope you do not waste time googling for the top WordPress blogs that you must follow. I tried to list the top blogs that you should follow and keep yourself updated without wasting time on Google, tipping your keyboard to death.

Let’s start with the list.

1. WP TavernWordPress Tavern

WP Tavern is one of the leading authority blogs that keep a big database of WordPress related articles including theme reviews, plugins and list articles. The catch here is that the blog is maintained by two legendary WordPress enthusiast Sarah Gooding and Jeff Chandler. This clearly provides the base for high-quality reading.

Other than the above, they also provide WordPress Weekly Podcast that will keep you sane for the next weekends.

2. 85Ideas

85 ideas

85Ideas is in its inception stage and there is no doubt in my mind that it become an authority website in the future. We are working hard to improve the article base on our website and create an environment that address everyone from WordPress community.

Currently, we offer collections that can help you move forward and select the best plugin, themes or services. 85Ideas is also the house of tutorials and we keep it simple and succinct for a wide range of WordPress audience.

Working on the idea of providing a platform that offers free themes and knowledge are what our philosophy is. Right now, you are reading the best budding blog on WordPress.

3. WP Lift


WP Lift is another WordPress authority blog that offer tons of WordPress Resources including interesting interviews. WP Lift journey started in 2010 and the crowd base is growing a rapid pace.

The blog is maintained by WordPress developer Oliver Dale, who is famous for launching WordPress related products including ThemeFurnace and WP AdCenter, an advertising plugin.

WP Lift provides tons of resources including theme reviews, plugin reviews, tools and more.

4. WP Mayor

WP Mayor

WP Mayor is a popular WordPress blog maintained by WordPress developer Jean Galea. The site also offers WordPress news article and deals on the regular basis.

As they are an authority website, they also host WordPress related jobs. WP Mayor is also one of the best platforms to promote new plugins and themes.

5. WPMU Dev Blog


WPMU is one of the leading WordPress developers and they provide enriching WordPress resource that can help any developer out there. They also release new tools, plugins and themes for the WordPress community.

Until now, they have released tons of WordPress plugins that helps in creating a value for the users as they know that they are expert in what they do.

Like any other blog on this list, they offer daily WordPress News, Tutorials and much more.

6. ManageWP Blog


If you ever looked for a WordPress Management service that can take care of your multiple blogs from a single viewpoint then you already know about ManageWP and its WordPress management service.

To keep everything up to date and drive traffic to their main service, they keep their blog active and full of surprises. They offer themes review, plugin review, news, WordPress tutorials and more.

They also offer a community driven website, popularly known as, which accumulates all the user submitted WordPress related articles.

Bonus Tip: Registering an account on and entering your personal website or blog will earn you a do follow backlink.

7. SitePoint

SitePoint WordPress

SitePoint is no doubt the leading website on the web that offers high quality, in-depth article on lots of topics including programming, marketing, writing and more.

There are also tons of WordPress related articles on the website. These articles are mainly tutorial or features based and they rarely go to theme and plugin review. They also provide tons of WordPress listing articles.

If you are looking for having a crack at extremely high-quality articles then SitePoint is for you.

8. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is one of the leading resource website. They also offer tons of other topics including HTML, CSS, and others. Smashing Magazine is similar to SitePoint in many regards.

They offer high-quality unique articles on WordPress, but the frequency of the articles is only two-three times each month.

Other than Websites, there are also unique WordPress blogs that belong to WordPress legends. Let’s list few of them below:

1. John James Jacoby is the working project lead of bbPress and BuddyPress. Find out more about his insights here.

2. Chris Lema offers his insights through his blog. He is popular for the work he provides to other internet markers. He also blogs about WordPress.

3. Joost da Valk aka Yoast is the author of the leading WordPress SEO plugin, Yoast. You can follow him here and get daily updates on WordPress SEO and other topics related to WordPress.

4. Joyce Grace is another budding online marketer and WordPress developer, who loves to keep her readers hooked with her blog.

5. Blogging Wizard is the work of Adam and now run by his team. Blogging Wizard offers tons of blogging tips which include WordPress related articles. You can catch his blog here.

Wrap Up

WordPress is awesome and huge and that’s why we tried to narrow your online research time by providing the best blog that you should follow.

Have anything to add to the above list? Comment below and let us know!

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff at 85ideas is a team of WordPress experts led by Brian Harris. Here to share amazing tuts, guides and collections.

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          So you Kanyed it up and I didn’t even notice. I apologize for that!

          I believe my point, third-party-reference notwithstanding, was to make one of my own: “you should be reading The WordPress Helpers”.

          Good news, by the way: I read your piece and it was YOUR blog that resonated for me!

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    Thanks for the nice list. You have added your blog also. I am a wordpress developer and I would love to explore it. Here I have complied a list of WordPress blog please read it share your views

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      Hi Bon,

      The list you have compiled I do not agree with:( there are a few blogs that shouldn’t be there and you have missed out many top WP blogs.

      • Bon Joseph
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        HI Brian,
        May be I have missed the top WP blogs. I have added which I used to read on regular basis. But thanks for the reply. I will surely check some popular WP blogs and try to add them also.

        • Brian H
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          I just check the link you mentioned again but it doesn’t exist.

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