Top WordPress Podcast on Air for Digital Business Owners

WordPress is an ever-growing phenomenon. With more and more developers and webmasters engaging into the WordPress platform — there is an amazing demand for content that can be consumed on the fly. Yup, we need more audio shows, podcasts and commentators that make WordPress more interesting.

Today, I am going to share with you the top WordPress podcast on the air for digital business owners. Digital business is expanding and the owners would love to know more about the WordPress. But, there is a catch. We, all are busy and do not want to indulge in any other activities. The more I think about it, the more I think I am caught in a spider-web. Jokes apart, podcasts help me realize that I can work and listen and get the benefit of both the world. The approach can not work for everyone of us. The benefits of constant buzz also improve productivity and creativity.

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Top WordPress podcast on Air for digital business owners

Let’s get back to where we left off, i.e., WordPress Podcast. With the amazing podcast at our exposure, we can understand the latest trends and useful tips/tricks that enable us to improve our WordPress knowledge. The podcast is also very useful for WordPress Developers/Designers as they can easily connect themselves and know the trends/tips/tricks and opinions from the best of the WordPress working professionals around the world.

Let’s get started with the list.

1. ApplyFilters

Apply Filters

If you ask me my first choice on WordPress Podcast that makes a difference in the WordPress Community, then it would be ApplyFilters. ApplyFilters is a WordPress podcast, which is completely dedicated to WordPress Development. With only 36 episodes, down the road, the WordPress podcast has already made news in the WordPress community.

The WordPress Podcast is run by Pippin Williamson and Brad Touesnard, both of them are active in WordPress development.

I went through the podcasts and they range from themes, plugins, insights, interviews and more. The podcasts generally range from 30 min to 1-hour timeframe. The podcast is extremely informative for the developers as it makes them better with each passing podcast.

iTunes: ApplyFilters | Website: ApplyFilters

2. DradCast

The DradCast

One of the most famous WordPress podcast is DradCast. The podcast is run by Dre Armeda and Brad Williams. Both of them are sober and ex-army men. This attitude and the energy can easily be seen in the videos they share weekly on their website. This podcast is different from other WordPress podcast as it shares both the video and audio. The podcasts are recorded and hosted on Youtube before making it to the final website. This way users can easily enjoy the video as Youtube videos are the standard all over the world.

The podcast shares the news, views, and other WordPress related stuff. The podcast lengths are generally closer to one-hour and they can easily power you up with the WordPress stuff.

iTunes: DradCast | Website: DradCast

3. DevChat.Tv

DevChat tv

DevChat is yet another WordPress podcast that you cannot miss. With more and more information flowing in, we need better podcast, DevChat falls in the region and offers us the right platform to learn about WordPress Programming and freelancing.

The unique point of the podcast is its freelancing video’s and helps new freelancers on how to grab more work from the market. Another aspect DevChat is different is its vast array of other programming languages covered by the website.

iTunes: DevChat | Website: DevChat

4. MattReport

WordPress podcast for digital business owners

MattReport is one of the finest WordPress podcast out there. With elegant voice, Matt dishes out his excellent opinions, views, updates on WordPress in a weekly fashion. Other than WordPress, the website also releases podcasts related to startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancer. The main focus of the podcast is WordPress and how to make a living from it.

The podcasts also take interviews of prominent WordPress developers, designers, and marketers. So, if you want a good time with your coffee, Matt Report is for you.

iTunes: MattReport | Website: MattReport

5. Genesis Podcast

Genesis Podcast

Genesis Podcast is one of the rare gems of the WordPress podcast community. With genesis framework, the best framework for developing WordPress themes, chances are that you are missing a lot of action from the genesis community if you do not follow this beautiful podcast by CarrieDils. She is amazing and energetic and always puts something new and funny in her podcast.

Other than the WordPress related stuff, She also regularly comes up with business podcasts. So, if you are thinking of starting or already running a business, the podcast can really help you gain a lot of traction in terms of knowledge.

iTunes: Genesis Podcast | Website: Genesis Podcast

6. WPWaterCooler


WpWaterCooler is one of the finest roundtable debate podcast out there. The approach is to learn everything, but you can also find funny things in the podcast. The WpWaterCooler is run by Jason Tucker and Chris Lema. The topics that are discussed in the podcast are tightly connected and the discussion generally goes around those topics.

iTunes: WPWaterCooler | Website: WPWaterCooler



7. WPTavern WordPress Weekly

WordPress Weekly

WPTavern is one of the leading WordPress blogs on the internet. They also have a wonderful podcast that is weekly updated. The WordPress podcast is maintained by Jeff Chandler, the guy behind the amazing WPTavern website. The podcast covers all the latest news and opinions from the WordPress community. The podcast also invites the best of the WordPress developers, designers and other people related to WordPress. With amazing Jeff interview questions, the podcast never runs dull.

iTunes: WPTavern WordPress Weekly | Website: WPTavern WordPress Weekly

Wrap Up

Internet is full of WordPress resources and it is tough for many of us to find out the best resources. With WordPress Podcast on the horizon, you will never miss any latest WordPress news. You can also understand the benefits of learning how the best WordPress themes, plugins and development practices take place.

I tried to list the best WordPress Podcast, but the list is in no way complete and I would urge readers to list WordPress podcast that can be beneficial for the community.

My personal picks would be Matt Report, DradCast and WPTavern. What’s your favorite?

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