Tutorial: How to Create a Coupon Site in WordPress

Sharing discounts and coupon codes on a website is the latest guitar in blogging and internet marketing domain and I’m sure you’re already aware of the benefits of running one. With the WordPress, creating and managing a coupon website is both possible and easy, but you still require few technical knowledge.

Don’t worry, I’m writing this comprehensive tutorial to help you create a coupon site in WordPress. There are two ways to begin, one is via a plugin and the other is via a theme.

Personally, I’ll recommend picking the theme method as it adds all required functionalities right into the base, and doesn’t require any dependency on plugins. However, if you don’t want to change the current theme, then going with the plugin method sounds fair.

Now the exact method will vary as per the particular theme or plugin you pick but the key thing to note here is that, if you’re aware of how to navigate through a new theme or plugin then it’s all simple. If not, ask for the support from plugin or theme developer, or leave a described comment in the discussion section below.


How to Create a Coupon Site in WordPress

Going either with a theme or a plugin, you’ll have a separate module to create promo or coupon codes. These codes can be then placed on any post or page, or at the homepage at specified locations using a manual placement or via Shortcodes (if supported).

Any page or post will be simple unless a coupon code is posted there. Now, the functionality regarding how that code will behave on user’s interaction will vary as per the theme and plugin.

Let’s have a look at few best themes and plugins to create a coupon website. I’ll start with the themes!

Best Themes to Create a Coupon Site

Following are the best and hand-picked themes to create a coupon site. They come with the built-in functionalities for every requirement in this specific niche. So, there will be no need for any third-party plugin.

#1 CouponXL


It’s one of the future proof themes out there, and it’s loaded with tons of features and functionalities. To start with, it comes with MailChimp, Skrill, stripe, PayPal, PayU, and iDEAL integrations. You can even run an online community, allowing the users to submit offers and promo codes, and help them earn additional money. Of course, you can keep a part of the same. It works perfectly with all known affiliate systems. A lot of customization options are available for further configuration and the product also supports Child theme. Moreover, the product is SEO-friendly to make sure the posts rank well on SERPs.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#2 CouponHut


It’s the second recommendation and is again a premium product. It is regularly updated to bring new features and integration. Recently, WooCommerce support was added to the system. The prime attraction with this theme is the UI which not only looks awesome but functions in an elegant way. The best feature is that it comes with a drag & drop page builder, making the setup part easy for the webmaster. It works with either discount or coupon systems and has rating system to support both. 10 custom widgets are available including a header specific search bar. You shouldn’t miss its demo.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#3 Clipper


It’s a known product in this niche and I’m sure you’ve seen it earlier, while researching by yourself. It comes with a coupon specific layout and functionalities within, and the best part is that there are very few things which require setting up. Everything comes all set to be used on the live site. The theme supports different monetization tools and comes with proper documentation and support. It packs advanced link cloaking and tracking tools to help you generate additional income from affiliate channels. It also has dedicated store and category pages.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#4 Coupon Theme

create a coupon site

It’s the final recommendation from my side which comes with six different versions of the homepage. This theme is all about coupons and has specific functionalities built right within the package. It comes with 100+ Admin Options which are all available to achieve a custom configuration. It supports 20+ payment gateways and uses a responsive UI. The source code behind is 100% open source and the developer is really keen to offer quick support to the users.

Full Details & Download | Demo

Best Plugins to Create a Coupon Site

Following are the best plugins to create and run a coupon site. Before picking up any, make sure it is compatible with the theme and WordPress version of your website.

#1 Sumo Coupons 

This is a complete WooCommerce specific plugin which allows adding coupons for product purchase, writing reviews and social promotion. This helps in achieving the required social sharing for a product as consumers are always interested in getting discounts. It’s a premium plugin with support for email and auto apply coupon mode so do check if it fits your requirements.

Full Details & Download

#2 Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator

As the name suggests, it’s a plugin that can let you quickly create a coupon and put it online on any specific page or post. It’s a free product which comes with tons of features and functionalities. It allows the admin to change the visuals around a coupon and the functionalities to support affiliate channels, recurring income, expiration, etc. are all available. A dedicated visual editor is also available to help the webmaster get a custom looking solution easily.

Full Details & Download

#3 Coupon Code Elite

Coupon Code Elite

It’s a premium plugin which comes with advance features like customizable design, income protection, coupon reporting, and much more. Proper management tools are also available to help the webmaster quickly create and manage a code. It doesn’t have too many features but still covers the required ones.

Full Details & Download


Finally, the tutorial is over and I hope you’re aware of everything needed. Let me know if you have any concerns about issues. Kindly mention them in the discussion section, and I’ll take it from there. Good luck!

*last updated 10/29/2019

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