8 Best Places to Find/Hire a WordPress Developer

Even when we have thousands of WordPress plugins and themes in abundance, we usually care for unique ones. In starting, we wish to start with free themes, and then we proceed towards premium ones and soon a day come when we all start looking for unique solutions. To full fill that need we have to look for a professional developer. Here I’m sharing a guide using which you can learn where to find and hire WordPress developer.

Before starting with the list, directly you should be aware of a lot of things. The developer you’re hiring should be professional at his work. He shouldn’t be lazy and deliver work on time. You need to check reviews done by previous clients/customers of that developer. You may even find and talk to those customers directly about their experience. Also don’t forget to compare pricing and features being offer on a scale. You need to keep all these things in consideration before making the final move. And the final move should be not hiring but giving the candidate a WordPress test for hiring developers. If the candidate does well on this test it means he can leverage WordPress to develop fast, secure, and stable WordPress websites.

Where to Find and Hire WordPress Developer?

You also may have consider opting for a company that is professional and known in the field of WordPress development. But that’s going to cost you a lot when comparing to individual persons who are offering their services. This is the first and vital reason you should hire an individual. The sources I’m adding down here can help you find either individuals or organizations to get your work done professionally.

Just start visiting portals I’m listing down here (with their details off course), and you can find thousands or at least hundreds of WordPress developers offering their expertise in a package. There is always an option for a bargain but don’t lose the right person.


Toptal WordPress Developers for Hire

Toptal as stated on their website that they only accept the top 3% of developer in which they prescreen. If you want quality work and don’t want to search and screen hundreds of newbie developers on a marketplace like Freelancer, upwork and so on then Toptal is of best recommendation. There as been numerous raving reviews from companies that as had an incredible experience.

They also give you a risk-free trial in which you only pay once you are satisfied. I urge you to go and check them out, they are trustworthy and as been featured in the Inc magazine, Fox News and many more.


  • High-quality work guaranteed
  • Less time spend finding great talent
  • Used and trusted by big companies


Visit Official Portal

WPMU DEV Jobs Market

Custom WordPress Development

Being a big fan of WPMU DEV unit, I lastly recommend you to try their Job Market (an online Job Board). There is no doubt in writing that they got premium developers who are all professional and expert at what they are supposed to do.

You can simply put in your unique project or see through others already available (if matches with your requirements) and proceed accordingly. Just make sure that you are ready to pay a good price for the kind of work you’re looking for.

Visit Official Portal

Upwork( formerly oDesk)

Upwork Hire Freelancers

You must have heard about this portal earlier because it had existed since years. It comprised of very elegant and simple looking web interface and got listing of thousands of developers who are ready to work on whatever project you shoot towards them.

Since it had been available for many years, so it got a pretty good sense of trust among users. Finding a better person to work with isn’t that hard and reviews and rating system are going to help further during the filter process.

It works mostly like the Freelancer website following the same bidding process. It provides lots of filters that can outrace any fake profile or project from getting listed which saves a lot of time on both sides.

Visit Official Portal is not available


Hire freelancers Elance

Elance is another professional out in this niche where you can find hundreds of projects pending live for the bidding and as per your requirements, you can find equal numbers (even more) of developers free and ready to work as per your requirements.

Just make sure that you put in requirements pretty clear and use every filter offered by Elance before finalizing. It even supports additional websites like escrow and a lot of other payment gateways to be sure of your payment security.

Visit Official Portal

Smashing Jobs

Smashing Jobs

The main highlight of Smashing Jobs is that they offer phone call support (along with usual ones) throughout the week without any single minute miss. It comprises of a simple looking user interface where you can off course find what you’re looking for. And they can be easily filtered out for maximum better matches.

With its full-time money back guarantee, it creates a sense of trust easily. If your project is done hourly, then you and support team can keep a continuous look towards the status.

Visit Official Portal

Code Poet

Code Poet

If you genuinely follow the sole developers of WordPress platform, then this web portal will bring wonders in your case. Also, if money isn’t the case and you truly want a quality result in return then try using Code Poet as it got the world’s most professional WordPress developers out there.

You can think of it as an official website driven and maintained by WordPress team and thus you can simply imagine the kind of quality it can deliver. But only if you’re ready to pay for their high price. Finding a reputable one isn’t a tough problem here because they are passed through a lot of filters before even getting listed.

Visit Official Portal


Hire Freelancers

Where you post a job here you get thousands of developer reviewing your job withing hours. But be warned you do have to flitter out a lot of unqualified developers until you can find someone good enough. I’m not saying that they are all bad but from experience 70% were just unable to do basic jobs.

It goes with the name itself. There are thousands of projects being available for WordPress developers and any other freelancer looking to offer his/her expertise on the internet. Inversely you can even post job requirement (or project requirements directly) and start waiting for biddings by different developers available in the community.

It got simple to use user interface throughout the whole website and different categories and options to help both users and developers search things they are looking for. Projects are divided into categories pretty swiftly, and I’m sure your experience with Freelancer.com is going to be super awesome.

It had been serving the internet since years, and you can even find its local website for your country specifically. Thus, it helps finding people from your country itself rather than looking for overseas ones. Every client and developer are being reviewed which will help you select the best one out of every bid you received.

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Adeva is helping you find extraordinary talent and scale faster. It is a platform for remote web developers who have a rich experience and a strong professional background. They take pride in having a diverse engineering talent pool that can answer to your needs in no time.

Once you get in contact with the hiring team, you can hire quickly, in less than 72 hours. You can make fully flexible arrangements from hourly to full-time. You can also reduce the costs as there are no recruitment fees nor hidden costs. We are talking about an amazing 30% reduction of your costs while you get to work with excellent professionals.

The highlight of Adeva is that it only works with exceptional talent as they have a rigorous screening process that ensures only the best of the best enters the talent pool. Apart from focusing on the technical skills, Adeva also highlights the aptitude and the personality skills as well which guarantees that you will get to work with the right fit for your needs.

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Wrap up

So this is done from my side. I hope I made myself pretty clear and the guide helped you in the practical world. I can already sense a relief at your end as you just found a hidden treasure. Now you don’t need to waste time in thinking the location, just prepare on how to proceed. Wish you all the luck!

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  • Rashad Hefner
    Posted at 10:33h, 05 December Reply

    It’s one thing to find a developer, it’s quite another to hire them. There are things you should be aware of. One useful tip I could give is to test the freelancers you’re interested in. You can use one of these coding tests for example, depending on your requirements. This way, you filter out unsuitable people in the very first step. It speeds up the whole process and leaves only those worth considering.

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