7 Reasons WordPress is STILL the Best CMS in 2021

In the world of blogging, WordPress has always been a very important name. It has always been dubbed as the best Content Management System or CMS available in the market. Though the market has witnessed the uprise of several other CMS, nothing has been able to overshadow the relevance and popularity of WordPress. Even in 2021, it continues to rule the CMS market.

Launched back in 2003, this content management system allows the blogger to set up their blogs with very little effort and provides them with a plethora of design options along with various other benefits. The popularity of the platform can easily be understood from its market share statistics which shows that almost a quarter of websites present in the world use WordPress including the most recognized sites on the internet.

Still, doubt whether WordPress is the best content management system available on the market? Well, have a look at the list of features that WordPress offers to steer clear of all your doubts.

1. Easy to setup and use

The best thing about WordPress is perhaps its user-friendliness. You do not need to have extensive knowledge of HTML5, CSS or JavaScript coding to setup your blog. The CMS can be easily installed from the cPanel of your hosting account with one-click installation. And then you can customize your website in any way you want from the dashboard of your WordPress account.

Plus, there is a multitude of free as well as paid WordPress themes available that you can download and install from your WordPress dashboard to give your website the desired look. Even if you do not have any prior blogging experience or technical knowledge, you will never face any trouble in setting up your website using WordPress.

2. WordPress is constantly improving

One fact that makes WordPress more alluring is that it is continuously improving and adding new features to its repertoire. With constant periodical updates coming from its developer team, the content management system offers the best-in-class features that make your blogging experience more enriching.

3. It is a Universal Platform

What makes WordPress the best content management system in the world in 2019? Well, there are several facts that can contribute to its popularity as the best CMS in the market but the fact that it is a universal platform really takes the credit for its humongous popularity. Like we said before, WordPress is used by more than a quarter of the websites on the internet today including some of the top earning websites. So, it does not give you any chance to doubt its supremacy over others.

4. Offers inbuilt SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is perhaps one of the most important things that every blogger wants to be perfect at to reach out to their target audience efficiently as well as to generate great revenues from their website. However, it is not easy to make your website SEO optimized since there are a plethora of techniques that you need to follow to become successful in their job. Luckily, WordPress provides you with inbuilt SEO features.

Actually, it comes with several plugins that help to optimize your content and boost your rank in the Search Engine results. Most interestingly, it does not require much effort on your part. So, you can always feel relaxed knowing WordPress is continuously working to keep your SEO game up.

5. Highly Cost Effective

It is much more affordable to run a website on WordPress than any other content management system. WordPress provides you with a wide array of both free as well as paid plugins and themes to help you customize and manage your website. Moreover, the paid plug-ins and themes are also highly affordable. So, you will never have any trouble in availing the best themes and plugins without any hassle.

6. Provides you with total control over your website

Being an open source content management system platform, it offers you complete control over your website. Thus, WordPress makes it easy to customize your website as per your liking.

If you have some knowledge on HTML or CSS coding, then it becomes much easier for you to edit the codes in your WordPress website and the specific features which will be loved by you as well as your website audience. Hence, you get the total creative control over how your website looks and operates without having to face any trouble.

7. Offers high security and safety

WordPress was designed ingeniously keeping the security as well as the safety of the users in mind. It easily protects your website from basic cyber threats without any trouble. Plus, you can always install WordPress security plugins to make your website more secure and efficient to counteract advanced threats with utmost ease.

WordPress makes blogging much easier and provides with a wide range of user-friendly features to make the process of managing your website much easier. Well, that is something which makes it the best CMS platform in 2021.

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