WordPress Vs Blogspot Pros and Cons?

The blogging seems to be the new trend in the online world with most of the new Google generation people who prefer to gather some facts before speaking out option this as their career line. Although it’s not very easy to stay alive in today’s cut-throat competition, where thousands of new blogs and websites get registered every day, but those who get everything right and work smartly with all the guidelines followed surely thrive on the web.

Now, as I said that there are many young guys who opt for blogging, but most of them prefer to run a free blog sidewise or before entering into a serious project because it helps them to understand the new trends with practical approaches and give them an idea about how they should plan for the serious one.

Today, there are two most famous free blog service providers dominating the virtual world of the internet and these are Blogspot and WordPress. Both of them have their own appreciators and critics and the rookies find it difficult to choose one of them as both the option are not less than each other.

So, here today we’ve tried to gather some facts and features to differentiate between WordPress and Blogspot and help you make a decision while selecting one of them to start your experimental blog.

WordPress Vs Blogspot: Why it’s a dilemma?

The first question which comes to my mind why this rose before us so that we become so confused with just simply choosing a host for our “Free Blog”. Well, I guess the core reason behind it is that the Blogspot is a Google product and Google’s part in online web is just incomparable, so the people think that they’ll get some advantage in SERPs or rankings if they’ll go with Blogspot.

On the other hand, WordPress is the most dominant option available to host the blogs and it has become this much popular because of its ease of use and features of course. Although all of its features are not available in the free version, but still the overall image of it has an impact on the decision while choosing between WordPress and Blogspot.

Now, let us discuss some of its features in detail so you could get a real world idea about these options.


It’s a well-known fact that no matter about which topic you’re blogging, but your blog has to be very eye-catchy so that visitors at least have a look at your layout, if not the content. Now, it’s also well-known that Blogspot offers minimum options of the layouts to select and you’ve to compromise with them only.

While the WordPress is very rich and has almost uncountable free of cost layouts available for the users to help building a good-looking website or blog, even if it’s experimental.

I would go with – WordPress

Who makes you website secured?

Safety is one of the major concerns with these free options and you must be extra cautious about your content and data. Now, as Blogspot is a Google product, so you have the search engine giant’s secure platform and extra help in taking a backup as well.

Talking about the WordPress, well the security is not bad, but you’re on your own most of the time and have to take care of your blog’s security part with paid plugins and tools.

I would go with – Blogspot

Control and Customization

Using Blogspot is very easy as you get very specific options and controls to perform the tasks and all these tools will fulfill your need but won’t allow you to use any further options and hence will limit you.

Coming to the WordPress and you get ample of control options with the option of adding more controls in future and every possible customization you have in mind can be done too. So, don’t worry if you need something else which you didn’t think while starting a blog, WordPress always got your back.

I would go with – WordPress

Transfer and Support

If you ever find need to transfer your website from Blogspot to any other host, your content will stay on servers for longer periods of times for sure. However, there is definitely risk involved in shifting all your work. Also, the support available for the Blogspot users is limited, being a free service, Google only answers a few questions about it.

Now, use WordPress and you’ll get ample of support for not only transferring your content from one host to another, but the customers support executives will solve even the tiniest of your query about WordPress.

I would go with – WordPress

A Few More Words

The above features are basic necessities which have to be taken care of while selecting an option between WordPress and Blogspot. And, here are a few more things which might support your decision:

  • Remember that Google can anytime shutdown Blogspot and hence your blog, but this is not the case with WordPress.
  • The paid version of WordPress is still the most preferred among the users.
  • WordPress is also preferable among users for its ease of use.

I guess the above are enough facts to help you choose your companion between WordPress and Blogspot when you’re about to start your free blog.

Final Words

Keeping the above discussion in mind, I think it’s pretty clear that WordPress wins the battle against the Google’s Blogspot with better support, portability to other hosts, ease of use, control and customization and ownership going in its favor and only security has to be taken care of, which can easily be done by using plugins and tool available for WordPress.

However, the above discussion is just giving you a bit of guidance and if you think that Blogspot is better than WordPress, then you can always select it. Also, let us know what do you think about this WordPress Vs Blogspot war and if you’ve got any query for us, please do let us know in the comment section below and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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