WP 101: Why Designers Should Use WordPress for Website Design?

If you are a web designer, and you are looking for a way to deliver an attractive, usable and simple website to your clients without going over lots of code, you should certainly consider WordPress as your top choice. Lots of people think that WordPress is just a blog software, but they are very wrong. WP is a free, incredible versatile content management system with lots of awesome features and an amazingly passionate user base.

Below in this article you can find various reasons why you should try WordPress for the next website you build.

You can download and set up WordPress totally free of charge. You can find tons of free themes, widgets and plugins in order to customize the site as per your client’s wishes. Depending on what kind of site you are building, you can have WP host the blog free of charge, of you can create the site trough wordpress.org, which will require you to purchase web hosting. You can purchase web hosting from $4 a month which is actually a great option as well.

  • It’s very simple and easy to use and update

This is actually one of the main reasons you should consider WordPress for your next website. It is incredibly easy to use and update, so anyone can easily learn to use it without any technical knowledge what so ever. Your clients will be able to manage every aspect of their website without having to call you all the time for guidance. If your clients know how to use Microsoft Word or a text editor, they should not have any problem editing and writing in WP. The layout of the dashboard is so intuitive, that everybody will be comfortable to use it in a flash.

This amazing platform is easy to use for everyone, not just for developers, as it provides a range of options and tools, has a broad support community which is incredibly easy to access and it contributes to search engine optimization.

  • WordPress is amazing for SEO

WordPress is an amazing platform which creates an awesome used experience. What is even more amazing is the fact that WP plays nicely with search engines. The mark – up and the coding used to create WP sites follow best practices, so therefore are very attractive to search engines.

In addition, there are lots of amazing plugins which may be integrated into a WP website in order to manage SEO data, which include meta descriptions, H1 titles, meta titles and many more. Different available SEO plugins allow a very easy access to optimize web pages, while providing instant audits of on page optimization efforts.

WordPress is a very social friendly platform which will allow your clients to share whatever they like on social media. There are also different plugins and widgets which can beef up site analytics and enable your clients to keep close tabs on their site traffic.

  • Website versatility

Whether you want to build up a simple black and white blog or a multi faceted website for a large company, WordPress is a perfect choice, as it has millions of theme options which will give the site just the look it needs. WP also has lots of widgets and plugins which can make a simple site look powerful and amazingly expensive.

These are thousands of free plugins, widgets and themes that you may use to create a perfect site for your clients, as well as lost of premium themes, widgets and plugins. You can choose which one to use depending on your clients needs and taste.

  • The large WP community

WordPress has a global community of active users worldwide which are working constantly in order to make it a better product. There are constantly new themes, plugins and widgets created daily, which represent endless possibilities for the website design process.

Your clients can also visit any WP themed forum online to seek guidance for any WP related issue.


Thank you for reading this article. Enjoy building your next website with WordPress. If you have any additional questions, or you need help with anything related to this subject, please do not hesitate to contact us below in comments, and we will do our best to help you.  

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