10 Best Business Email Examples

E-commerce stands for all types of online businesses and is traditionally divided into B2B, B2C, and C2C, where “B” stands for business, and “C” stands for the customer.

Certainly, we are going to discuss the first two subgroups, and provide you with the best business email examples based on free email templates.

Yet, who do we generally mean when talking about business companies? As a rule, we mean serious emails belonging to legal or business industries, such as:

  • legal services;
  • financial consulting;
  • banking area;
  • education area, incl. online courses and webinars;
  • news digest;
  • tools we need for our work,
  • cold emails, etc.

10 best business email examples

Still, in this article, we are going to talk about professional business email examples of event-triggered and promo emails for the B2B section.

1. Avvo. Welcome email

A welcome email is the first email your customer/partners get from you. Thus, it should be totally impeccable.

What is special about this email: the Avvo company placed its slogan on a banner, which is really great, welcomed its new client, and suggested a list of the services it provides.

2. Algolia. Welcome email

If you provide your customers with a tool, they will definitely need something like a manual. Where should they find it? Go to Youtube, to search for your channel and check if you have downloaded a manual to the channel? No, first of all, you may lose newcomers if they get lots within the chain. And second of all, you should really care about customers’ time — and provide them with the manual inside the email….

What is special about this email: with this business email sample, Algolia notified its customers about the estimated duration of the video. Most people will appreciate it if they know what the video guide is about and how much time it will take them to watch it.

3. Simple. Service email

All companies need to send service emails to notify their customers about releases and updates. Quite often we need to inform them about upcoming events or upcoming changes no matter what kind of business we run. And confirm the fact that we received from or sent something very important to our customers.

What is special about this email: Simple used way too descriptive illustration for the banner. And certainly personalization plays its role, too.

4. Readdle. Thank you email

Everybody needs to feel cherished. Treat your customers with big respect. We often tell our families and close friends how much we appreciate them and how much we love them, how much we owe.

Yes, our clients are not a part of our families. Yet, clients need to know we are sincerely willing to help them to make their lives better, not just to earn money.

The best way to do it to say “Thank you”, certainly, if we really feel like it.

What is special about this email: not only Readdle thanked its loyal clients, but showed its deep respect for them.

5. The LawServices. Thank you email

What could have made the previous email even better? Mentioning what they have been through together.

But please do not boast about the general numbers you are proud of, like “100,000 of smartphones sold during 2017. Make it personalized”.

What is special about this email: CEO of the company personally reached the client out and enumerated kinds of services his company provided.

6. Smartsheet. Annual report

Reaching clients out is always a good way to show up again and a good idea to remind them about yourself once again as clients receive the results immediately. For instance, if you provide financial consulting.

But there are companies that provide other kinds of services. For example, the ones that help your business grow, like business analyses. And in this case, it is not just a good idea, but a compulsory thing to do.

What is special about this email: by bringing up the client’s name, Smartsheet made this email personalized. Besides, not only they used dry numbers, but wrapped them in diagrams.

7. Intuit Quickbooks. Promo for business tools

Sometimes even B2B companies send promo emails. They do not contain images carousels nor include it any interactive elements.

What is special about this email: this plain infographic shows that just in three simple steps you get started to using this tool.

8. Salesforce. Event reminder

We all know that webinar and offline conference invitation are supposed to inform us about the date, topic, place, and speakers at the event; while only some companies create proper event reminder emails with detailed information regarding the upcoming event.

What is special about this email: bright banner, contrast colors. Not only Salesforce made this reminder descriptive, but also made it personalized. By using this simple trick, you let your potential attendees know that they are really awaited at your event and there won’t be any misunderstanding.

9. MailerLite. Signature

Every email should end up with an email signature, even if it is not a business one. We all just need to stay polite.

10. The LawServices. Map

If you have any offline office, please provide your clients with correct physical address and a map. They are not supposed to use GPS navigator or ask Siri how to get you.

What is special about this email: the LawServices also mentioned contact information, including phone number and working hours. Now your clients won’t pay a visit to you on Sunday afternoon.

Stripo.email editor empowers you to either insert an image of a map or embed an online one. With this tool, you use any offered template for business emails or can create a new one.

Note: pay attention to the subject line. It should be concise and mention the reason why you are contacting your clients. Certainly, the “Sender’s name” must contain your or your company’s name.

We are convinced that by sticking to the tips given here and being expired by these examples, your emails for small business and for big business will get highly efficient.


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