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17 of the Best WordPress Resources on the Web

WordPress is no longer just a distant, new, emerging platform that has a cult following among a small and specific set of bloggers. No, it is now the most used CMS on the planet. It’s easy to use, comfortable for all different types of users, and just plain works. It’s safe to say that WordPress has become a not so hidden gem of the internet that enables pretty much anybody to start a business online quickly and efficiently.

That’s all great about WordPress, but as a beginner you’d be wondering which blogs or WordPress resources to follow if you want to step up your skills. Following top-notch, high-quality resources will not only keep you on top of the changing environment but also equip yourself with all the tools required to run your WordPress website.

That being said, I’d like to jump into the best WordPress resources on the web. Newer blogs are coming up each single day, but do they have any worth? Should you follow them? We’ll also try to answer that question below.

Let’s get started.

17 of the Best WordPress Resources on the Web

The term resources can be related to any WordPress related object. It can be tutorials, themes, plugins, etc. WordPress ecosystem is a big one, and each component plays an important role to make it a grand success.



If you are new to WordPress, WPBeginner is a great place to start. The website was created by Sayed, who is a prominent figure in WordPress community. The site aims to provide ground level knowledge, mainly tutorials, who are starting their WordPress journey. Other than basic tutorials, it also covers advanced topics. They also carry out useful reviews of plugins and themes that they deem worthy to be included on their site. In short, WPBeginner is a gold mine when it comes to WordPress tutorials.


WebsiteSetup is headed up by Robert Mening where he and his team create free, step-by-step WordPress related guides and tutorials covering a whole span of topics. Simple blog setup, WordPress customization, hosting reviews, HTML/CSS help, and in-depth platform reviews are just some of what they discuss. Whether you’re an experienced blogger, complete newbie, business owner, or just curious about setting up website, you’ll no doubt find something useful on this site. Their goal is to get you up and running by the end of each guide so you spend less time confused, and more time running your website. Check out their list of guides and articles here: New Peek Inside.



It is not hard to praise for the website I write for regularly. But, guess what, 85Ideas has come a long way from where it started. I was an active participant in making 85Ideas a big one. Now, it is a known authority when it comes to WordPress guides, themes or plugin collection or anything that is directly or indirectly related to the WordPress. Our guide section is being improved on the daily basis as we keep adding new guides. We also aim to help users to find the best themes/plugins for their requirement. Overall, 85ideas provides everything that any WordPress user would love.



If you are looking for high-quality WordPress article, WPKube is the place to be. They offer WordPress tutorial articles, theme reviews, How-To’s and much more. It came into existence by an Indian guy known as Devesh Sharma.

Most of the article published by WPKube are detailed and lengthy in nature. The frequency of posting is 2-3 time per week which is understandable for a high-quality WordPress blog.

ElegantThemes Blog


Elegant Themes are leading WordPress developers. They constantly come up with great themes and plugin for the community. On the blog front, they keep sharing ideas, tutorials, reviews and informative article to help readers to get the best out of the WordPress platform.

WPLift Blog


WPLift is no new name in the WordPress blogging world. I always keep a tab open for WPLift as they publish everything that a WordPress user would ever need. They cover a variety of topics including hosting, tools, themes, plugins, etc. The blog was founded by Oliver Dale in 2010 and is going strong. He is the founder of ThemeFurnance and WP AdCenter. Just like any other WordPress blog, they also host amazing WordPress Coupons for your next purchase.

WPMU Dev Blog


WPMU Dev Blog is an excellent WordPress blog. It is maintained by the WPMU DEV team and is targetted at the advanced audience. But, that doesn’t mean that beginner oriented articles are not published. Most of the articles are focused on quality and is full of information. Until now, they have covered more than 4,000 articles on WordPress and other related topics. The vast number of the article speaks about the authority the blog has on the internet. If you are a WordPress developer and is looking for more technical articles, this is the place to be.



WordPress is the most used CMS in the world. The vast number of websites creates a lot of jobs associated with WordPress. One of the most in-demand jobs is WordPress developer. For a developer point of view, WordPress is a different ball game together, and that’s why it is necessary for developers to follow development blogs. WPShout is one of those rare gems that aims at WordPress development. The quality of articles is extremely high, and you are sure to learn a thing or two by reading the website articles. The website is created by David Hayes and Fred Meyer. It is advisable to register for the newsletter to make the most out of the development blog,

ManageWP Blog


ManageWP Blog is one of the best WordPress blogs out there. ManageWP is a well-known entity in WordPress market. It offers an affordable solution to manage multiple WordPress website. The WordPress maintenance service helps entrepreneurs to handle multiple WordPress website with ease. On the brighter side, they have managed to maintain their blog with high-quality WordPress content. The articles belong to themes, plugins, news, tutorials and development.

They also manage a community-driven WordPress news aggregator. You can find fantastic and extremely useful articles from not so familiar sources.



SitePoint is one of the oldest websites on the web. It started way back in 1999, aimed at developers. It has come a long way now. SitePoint offers a variety of articles ranging from HTML/CSS to JavaScript. It also provides WordPess category and regularly post high-quality WordPress articles for their audience. It should also be noted that the frequency of WordPress articles is low, but all of them carry one thing in common, high quality.

Search Engine Journal


Search Engine Journal is mainly focused on SEO department, but they do post WordPress content from time to time. WordPress is inseparable from marketing, SEO topics and there are many blogs who write about WordPress and its advancements.

Smashing Magazines


Smashing Magazines is one of the oldest portals for the web development, design, mobile and WordPress. The frequency of articles is less compared to other WordPress blogs, but the quality of articles are extremely high and should not be ignored.



Torque is a WPEngine publication that aims to deliver quality information and knowledge on WordPress. They are mainly focused on news, community, learning and other types of WordPress related articles. They also provide attractive roundups in many categories so that the visitors find it easy to find the best theme/plugin for their next project.  Torque started in 2013.



WPMayor is also one of the oldest WordPress blogs. It began in 2010 by Jean Galea. And managed to help WordPress users with its unique way of offers WordPress related content. Currently, it aims at all the different aspects of WordPress including news, tutorials, themes, plugins, services, opinions, etc. Another positive aspect of WPMayor is the frequency of blog post updates. It is regularly updated.



WPTavern was started in 2009 by JeffChandler. The website is running for the past six years and is one of the authority blogs related to WordPress. The aim of the blog is to cover completely WordPress or anything under the Automattic umbrella. It hosts tutorials, plugins, themes, and other WordPress related articles. They also do post for the audience. The podcast is scheduled once in a week every Wednesday. The timing is 9:30 PM EST. WPTavern is a blog where you can get cutting edge information about what’s happening with WordPress community.



WPExplorer is the leading portal that shares WordPress related articles. You can get tons of vital information about WordPress plugins, themes, tutorials, etc. WPExplorer is also well-known for giveaways, so you can keep an eye on it as well. Apart from blog articles, they also offer an excellent collection of free themes. Don’t forget to check them out.



Colorlib was started by Aigars Silkalns in  2013. The start was slow, but the website grew in popularity when free themes are released for public. Now, Colorlib regularly posts high-quality articles on their blog post. Even though the posting are frequent, it do lack simplicity. All blog articles are complicated to read and more glorified towards affiliate marketing with no real scrutiny. Other than that, Colorlib do offer some unique flavor to the WordPress community.



The last player in the best WordPress resources is CodeinWP. It is not for everyone. It is mainly targetted at programmers who love to learn something new every single day. The article quality is magnificent, and you will be satisfied by what the blog has to offer.

Over To You

That’s a lot of resources! Don’t worry! Just follow two or three of the websites mentioned above and you will be able to cover most of the important topics. The preference, of course, depends on your likings, such as the type of articles the blogs post, their tone, quality and the frequency of blog posts.

If you liked the article, don’t forget to comment and share. I would also like to hear the WordPress resources you like to follow.

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