3 Ways to Increase WordPress Blog Traffic by Updating Your Content in 2021

The WordPress platform is one of the most commonly used to create personal blogs, corporate websites, and even online stores. Such popularity is due to the fact that the engine is completely free, user-friendly in configuration and management and has many options for personalization. It is a simple thing to launch a blog but how to attract readers and traffic? And here you should consider your content. It is a powerful tool for efficient site promotion and an increase in its ranking. Why is it so? People search for information. Without useful content, the Internet will die. So to boost your blog traffic you must generate readers’ interest to information published on your resource.

It is always the visitor who decides if your blog deserves attention. If readers highly appreciate the content, they will return and become regular users.

Proper optimization will increase user interaction. If they can find engaging content, they are more likely to return for the next piece of information. Optimization will make it easier to expand your audience.

Loading Speed Optimization

Site loading speed is a vital factor for ranking in search engines. And it also influences the users’ impression of your blog. If your site takes ages to load, then search engines lower its position in the search results. Users are not ready to wait long for the site to load fully and leave, which is very bad for your blog.

Google and other search engines have special algorithms that move websites to the top positions of a search. They take into account the loading time of visible content, loading scripts, pictures, pop-ups, videos, and other media files. Naturally, high traffic brings more leads and higher ad revenue.

You can check the speed parameter on Google Page Speed. The online service analyzes the loading time of the first content, a sufficient part of the content, the time for loading the interaction and other parameters. If your result is orange or red,  then you definitely need to optimize your site.

There are simple but effective ways to optimize your blog:

  •       Minimize the code of files and distribute them correctly on the page;
  •       Decrease the volume of multimedia files that load at the same time with the main part of the content.
  •       Use only those character bases that are directly needed for the site.

Meta Tag Optimization

Meta tags are used to structure the accompanying data about the page. Basically, they are designed for robots, browsers, and specialized software so that they correctly recognize and process the content of the site. But some meta tags are important to users as well.  Meta tag optimization is an important stage in SEO promotion. The search results reflect the content of two important tags: title and description. Based on this information the user decides if he wants to visit the page shows in the search results.

The meta tag “title” is the name of the page that appears in search engine results. The title is taken into account by the search engine when ranking sites. Hence, it is considered the main indicator of determining the relevance of a page to search queries.

Meta tag “description” is a very short information of the site page in the browser, which is displayed under the title meta tag in the search engine results, but it is not visible to visitors. It is taken into account by search engines to determine the content of a page in order to use the algorithm in the distribution of sites in the search results. 

To achieve success with the title and description, you must adhere to certain rules:

  •       You should use a relevant list of keywords;
  •       Title length should not exceed 70-80 characters;
  •       The description should be within 160-290 characters;
  •       Meta tags must be unique for each page of the site;
  •       Meta tags must contain the words related to blog content;

You may try Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack to optimize meta tags for your blog on WordPress.

Image Optimization

High-class images will always attract attention. They should harmoniously contribute to the content and make it easier to perceive the information. But to get these advantages, you should know some important secrets of image presentation not to slow down your resources.

If you need a high-quality image, then it can be achieved by minimal compression, but it saves a large file size. A high level of compression will make the picture small, but also negatively affect its quality. Therefore, you need to find a balance between these two criteria.

WordPress offers several plugins to optimize your images:

  •       Imagify Image Optimizer is suitable for resizing images and compressing them;
  •       ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a free plugin for compressing up to 100 images per month. It offers the feature of restoring and optimizing image groups;
  •       WP Smush allows you to reduce the size of images without affecting their quality;
  •       Optimus Image Optimizer is another simple plug-in that can compress images without affecting their quality.

Remember about the importance of Alt attributes. They allow you to find out what is in the picture when you cannot see it. For example, when you write and post images about essay service, the alt tag should contain the word “essay.”  Besides, the registered text in the Alt attribute is considered by search robots when indexing the site. The correctly composed Alt attribute should meet the following requirements:

  •       It should contain 3-5 words and the text length should not exceed 75-80 characters;
  •       Use keywords. They are best used in the nominative case to facilitate the search;
  •       Avoid spam: do not list a large number of keys separated by commas;
  •       Alt should precisely describe the picture and correspond to the text.

These techniques will help your blog gain followers and success. But do not forget that it is important to maintain your popularity. Competitors will not vanish, and every day you should implement stronger and more sophisticated promotion approaches.

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