5 Steps to Make More Money as a Teacher

Career in education is one of the most important and difficult ones. But at the same time teachers around the world are overworked and underpaid. There are many factors that affect teachers’ income. In this guide we will outline 5 steps to follow and make side hustle money for teachers.

1. Start online tutoring 

Online teachingAccording to the latest data, the eLearning market will grow to 325 billion USD by 2026, so if you are still not sure if it is worth it to start online classes, the answer is definitely positive. Today there are many platforms to build your course. One of the most significant advantages of these platforms is the ability to save money while also sharing your course with people all over the world. Check out this article to learn about the best online course platforms for creating and selling online courses in 2023.

Today there are many platforms to build your course. One of the most significant advantages of these platforms is the ability to save money while also sharing your course with people all over the world. Check out this article to learn about the best online course platforms for creating and selling online courses in 2023.

Correctly done, online classes can be very beneficial for teachers as well as for students. It will reduce costs, increase collaboration, make it more flexible for you, and as a result you will achieve more life-work balance. You can organize your classes according to your schedule. Put simply, you will be your own boss.

You can even create your own tutoring platform and start teaching there, or you can suggest your courses through online tutoring platforms. Just be cautious when selecting such a platform to join. Join the one with the best instructors and the most authority., for example, is a well-known online tutoring platform known for its qualified instructors and diverse course offerings.

2. Sell your lesson plans and materials

Selling your teaching materials and lesson plans online is another option to make more money. By doing it you can also share your experience with your colleagues and make some hustle money.

You can sell your educational materials through several platforms. The largest and most popular one is “Teachers pay teachers”. It offers a free account with a 55 % payout on all sales excluding a 30-cent transaction fee per resource.

3. Chose right tools to boost your sales

Consider landing pages as a part of your marketing strategy. A well designed landing page allows you to create stunning landing pages that convert visitors into buyers. You can build a course landing page with and make it simple yet eye-catching.

Also think in advance how you are going to share your courses. You can suggest courses through mobile apps. Mobile rules the world of content consumption, so you should keep up to date while sharing your products. Do not underestimate the importance of the mobile LMS. Mobile learning management will make it possible to create and deliver content on a phone monitor learning progress and communicate with learners.

4. Make your courses interactive

In order to succeed in both online and offline learning you should make your classes interesting and interactive. Learners feel more motivated and engaged in interactive learning environments. There are numerous ways to make your online classes more interactive, such as improving listening through storytelling, using gamification, or combining different media types.

Using your social media accounts is another excellent way to keep your lessons interactive. It’s very trendy these days to share your experiences on Instagram. Simply keep it simple, and friendly in an appealing way, and avoid being formal. Update your content on a regular basis, and give your audience some pointers on how to make the learning process more effective. It will assist you in expanding your audience and increasing engagement on your page.

You don’t have to be a marketing genius to boost your page’s engagement; you can start with small but important things like creating stories, reels, and, of course, using trendy hashtags. If you’re not sure where to look, read this article to learn more about the best Instagram hashtags for each day.

5. Teaching in summer schools

ClassroomSummer schools are yet another way for teachers to earn money. Summer schools are advantageous to both students and teachers. They assist students in catching up on their learning. It will be a fantastic learning opportunity for teachers. Teaching allows you to hone your leadership skills while also passing on your knowledge.

You can begin sharing your summer school teaching experience on your blog or social media pages. Only your page’s engagement will benefit from this.


As you see it’s possible to earn extra cash by using some tools and marketing strategies. Hence, if teaching is your hobby, you can enjoy it while also making money. You may also increase your earning potential by considering a Masters in Teaching course via distance learning. Choose the best option for you and have fun with your career.

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