8 Amazing Article Sharing Sites that Boost Reputation

Content marketing is probably the most popular and effective way to improve your brand’s awareness and reputation. 

Content allows you to showcase your values, expertise, and product offerings in a non-intrusive way, this being one of the reasons why 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers believe that content marketing is a critical strategy for their businesses.

While developing amazing content is the first step, finding the right publishing platforms is the second. Since the digital environment is so big, you have many options to choose from.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 8 amazing article sharing sites that can help you boost your brand’s awareness and reputation. Try them, test them, and stick with what works best for your brand!



Medium is one of the most popular content publishing platforms that allows you to share your articles with the entire world. You can create a free account and write your posts using Medium’s interface. You don’t have to worry about formatting as they have got you covered.

What’s even better is that Medium allows you to republish your old blog posts, giving you a useful importing feature that makes the entire process simple and quick. 

Nevertheless, if you want to bring Medium readers to your site, you can use a simple tactic: write your title, a short snippet of your blog post, and then simply link back to your full article on your site.

There are many curators on Medium that actively seek good content to share on their walls. If you get their attention, your brand’s awareness and reputation will immediately skyrocket.


Scoop.it is a content curation platform that can help you improve the reach and awareness of your best articles. How? 

The platform takes your content and features it in specific curated content hubs. These hubs are basically targeted, meaning that your blog posts will only get discovered by potentially interested people. 

Once you create an account, you need to explore relevant pages and sign-up for those that interest you. Whenever you want to publish a post, the platform automatically sends a request to the page owners that you have previously chosen. 

If your content is good, it will get accepted and featured to hundreds and thousands of people.


Here’s an interesting platform that can get you in the “big league”. Outbrain is more like an advertising platform because it works exactly as Google AdWords does. This is a PPC (pay per click) model, meaning that you’ll pay for article clicks and views. 

The greatest part about this platform is that you can feature your content on high-authority websites like People.com, CNN, Mashable, ESPN, and more sites that are part of this “league”.

You get targeting options, so you can ensure that your content arrives in the right place.


Taboola is quite similar to outbrain. It helps you position your undiscovered content if you pay for it. However, Taboola is a great content discovery platform that leverages a professional widget that can be displayed within the publishers’ content and feed, but also at the side, top, or bottom of the articles. 

Taboola leverages a super-advanced predictive algorithm that quickly analyzes real-time signals. That way, you can be certain that your article ads are featured in the right places, to the right people.


Quora is the most popular Q&A (questions and answers) platform on the entire web. Many businesses are currently leveraging it to generate organic traffic to their articles. You can do the same.

There are two primary ways to use Quora to improve your brand’s awareness and reputation. First of all, you can ask relevant questions that are related to the message you want to send. Once people answer, you can follow up and engage with those individuals, leading them towards your website.

Secondly, you can publish your blog posts directly to Quora (as an answer) if they are relevant and they fit the topic. Posting high-quality content on Quora as a brand will not only help you get organic traffic over time but will also position your brand as an authority in the niche.

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is an alternative option for Quora. It works the same. Ask questions, answer questions, or do both.

You can leverage Yahoo Answers and Quora at the same time, as they both get a lot of traffic each day. Yahoo Answers is generally used by the US population, so if you’re targeting Americans mostly, you can shift your focus towards this platform. However, you shouldn’t ignore Quora either. You can do both!

LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn is a popular professional social media network. On this platform, you’ll only find businesses and professionals who are looking for professional opportunities.

LinkedIn pulse is a separate yet integrated feature of LinkedIn which allows social media users to publish and syndicate content on their walls. The greatest part is that Google is not going to flag these articles as duplicated content. If are consistent, you can build a LinkedIn following base that will keep getting notified whenever you post new content.


If you type in “What is Reddit” in Google’s search box, the answer is short and simple:

“Reddit is a group of individuals that are meeting online in order to talk to one another and share relevant stuff. That’s it”. 

As of 2019, Reddit receives around 1.7 billion views every six months, and the number is growing. This represents a real business opportunity.

What you have to do is simply engage with Redditors by publishing short and very relevant articles. The people that spend time here are very conscious about the fact that brands are taking advantage of their “hub” to intrusively push their advertisements. For that reason, you should only post high-quality and relevant content on the subreddits that are specifically relevant to your website.

Final Words

Sharing your articles online is simple, promoting them is not. There’s a huge competition out there, including in your niche. The smartest way to ensure that your articles are getting read is to keep testing more and more publishing platforms and article sharing sites and notice the results you get. 

Start today by trying out the platforms I’ve listed and let us know of your results in the comments below!


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