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11+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins for Improving Your Customer Service

Unless you run an authority e-commerce website, most readers don’t buy the products you had listed. This is mainly because of trust issue they have due to different reasons of their own. As a webmaster, you need to fix these issues and one simple way to do that is to use a live chat plugin. I’ll let you know best WordPress live chat plugin in this guide over here with their brief introduction and features.

Any of these plugins, when used, will add an extra functionality to your website using which users can chat with the other side live and instantaneously. I hope you don’t need clarification from my side on how a live chat plugin can sort out that trust issue.

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Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Just go through the list I’m adding down here and start using one which meets all of your requirements. The one I’m listing on top is simply the best one while followed ones are alternatives.

#1 Chat X

Chat X plugin for Sales Support

Not everyone needs are the same. Some might use the live chat for sales feature and other may use the plugin for Support.

Chat X seems to be one of those cool live plugins that are available on CodeCanyon. The biggest advantage of the plugin is the dashboard. With the help of the dashboard, you can create forms very efficiently and effectively.

Also, the code is open source in nature. So, if you feel that you can manage the code, you can download it and work on it without paying.

But for regular users, the plugin is a good choice as it offers a ready-made solution with supports. The plugin also doesn’t have a monthly fee (which most of the chat plugins have).

You can also choose skins, have concurrent chats and also have the feature of offline support. The chat plugin also offers SSL support so that the chat sessions are encrypted and not accessible by the hackers.

Download || Demo

#2 Zopim – Zendesk Chat

Zopim WordPress

The second plugin here is Zendesk Chat which is available with a free trial. The free trial provides almost every feature which the paid one does in spite of certain premium ones. Once this plugin gets integrated with the WordPress website you have then it enables a chat option over the website and also at the back for the webmaster.

Using the front end, any user can talk to you and you can get a notification regarding the same. You both can then complete the conversation comfortably. It never works out of sight and even provides features like saving chat, emailing it, etc.

The only feature difference between a free trial and paid one is that paid one can let you and users open more than one conversation window at a single time which is limited to just one in free trial. It is simple to install and learn how to use.

Full Details & Download

#3 Olark

Olark live chat

You can get a free trial for any plan of Olark plugin, but they all come at a price later (starts $17). It brings in a conversation window which is elegant enough to provide a user what he is looking for (probably a support tool). Installing and setting Olark plugin is pretty simple and even a newbie user can do that (by simply following on-screen instructions).

You can paste its code Text widget and add it to the sidebar or on the footer to make it integrated with your website. The same code can even be inserted into the Main or Child theme. The best feature over here is that you can find dozens of iOS and Android apps that can help you stay connected with all your readers.

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#4 LiveChat

LiveChat Plugin

Remember the kind of live chat authority host provides? LiveChat is a plugin that can help you integrate similar features right on your WordPress website pretty easily. It is available at monthly plans which makes it little pricey than alternatives but still the kind of feature and state of quality it offers is really awesome.

Users can be sent conversations via tickets which are done using inbuilt feature pretty easily. It can let you and users track which tickets are opened and closed. Also, you can put in a whole team that can learn using the plugin and provide the support together.

Full Details & Download

#5 Comm100 Live Chat

Comm100 Live Chat

This is another live chat service available at a premium price which can be the best choice if you have to provide support to a lot of people at a single time. It can be integrated within any WordPress website pretty easily using its plugin and also setting it up is pretty simple.

Comm100 Live Chat also offers free 15 days trial without providing any details. So there is nothing stopping you from using it for the purpose here.

Full Details & Download

#6 ClickDesk Live Support

ClickDesk Live Support Plugin

A live chat, help desk, social icons and voice chat, all these features are provided by one single ClickDesk Live Support plugin which is one of the prime product we are looking at here. This is really easy to setup and its feature list is divided equally well according to pricing.

It can let you do all the things which a professional live chat plugin or software is responsible for. It comes with lots of analytics related features as well that will help you to know locations of users in real time (cool, huh?).

Users and support providers can save the conversation transcripts which can be emailed as well (automatically). It also comes with a handy language translation tool using which you can chat live within two different languages together. Social media information and profiles can be displayed along with sidebar widgets that make it easy to integrate into any WordPress website.

Full Details & Download

#7 SnapEngage

Live Support Chat SnapEngage

This software and plugin set is seriously developed for large scale business owners. Even a middle scale one can use if you can afford to buy its basic plan which will cost you $60 (allowing maximum four agents). It comes with lots of integration tools that can help you install and set it up on WordPress driven website pretty easily.

Conversation windows can be customized and there is no downtime that will be hurting user experience at all. It comes with user end and agent end software which are synchronized completely delivering what you expect from it.

Full Details & Download

#8 Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat Plugin

Tidio live chat is a free chat plugin with features that you can love. The free chat plugin can easily be integrated with the website.

Also, there are tons of feature that come up with the plugin. For example, you can keep track of the visitors, customize the chat windows accordingly, offers widget support and other languages and also offers offline messages for better communication in off-hours.

Download || Demo

#9 Free Live Chat Support

Free Live Chat Support Plugin

Free Live Chat Support is another free plugin that enables you to add the free live chat service to your WordPress website. Similar to the Quick Chat, it is also available at no cost and you will not have to pay a single penny to the developers.

Also, there is no limit at the usage, concurrent chat sessions and other features of the chat plugin. You can also access the chat history for analyzing your service and improving it in a long run.

The chat support is also available for iPhone devices and Android.

Download || Demo

#10 Pure Chat  – Free Live Chat Plugin

Pure Chat Chat Plugin Plugin

Another free plugin? Well, we love free plugins and if there are good alternatives for the same, then why not list them. The next plugin in our list is Pure Chat – Free Live Chat Plugin.

The only difference is that you need to sign up for an account before proceeding to use the plugin on your WordPress website. The main aim of the chat plugin is to provide amazing features with their free service. The chat plugin is also completely customizable and uses a simple widget to appear on the website.

Some of the features included in this free plugin are User IP ban, fully customizable, chat breakdown with the help of email, rating for interaction and much more.

Download || Demo

#11 Awesome Live Chat

Awesome Live Chat

Awesome Live Chat seems to be an awesome plugin for creating Live Chat. With a lot of customization available, you can implement the plugin in both the classic and fancy way.

Other notable features of the plugin are offline message support, chat transcripts, geolocations, clean dashboard and more.

12. nChat

nChat WordPress Live Chat Plugin

nChat is a one-time paid WordPress plugin for your WordPress website. With the help of nChat, you can have a fully functional WordPress live chat plugin.

It offers clean interface, responsive, retina ready, customizable chat widget and also comes with many themes.

As said earlier, there is no monthly payment associated with the live chat plugin. This enables you to have full control over the chat process with just one buy.

There are other features that come with the plugin such as email transcripts, “See who is typing” and much more.

13. 82 Live Chat

82 Live Chat WordPress Plugin

82 Live Chat is yet another paid chat live plugin for WordPress. The plugin offers all the premium plugin to create a live chat plugin that works!

The chat plugin offers customization with unlimited colors, font-family, border-radius and more.

There is no limit to the end-user and also the chat plugin is a one-time fee! With the multiple chat management, the offline messaging and multiple chat management features, you can feel at home with the plugin.

You can also choose to print sessions for future use. To make searching easy for the user it also includes search archive and search chat sessions.

14. Leap – WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Leap WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Leap is one of the most comprehensive live chat plugins available on the WordPress marketplace.

Like the other plugins in the list, the Leap offers tons of customization options and have good interface design. Other important features include Chat history, custom sound inputs, multiple operations, notifications, chat archives, garbage collection and much more.

Moreover, the plugin supports both offline and online mode for effective communication. The plugin is easy to install and comes with good support. With the help of the plugin, you can utilize increase your revenue generation by supporting the customers at the right time.

A leap forward for Live chat plugins indeed!

15. Quick Chat

Quick Chat WordPress Plugin

Hosting a chat plugin yourself is one of the best deals and if you find a plugin that does it for you without any cost? Then, the deal becomes much sweeter.

The Quick Chat is a free self-hosted WordPress chat plugin that support an array of functionalities including user list, chat rooms, private chat, smiles and much more.

As the chat is live hosted, you have full access to the database. Having the database enables you to later come back to the chats, and further improve your service over chat.

With full control, you can have unlimited chat sessions, database availability and no monthly limit. This enables you stay at the top of your service with no dependability on other services.

16. Casengo Live Chat Support

Casengo Live Chat Support Plugin

Casengo Live Chat Support is one of the most comprehensive live chat plugin in the market. The plugin is easy to install, creative and offers great design feature.

With so many features, the plugin is surely an overkill for the “free” tag. The plugin offers an instant overview on customers, a hybrid messaging, knowledge base, mobile support and much more.

17. Wpmudev’s Live Chat Plugin

Chat Plugin by wpmudev

It’s a simply working, elegant looking and very lightweight plugin that is available for free and it will serve the purpose you’re looking for. Since it’s coded by Wpmudev’s developers so you can’t think of its credibility.

Wrap up

If you’re still wondering around how these plugins are going to help you, then let me stop the pain for you. Having a live chat plugin allows users to directly chat with web owner (or may be support team) and this is how he/she can get answers to all of his/her queries almost instantly. This simply results in increasing trust factor and if everything went right, then you can see your reader buying product any moment. Peace.

*last updated 12/01/2019

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  • Pawel Kubera
    Posted at 18:00h, 23 June Reply


    This is the very best list of live support chat plugins I came across recently. Why? Although these plugins are premium mostly, they have great features, analytics and support. Everything you need! Period.

    One thing bothers me. Why not consider writing a similar article, but instead of listing live support chats, it could focus on describing social chat platforms like 123flashchat, iFlyChat, Cometchat, Chatwee etc.? I think it would be an excellent post for those who want to build communities around their websites, not only serving real-time support.



    • Brian H
      Posted at 20:12h, 10 July Reply

      Hi Pawel,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you for your valued feedback and input, I will put this to our editorial team to see what they can put together.
      Must of them are premium because sometimes with the free plugins the developers are no longer able to maintain due to other life commitments and the fact that it’s hard to live for free. My personal favourite that use is Zopim for a few of my other projects.

  • RaybanM
    Posted at 01:18h, 02 December Reply

    Good list, but does need to be re-written as the grammar is poor.

    • Brian H
      Posted at 14:53h, 02 December Reply

      Hey Rayban,

      The points you have made is very valid, we have an editor going through all our articles to ensure the grammar and readability are near perfect.

      Some scoring system would be great I am not sure how we are going to structure that in a scalable way yet.

      I see this entire site as a wiki how, meaning we are always looking at how we can make existing and new articles more awesome.

      Thank you for visiting.

  • mary
    Posted at 10:41h, 21 July Reply

    The best wordpress live chat plugin i use is WP-chat plugin. It offers me free chats and has an android mobile device application,which is also free

    • Editorial Staff
      Posted at 17:50h, 22 July Reply

      Mary, thanks for the suggestion. We’ll take a look at it

  • Editorial Staff
    Posted at 02:27h, 28 July Reply

    Cool, thanks for sharing. Both look like they could be pretty useful. How are you using them on your sites? We love examples of plugins in the wild 🙂

  • nobelpeter
    Posted at 09:04h, 13 September Reply

    Nice post good collection of plugins . I use live chat wpadm with good innovation and great security support its free and easy to access you can visit the link below for more details: https://wordpress.org/plugins/chats/

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