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Everyday businesses all over the world are sending thousands and thousands of emails each day. While the body of the copy gets more attention and people market their products or themselves through it. People tend to overlook that the email signature section can be utilized to market their brand or service. The best Email signatures provide a lot of information about you and your company and have details and other relevant information that you wish to convey. You might have seen different styles of the best email signatures in the emails that you receive, while some are filled with too much information, some are funny and some are short but include key ingredients such as ‘Call-to-action’.

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Using the best email signatures has become quite trendy over the years.
But ignoring the trendiness, if you are sending business emails or personal emails you can utilize the signature that makes your emails stand out from the crowd and also impress your recipients.
Some of the things that you can achieve by using the best email signatures include:
Valuable Offers – Adding the CTA (Call to Action) for upcoming events that are relevant to your recipients.
Promotional opportunities- Drive registration for new events that are relevant to your recipients.
Linking opportunities – Add the quick links relevant channels, social media, and information.
Professionalism – Showcase credibility and demonstrate show that your enterprise is perfectly established.
Personalization – Add the picture to provide recipients a human and personal connection.
Branding – Create and reinforce the identity of the company in every correspondence.
Nowadays, providing potential customers with a customized experience an effective email. You never have to fend yourself. Setup the best email signatures using the following tools and templates.

Pick the Best Email Signatures

For many of the businesses, emails are the only way they communicate with their customers or prospective buyers. Therefore, it is important to leave a lasting impression, email signatures also add to the brand value and have the capacity to make or mar a situation. You need to be careful while making the best email signatures; it should have a professional outlook. There are multiple options available that you can consider for your email signature, just keep in mind that it has an appeal to your clients as well as potential clients. A great email signature can create a lasting impression in the mind of your clients, you can use these not only for business but your personal purposes as well. There is no harm in making your email look more interesting to the reader.

There are various tools available that make it easier for you to create the best email signatures, and many of them offer free services. To give you all some inspiration for drafting a professional yet appealing best email signatures, I have rounded up a list of some of the best email signatures examples and websites where you can make your best email signatures.

ZippySig – Email Signature Generator

ZippySig allows you to easily create the est email signatures for your whole team very quickly. They offer a 7-day free trial where you can try out all of the features. Choose from a wide variety of templates, which are all very customizable and offer you the greatest flexibility when creating your email signature. There are many customization options available in the signature editor which means the design potential is endless. ZippySig have recently announced a major upgrade to their est email signatures editor, which will offer even greater flexibility once it is released.

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NewOldStamp Email Signature Creator

NEWOLDSTAMP allows you to create a professional email signature in minutes. You can easily choose your design from well-crafted templates, customize colors and fonts as well as add social media icons. The most exciting is that you can upload email signature banner to promote your company, product or service. The est email signatures is compatible with Gmail, Outlook, AppleMail, iOS, Thunderbird and other email clients.

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Logo Design New Zealand

best email signatures

This email signature has the company logo on top of the contact details and other information. This will catch the reader’s attention directly due to the position of the logo and will create an impression.

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UI Designer Email Signature template

New Email Signature

This is a perfect email signature for a UI designer; it is clean, minimal yet powerful. It stands apart from the crowd, which speaks volumes about the designer and creates a lasting impression.

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Business email signature template

DeviantART Selling Prints Email Signature

This one is simple yet professional and gives out all the necessary information, you can also host a picture of your brand or company. The image shouldn’t be very large, and you can place it beside the text. This email signature is one of the simplest yet very professional ways to make your own signature.

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Etsy Shop marketing email signature

Etsy Shop Marketing Signature

If you have an Etsy shop or any other online shop, you can design your email with this template. Apart from the contact details and social media links, you can also provide a link to your website.

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Funny Picture or Logo Template

Logo Email Signature Template

You can make a similar email signature and put one of your cool and quirky images, but make sure suits the kind of business or work you’re in and appeals to the clients.

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Business Marketing email signature


This is a great way to market your business, apart from the contact details and the company’s image, you can also include Facebook updates. This will make your prospective clients read it, and it will create a good impression about your business.

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HTML signature for Gmail


If you use gmail very often or for all your business communication, you can create one for yourself using this template. The template will allow you to create professional and impactful email signature for all your communication.

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Some of the website and tools that let’s you create your own email signature.

Wise Stamp

Email Signature Templates 2

Wisestamp is a great website that has tools to design email signatures; you can choose a template and fill in your information and design your own email signature. It allows you to provide necessary information along with promoting your business. You can also download the tool, it’ll appear on the Chrome toolbar, and you can easily edit your email signature.

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Professional Email Signatures Template

ESignatures is a collection of Email PSD signature designs that you can use for your emails. The designs are basic yet very professional and can be used for any business like retail, corporate or eCommerce.

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Cookie Web


Cookie web can help you design the best email signatures, they also help people make their websites and other related services. Whether you have an email signature, and you’re not happy with it or you don’t have an email signature, they will help you make a professional email signature. They have all the information you need to know about email signatures and the essential ingredients that you need to include in the est email signatures.

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Email Signature Rescue

Market Me Series Email Signature Template

Email signature rescue is a website that has hundreds of templates and lets you design your template according to your profession and need. The website has the est email signatures templates; you’re sure to get many ideas for your template.
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Sigwich allows you to create email signatures for free through its signature wizard. Sigwich lets you design email signatures for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and other leading webmail services. You can create your email signature with Sigwich in a matter of minutes.

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Mindshift Media

custom email signature

The est email signatures are now a need and can boost your sales immensely, you can include a lot of necessary information about your business in the right way to create an impact. Mindshift Media can help you designthe est email signatures, and it would become easy for your prospective clients to reach out to you.

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Wrap up

The collection will cater to different needs, be it business or personal, I hope the list will help you design your best email signatures. Let us know in the comments if you use any of these templates or tools to create your email signature. Feel free to suggest the est email signatures templates and tools that you find attractive and professional.

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