10 Best Free & Paid Shopify Themes/Templates

Shopify is one of the leading website builders on the internet. We recently did a cart system comparison and found out how awesome Shopify is. In the comparison, I stressed on how amazing the collection of themes Shopify has.

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Today, I will take it further and list the best free paid Shopify themes and templates. With tons of templates at disposal, it is tough to choose the best for the niche. The choice becomes tougher when we combine the different niche themes that are available.

Also, I will list both free and paid Shopify themes & templates. The difference between the free and the paid version is the customization options. The paid themes offer better customization options than free themes, and I don’t blame Shopify for this. I think this is a fair trade policy they have maintained over their themes.

So, why the wait? Let’s dive deep into the best free/paid Shopify themes & templates collection.

Best free paid Shopify Themes/Templates:



Kagami Kyoto Spotify template

Price: Paid — $180

Kagami is not a simple theme. As described by Shopify itself, it is one of the ultimate themes that you can use to create an online shop. It is targetted at small or medium scale business, but if you a big one, don’t worry as it can take the load in no time.

The theme is feature packed. It offers masonry grid and also comes with features such as built-in integration with Shopify review, auto-completion search, social media support and much more.

It comes with two styles, supports responsive design and also offer SEO optimized content. For more information regarding the features, check out the theme feature page.

The theme is also a staff recommended theme.

[Full Details and Download]


Minimal Vintage theme Shopify

Price: Free

We love the premium stuff, but it comes at a cost. Minimal is a beautiful shop theme that is completely responsive and offers great design for any shop to get started.

The theme is free of cost and offers tons of features such as typography, views, collection and much more. Customization is good too as it comes with good layout options.

[Full Details and Download]


Brooklyn Spotify Theme

Price: Free

Brooklyn is a free Shopify theme that can be used to create a modern apparel store. The theme offers good features such as edge-to-edge homepage, great product page, responsive design, typography and much more.



Price: $180

Thinking of creating an amazing shop? Then, Symmetry can be for you. Symmetry is one of the best premium templates and themes available in Shopify.

The cost of Symmetry is also good. It comes for $180 like any other good Shopify theme.

With Symmetry, you get three homepages to select from, Google fonts, multi-level nav/menu and much more.

The most important feature of the theme is the navigation system that help easy navigation and better user experience. The theme also provides good navigation search options and also offers great product pages so that you can get back some returns on your investment. The theme is also designed with the best practices of eCommerce and meet all standards of current web design.

[Full Details and Download]

Game Store Shopify Theme – GameWorld

Shopify Game Store Theme

Price: $56

I love games, but if you are thinking of starting your game oriented eCommerce site, then GameWorld is what you should use. The “Gameworld” is a modern Shopify theme that offers great customization and visualization for the visitors.

It is built using the latest technology, CSS3/HTML5 and also offers great sliders to go with. The typography of the theme is also good. You will get a responsive design and product oriented theme that shines in a long run.

The theme is available through ThemeForest, and you can get the theme for just $56.

New Standard

The New Standard Theme by Shopify

Price: Free

Looking for a Shopify theme with minimalistic design, and then you have found the right choice. New Standard is a minimalistic Shopify theme that offers great features.

It is completely responsive and offers great customized layouts for better product collections and more.


Supply Theme Shop By Shopify

Price: Free

Supply is great for new stores that are targetting jewelry and luxury items. The dark theme goes well with royal items, and this is what you can have for free!

The theme offers an easy addition of items to the product page. It also offers sidebar filtering, good navigation, and easy integration.

You can also use the product review app to great effect with this theme.

[Full Details and Download]


StoryClip Startup Theme

Price: $180

Startups are now talk of the normal day. Many entrepreneurs are making ideas significant by transforming them by opening disruptive startups. If you are one of them, you might want to look at Startup theme that is made for the same purpose. It can also be used by any corporate or well-established company.

The theme is great for handling a small number of products and is great for drawing one-page Shopify websites. The theme is highly recommended from my side if it meets your requirements.

[Full Details and Download]


Outdoor Apparel Theme

The weekend is one of the most impressive themes in Shopify theme center. It offers top quality responsive layout that improves on the idea of creating a fully-furnished theme with amazing visuals.

The theme also offers excellent “add-to-cart” functionality. The functionality can easily be harnessed by the store owner to sell his/her items. With great support, excellent customization option and grid system.

Like other themes, Weekend comes with great support, and you can ask support for any help you would ever need during installation and other operations.

Over To You

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms. With great themes, they just solidify their position in the market. Shopify also adds new themes every few months and keep the audience hooked to the platform.

I tried to provide the best free and paid Shopify templates and themes and hope you also liked them. If you have any suggestion, don’t forget to comment below. Also, share the article with your peers.

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