Best Free Tumblr Themes For MicroBloggers

#1 Cassadaga

CassadagaCassadaga is the first Tumblr theme I’ll recommend not just because it’s available for free but also because it primarily focuses on offering a simple platform to run a microblog. Everything looks super simple, and thus, the page load speed is super fast. It comes with additional and must-have features like Search tool, Tags option, and support for almost every post Tumblr can handle.

It offers the sidebar on the right side of the panel, where the author or admin image and other personal details can be displayed. Important links to improve navigation are also allowed to be placed in the sidebar. The centred mounted content comes with simple and good looking typography, and the reason why I picked it for the first position is because of its simplicity. During my research, I didn’t find any other competitor which is this simple and fast. You can check it out yourself.

Theme highlights:

  • It can support custom images and custom colors to quickly change the aura around the blog.
  • It natively supports high-resolution images, including dedicated compatibility for multiple post formats.
  • It allows adding multiple tags in posts which can be used as categories to enlist specific topic posts on your blog. For example, you can upload an audio podcast easily and share with your readers.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#2 Club Monaco

Club MonacoIf you’re targeting the lifestyle or fashion niche with your Tumblr blog, then Club Monaco is the theme to pick. It’s available for free, will be tough to believe from starting. This is primary because of the cool features and most importantly the elegant user interface offered inside. It also includes dozens of customizations, allowing users to bring any level of allowed change and change the way their blog can look on a normal setup. Apart from centre mounted blog name, you can also put About and Archive links on the right side.

A fully functional slider is available to pick and use easily, and multiple running posts can be fixed within. It keeps the record of post date and other details like categories, to ensure proper blog like functionality. The homepage is divided into two parts, first sharing posts and images in slider while the second one holding the compilation of recent entry into the blog.

Theme highlights:

  • It’s the best fashion niche theme available without any cost for Tumblr, no doubt!
  • It allows bringing customization through add-ons which are a cool feature to have.
  • The theme uses high-resolution graphics and custom images.
  • It does have dedicated support for localization data to help you target local audience.

Full Details & Download is not available | Demo

#3 Inform

InformTargeting a right set of the user base isn’t that easy in content marketing but thanks to some decent themes, you can have some help from the base to start with. Here, in this case, the Inform theme is the perfect example of the same. It looks super sleek, and white background behind, everything seems to be targeting the content in between. The theme uses limited colors, strictly staying with White, Black and some shades of Grey, which is the whole design concept used here.

The typography offered here is simple, elegant, and big enough to stay readable from any corner and even from a long distance. Social sharing and Tumblr’s Favourite and Reblog buttons are included right within in every post. It also supports different CSS tricks to create some cool looking graphics and icons around the text, which further increases the readability and brings more credibility to the content.

Theme highlights:

  • It is a super clean one-column theme which focuses primarily on getting higher readability.
  • It allows changing fonts and uses custom ones to get the iconic look it holds.
  • The permalink of every post you share, is customizable, offering more control over each post.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#4 Chalkdust v.3.0

Chalkdust v.3.0If you love sketches and miss the chalk dust and blackboard of school days, then this is the theme to be picked. It’s available for free and supports Tumblr platform from deep inside. It offers a blog-like structure with some navigation and header details placed on the right side and a clear and simple looking cluster of recent entries in the blog. It allows putting content in different categories and supports multiple text types, including the Blockquote.

The theme supports multiple post type which isn’t the case with every Tumblr theme I’ve seen available without any cost. Thus, you are even allowed to share videos publicly or audio message. Even podcasts can be shared on the same blog. It may not look that impressive or elegant in the first view, but looking at everything will secretly reveal the old school things.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme supports custom colors and images, which is ideal for a Tumblr blog.
  • It includes the integration of Disqus comments.
  • It supports localization to target local audience and keep a record of the same.
  • It supports infinite scrolling to get fluent looking blog visual.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#5 Fixed

FixedFixed is a unique theme offered here for free, which will definitely look premium to you. I can bet that it will be tough to digest that you can grab it for free. Coming to the features, it fixes the featured image in the background and offers a unique scrolling effect at the home page. Multiple posts are supported including audio and their content is showcased right at the centre of every featured image in the background. Trust me, it may not sound that impressive here, once you check its Preview, you’ll understand what I’m trying to convey here.

This theme compiles with the theme of Tumblr, i.e., sharing high-quality images and blog content. The images shared here are of high-resolution. Other features included are a different set of customizations including the option to set different bold colors. In simple words, the presentation is the real focus here.

Theme highlights:

  • It offers infinite scrolling which further enhances the main layout.
  • It comes with custom options which allow bringing any subtle change in the theme.
  • The theme also offers a dedicated mobile version, remaining responsive in nature.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#6 Bright Day

Bright DayThis one is my last pick here, and to offer you a unique option here, Bright Day theme is recommended for those who are looking to start a blog on motivation or any niche which requires bright colors. From background images to color selection to font selection to theme layout, everything is super bright and designed and packed in such a way that it feels motivated. In spite of having all these bright features, things still look super simple, clean and also maintains the boldness.

Visuals are the prime attraction but that’s not everything you get inside. The theme makes full use of web estate offered here and the new entries on the blog are compiled in a Blog like fashion only. You’ll find it hard to believe that this theme is available for free and is one click away from installing at your Tumblr profile.

Theme highlights:

  • It supports adding different categories and tags to the posts.
  • The homepage itself offers an option to pick featured image with time, author and other related details.
  • It supports the integration of Disqus comment system.

Full Details & Download | Demo

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