Best HTML Photography Website Templates

Creating a website consists of two parts. First one consists of database and back-end functionalities while the second covers the front face of the website. In case of HTML, the front face is termed as Templates. If you are planning to create your first website for photography business or freelance service, then check out the best HTML photography website templates I am listing here.

I can bet that you will find it hard to turn down a particular template that I am adding here, as each of them is hand-picked. Also, each of them holds modern design layout, to offer the best possible web design features.

Best HTML Photography Website Template

Be prepared with the requirement list and then start the match-making process with below mentioned hand-picked HTML templates for photography niche.


When it comes to selecting the best HTML photography website templates, you obviously need to take a closer look at WordPress themes that come with an online gallery. Keep in mind that Divi is incredibly popular WordPress theme among photographers, designers and artists. The theme constantly gains in popularity.

The reality is that Divi WordPress theme has been created with photographers in mind. So, if you choose to take advantage of such a wonderful theme as Divi then you’ll find it easy to integrate your photography website with a powerful gallery. The theme comes with many other great features.

The theme also comes with secure and valid code, 3 unique color schemes, pre-made styles and functions. The theme’s features make it easy for you to integrate your website with a blog, a sitemap, a contact page and an online gallery. It’s important to note that Divi has a large collection of shortcodes. That’s why it’s pretty easy to design and organize blog posts on a photography website with Divi WordPress theme.

It’s also important to point out that Divi is an easy-to-use WordPress theme. That means that you’ll certainly find it easy to update your photography website even if you don’t have coding experience. In fact, you don’t need to make any changes to your site’s code to adjust its layout and change colors.

Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that Divi is a WordPress theme with a SEO friendly layout. So, you’ll find it easy to optimize your photography website’s pages for search engines.

You should know that Divi makes a difference as a WordPress theme with a beautiful and simple design. With Divi WordPress theme, you’ll be able to showcase photography on your website in the best possible way.

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ePhoto is one of the most popular photography WordPress themes. It’s important to point out that the theme has been designed especially for photographers. What is great about ePhoto is that this WordPress theme is image based. So, you should definitely consider this WordPress theme if you would like to turn your website into a powerful photo gallery. With such a wonderful theme as ePhoto, you will be able to display different types of digital imagery on your photography site. The theme makes it easy for you to add a blog section to a photography website. You can also integrate your blog posts with photos easily. The theme comes with two unique colors schemes. In addition, ePhoto has a large collection of shortcodes and page templates. That’s why it’s pretty easy to customize ePhoto theme for any of your photography business needs.


You will find it easy to create a photography website with Envisioned WordPress theme. Obviously, a photography website needs a gallery. It’s important to point out that this theme makes it easy for you to add multi-media galleries to your site. Envisioned WordPress theme is likely to impress you with its great gallery features. If you choose to take advantage of this WordPress theme you’ll definitely find it easy to select page templates as well as shortcodes for your blog posts. You should know that Envisioned gives web developers the access to a large collection of pre-made styles. In addition, the theme comes with 5 unique shortcodes. That means that you’ll be able to choose the best design style for your photography website. It’s pretty easy to add a portfolio to a website with Envisioned. Actually, the theme comes with all the necessary options that you need to manage your photography site successfully.


DeepFocus is the perfect WordPress theme for building a photography site. This theme is a popular choice of so many artists and photographers. With this DeepFocus, you’ll be able to add a gallery as well as a blog to your photography site easily and quickly. DeepFocus has all the necessary features that a photography site needs. The theme comes with 5 unique colors schemes, page templates, a large collection of shortcodes and many other great features. So, you’ll be able to create the best design for your photography website. DeepFocus is a fully responsive WordPress theme. That means that you can rest assured knowing that your site’s web pages will look great on devices of various screen sizes. Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that DeepFocus is compatible with all major browsers.


Master Slider premium plugin, dedicated jQuery plugins, unique design layout, RTL support, and different portfolio, image captions, blog styles along with different hover effects. These are the features offered by this $16 priced template. If you are looking for a simple, clean and versatile options, then this first template is worth considering. It comes with responsive layout and offers compatibility for Bootstrap 3.x.


This $16 priced template offers a lot of features and functionalities. Thus, it can be used to run a fully featured website and its sidekick blog. It offers dedicated support for Flicker gallery, different video post formats and comes with Lightbox plugin included. It also uses PHP at some places to achieve few high-end functionalities, but the rest of the part is driven by valid HTML5 code. 


With 25 different gallery styles and Bonus AJAX version, Storm is so far the best deal you can get, in terms of a number of features. $16 is again the price but the feature list offered is pretty long. It also supports full-screen background layout for better visibility of pictures you have clicked.


As its name suggests, this template is specifically designed for showcasing the black and white photographs. This unique looking template also comes with dozens of other required features like HTML5 validated code, 2 portfolio pages, Google Maps integration, Google Fonts, Lightbox gallery, social integration, PHP contact form, responsive layout and many more. Whether you consider buying it or not, its demo is worth checking.


The template is developed using Bootstrap framework that offers a bunch of cool design and functionality features. It offers responsive layout, which consists of minimal and unique attributes. It’s pixel perfect design makes a huge difference, and parallax scrolling does the rest of the thing to charm every visitor.

Final Words

Few years back, when new programming languages made their firm presence in the web development field, the former HTML was getting ignored due to limited features and functionalities. But, now we have the newer version of HTML available which is more powerful than earlier. HTML 5 is that newer version, and It is powerful enough to deliver the kind of modern functionalities and features you are looking for.

So, there is nothing wrong with creating a website for your photography service using any of these templates I have added above unless you have very high-standard functionalities in the requirement list.

And if you’re looking for more HTML photography templates, take a look at these.

That’s it, folks! I hope this compilation helped you and you did find the perfect HTML photography template to suit requirements at your end. Peace.

*last updated 11/07/2019

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