Best Knowledge Management Software in 2022

What if you have been asked to explain your job to someone unfamiliar with it in a few seconds? What do you think, how long would it take you to take them to the same level as you were after working for a month?

To take someone to the level where they can handle and do the job is a long process. That’s why knowledge management software was introduced. Its role is to represent the central place for your company knowledge and is meant to organize and revise knowledge.

Therefore, this article will list some of the best knowledge management software you should check out in 2022.

1. Document 360

Document 360 is, in its essence, a knowledge-based tool. This tool offers a powerful yet intuitive editor built for people with no experience using customer support systems based on its user interface and functionality. If your company needs further customizations and changes with Document 360, it’s fairly easy to grow and edit your knowledge-based articles.

In addition, you can easily compare the changes side-by-side and see who made what edits in the articles. Another feature worth mentioning is the top-notch and comprehensive one that enables you to find out what articles are seen the most simply. Plus, this information can indicate to you which articles need regular updates.

If you make some changes but want to revert changes and go back to the previous version after some time, you have nothing to worry about. Document 360 tracks the changes, and you can roll back changes to different versions of each article whenever you want. Finally, the Document 360 editor keeps unlimited drafts of each article in memory, easily accessible at the click of a button.

2. HelpCrunch

Whether you have a small-sized business or a large enterprise, HelpCrunch will satisfy your needs with its clean interface. You don’t need to worry about SEO optimization because HelpCrunch gives you a panel to add SEO tags and other metadata for better ranking in the search results.

Additionally, you can check the other metrics, such as how many searches produced no results. This can greatly show you what users are likely to be unsatisfied about in your customer service platform.

3. Tettra

Tettra is another standalone internal knowledge-based tool that comes automatically set up with the option to import information from Docs, GitHub, and Dropbox, including direct file transfer. You don’t have to create your knowledge base page from scratch because you can choose from various built-in templates.

For instance, you can choose templates for employee profiles or maybe for typical processes that your team needs to go through. It provides a handy search giving you all the data you need instantly from the knowledge base. Employees can easily make suggestions inside the knowledge base instead of going through another channel to suggest a new article.

Plus, Tettra comes integrated with Slack, and you can answer employee questions by providing them a link to the knowledge base instead of typing out the same answer.

4. ProProfs

If you plan to build a help center or a documentation platform, you should check out ProProfs. ProProfs is an all-in-one solution for building internal and external knowledge bases with a big emphasis on collaboration and integration.

It is an ideal tool for starters because it gives you access to a library of pre-written and pre-designed templates. Additionally, you can change the font, colors, and other UI elements to match your needs.

You can also connect them with Zendesk, Freshdesk, and other customer service platforms. It is flexible and customizable, but it also supports around 90 languages.


Managing the content and the knowledge base of your company can be a tedious task. Therefore, people built tools to make those tasks easier and more handleable.

The role of those tools is to represent the central place for your company knowledge, including its organization and revision. We listed some of the best and most recommended knowledge management tools you should try out in 2022.

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