Best MailChimp Alternatives as per Features and Pricing

Best MailChimp Alternatives as per Features and Pricing

“There is no formula for the perfect email – Authentic and honest messaging works” – emailmonday.

Having said that, I hope you understand the main and important thing behind the email marketing and its related aspects. You need to think over the decision you’re about to make because it’s going to cost you at revenue.

Now, a system like MailChimp or any of its alternative isn’t going to work on its own. You definitely want to send graphics rich messages to your subscribers but on the other side, you also want to keep it short, simple, and personal to the person.

So, as soon as you’re fully aware of what product you’re recommending to subscribers, and can write a personal touch description about that, any properly working email tool will work.

This was all about getting you started. Sorry if you were aware of it already!

Why MailChimp alternatives?

Now, let’s talk about MailChimp, shall we?

No doubt, MailChimp is a powerful email marketing tool, used and tested for years by thousands of fellow marketers. But, the way it works at the pricing, makes people switch and look for its cheaper alternatives.

Best MailChimp Alternative

You can have a look at this pricing table, which clearly stats that you need to pay $20 even if you’re having that ‘one’ subscriber over 2k. The pricing model grows on the similar platform, which makes people scratch their heads.

Best MailChimp Alternatives

During my research, I found this pricing issue as the primary reason why people were looking for MailChimp alternatives and leaving this well-known service provider. You too on the same page?

Now, keeping that price factor as sole, I’ve compiled a list of best MailChimp alternatives to can bank upon. I’m not going to include each and every one, but only the ones which qualify over the quality and user experience standards and may offer you a better pricing and features.

#1 Sendy


Since we’re looking for cheaper alternatives first, so Sendy tool clearly outweighs all of its competitors at pricing. Sending an email to this tool will cost you as low as $0.0001. But, you need to pay $59 (one-time charge) to get started.

The feature Sendy offers are still acceptable and meet quality guidelines. You can expect the emails to be a feature and graphic rich and an automation process to handle most of the stuff. It can be integrated with Amazon SES too, which means faster performance and almost zero downtime.

Get Sendy

#2 GetResponse


The pricing here starts at $15 per month, but you can always get a discount, depending on the on-going festival. This price is strictly limited to 1000 subscribers, and you need to pay more as it grows. The feature GetResponse includes are Autoresponders 2.0, multiple Landing pages, and the inclusion of multiple user accounts. It perfectly works with split tests (A/B) and is best suited for running webinars. You should check out rest of the details and can get it for free for first 30 days.

Get GetResponse

#3 Constant Contact

Constant Contact

While every of its competitors is limited to 30 days free trial, Constant Contact comes with 60 days of free trial, followed by $20 per month plan without any restrictions on a number of emails allowed. This price includes a management tool behind, tracking and reporting data, various list building tools, and feature rich options to further woo your subscribers.

It comes with 1GB of storage, allowing a single user to use the tool. There is also a ‘Plus’ plan, costing $45 per month, which doubles the storage volume, and also adds pro features. You should check out their pricing table, which is simple to understand.

Get Constant Contact

#4 Aweber


Since we’re talking about ‘email marketing’ here, I don’t think anyone needs an introduction to Aweber. It clearly one of the top-notch digital tool one can use, which is highly professional, best suited for multiple situations, and have been tried and tested by millions of other fellows. It doesn’t come cheap, starting at $19 per month for sending unlimited emails to 500 subscribers.

But, it does come with ‘almost’ any feature you can demand or look for. Additionally, it comes with top-notch support, which is industrial standard, and a delivery rate which beats out all of its competitors. You can start for free (first 30 days) and see if it makes any sense to your requirements.

Get Aweber

#5 SendinBlue


SendinBlue was one of the most recommended tool on various forums and social groups and charges nothing for maintaining unlimited subscribers and sending out up to 9k emails every month. The first paid plan stats at $7.37, allowing users to send up to 40k emails per month. The free version does come with limitations, and no reports. But, its good enough to start your campaign, right?

Get SendinBlue

#6 TinyLetter


Its headline sure says, ‘by MailChimp’ but it’s not going to cost you, at all. This MailChimp alternative is free to use but comes with limited features and resources at dispatch. The USP here is simplicity with maintaining an authentic and personal conversation with your email subscribers. Any process related to the email is extremely down-to-earth (meaning simple to use) while maintaining a sense of elegance.

Talking of the cons, the tool doesn’t offer any templates. But, you can continue a conversation with any of your subscriber as it lets you read replies. This is surely going to help you know the public’s response. Also, there is no way you can track down ROI (only investment here is your time and efforts) or have a look at stats.

Get TinyLetter

What’s your pick now?

Having clarified all my sides of MailChimp and its best alternatives, you’re finally in a position to get a better deal. I’ll recommend doing a complete research, comparing pricing, features, and a number of emails allowed, before making the final purchase. Do check their individual reviews over the internet. This is how every intelligent marketer buys digital products.

See you in the comments!

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  • Carlos
    Posted at 21:14h, 20 February Reply

    Did you consider I recently made the switch and find it to be very easy to use and priced more flexibly for growth. But I haven’t done nearly the amount of research and comparison you did!

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