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30+ Best Movie/Film Company Logo Designs for Inspiration

Logos of any company depict their brand identity and a lot of thought goes behind creating a stunning logo design. It isn’t easy to design a perfect logo that reflects the ideologies of a company and is remembered by all. Film logos, in particular, are expected to be creative yet simple so that the audience can easily associate the movie company with the logo. It is for this reason that you should look out for the best Company Logo Designs.

As designers, a logo for a movie company must be in your portfolio. If you haven’t made until now, chances are you might get the opportunity in coming future. To design a great logo, you need to have a look at some of the stunning movie company logos to draw inspiration from.

Today, the movie industry has grown to become of the biggest industries around the world. Almost everyone loves watching a great film. While the benefits of technological advancements can be seen in the movie industry, objects like film reels or camera lenses are currently considered as symbols of the movie industry. Any person can easily notice the movie company logo in case they are made using such symbols. It is for this reason that you should look out for the best Company Logo Designs.

Movies are the communication of short stories through sounds and moving pictures. In different parts of the world, people love watching movies as a way of getting entertained. Whenever you watch a film, the first thing you notice is the production logo. Just like other industries, movie logos are built to make sure the audience can easily determine the production house that made that particular movie or film.

Before televisions were invented, movie company logos were quite simple. However, with the latest technological advancements and Company Logo Designs, many organizations have started to create attractive movie logos.

Regardless of the type of industry you are in, a logo is a graphical symbol or market that can be used to identify a business. You can design the logo by hiring professional designers and developers. A perfectly designed logo can be recognized instantly and is also memorable. In regards to the movie industry, many movie makers have built stunning Company Logo Designs.

If you are already in the firm sector or you are planning to start your production house, then you should pick from the following list of the best logo designs. We strongly hope that these will inspire you into creating the best movie logo. The realization of these ideas is possible with logo-making tools, like Mojomox.

I have rounded up a list of 20+ best movie company logo designs for your inspiration. Hope they give you a better insight in understanding logo designs.



This logo of a world-class post-production company that specializes in film, photography, CGI, digital imagery is perfect. The logo with the optical illusion effect emphasizes their skill that includes manipulating imagery to show impossible as reality.

Horror Films

Horror Films logo

Horror Films logo is designed by Josiah Jost; it is the perfect example of a minimalist and creative logo. The reel is cleverly used to create a terrified face; the logo is ideal for a movie company that makes horror films.

Full Details

Orange Tree Films

Orange Tree Films logo

Orange Tree Films logo is designed by PinkCheeseDesigns, the designer has brilliantly tried to depict the brand name through the imagery. The bark of the tree has been used to illustrate the orange and the leaves are orange in color that blends beautifully with the design.

Full Details

Ripe Films

Ripe Films logo

Ripe films Logo is designed by Al Davies; the company makes commercial films and documentary, the logo is contemporary and defines the company identity. Apple is identified with knowledge and in the logo the designer has connected it with the documentary aspect, the apple peels turn into a film reel.

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Long Shot – Company Logo Designs

Longshot logo

Long Shot logo is designed by Kepelikini; the designer has tried to give literal meaning to the brand name through imagery in the logo. It seems like the boy with a slingshot, and a stone intends a longshot at the moon that resembles the reel.

Full Details


Film-Klik design

Film-Klik is designed by Shtef Sokolovich, the design is quite quirky and creative. The designer blends the scissors and the typography in a beautiful way to create the logo.

Full Details

3D Film

3D Film logo

3D film logo is designed by KniazDesign, the logo design is pretty with great use of bright colors and the 3D glasses. The logo is ideal for any movie company, movie review website or online movie sites.

Full Details

X Films

X films logo

X Films logo is created by dado, the designer has created a brilliant logo with a great concept. The ‘X’ blends seamlessly in the design, the logo is ideal for a film company.

Full Details

Freedom Films

Freedom Films logo

Freedom films logo is designed by designabot; the designer has created a remarkable logo for the brand. The flying dove out of the film reel signifies freedom; the logo is perfect for an independent filmmaker.

Full Details

Tower Films

Tower Films Logo

Tower Films logo is designed by logobox; the logo design is quite simple yet appealing. The designer has created the tower with film reel; the logo is perfect for a film production company.

Full Details


SlowMotion logo

SlowMotion logo is created by mighty creations, the designer has combined the movie reel with a snail to create this minimalist logo. The design is ideal for a movie or entertainment company.

Full Details

Skyline Studios

Skyline Studios logo

Skyline Studios logo is designed by delirium, the designer has used the film reel cleverly to depict skyline structure. The typography of the logo is simple, and the logo has a clean and minimalist design, ideal for movie companies.

Full Details

Z Films

Z Filmd logo design

Z Films logo is designed by Dalius Stuoka, the designer has used the film reels cleverly to create a negative space that depicts the brand initials ‘Z’. The designer has created a hidden image and this logo will easily be remembered by the people.

Full Details

Charitable Filmmaking

Charitable Filmaking Logo Design

Charitable Filmmaking logo is designed by Michael Spitz, the designer has created a simple yet powerful logo. The film strips are folded to create a heart, although the spockets are missing on the right yet it delivers the message quite clearly.

Full Details

Razor Movies

RazorMovies logo

Razor Movies logo is designed by grafismo, the design is edgy and attractive. The designer has created pockets in the razor to give it the feel of a film reel, the logo is perfect for a movie company.

Full Details

Heaven Films

Heaven Films

Heaven Films logo is designed by Craig Russell, the designer has created a stunning logo and the idea behind the brand name is executed well. The designer has used the letter ‘H’ creatively to create a staircase to heaven and the inward, and outward design gives a sense of optical illusion.

Full Details

Crocodile Films – Company Logo Designs

Crocodile Films logo

Crocodile Films logo is designed by Ricardo Barroz, the designer has created a brilliant logo design with a crocodile as the video camera. The design is contemporary and quirky, ideal for a movie company.

Full Details

London Urban Films

London Urban Films Logo

London Urban Films logo is designed by Revotype, the logo looks great with the letter ‘O’ in ‘London’ working as the wheels of the bus. The bus signifies motion graphics, the designer has used film reels to show windows.

Full Details

Film Cube

film cube logo

Film Cube logo is designed by Shone Genije, the designer has created a cube with film reels and given it a 3D effect. The logo is perfect for a movie, animation or production company.

Full Details

Moving Films

Moving Films is designed by Shone Genije, the designer has created a simple and attractive logo. The designer has tried to create motion with the film reels, the design is perfect for any movie or production company.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed the list, do you have any other favorite that you want on the list? Let us know in the comments section below. Feel free to leave suggestions and feedback! For more, you can take a look at other company logo designs inspiration posts.

From the time the first movie was released, we have been here and seen it all. It is for this reason that we are fully familiar with these company logo designs. We have a great team of designers who can build you an elegant movie/film logo in house.

We strongly hope that the logos that have been listed here will inspire you to create a great logo for your production house or business.

If you are looking for an experienced team of designers, then 85ideas should be your stop shop. Here you will have your business/company logo handmade by a team of professionals who work together with you to ensure your logo is designed according to your specifications. We also do follow-ups to see whether the logo is doing what it was meant to, which is to make your website appealing and ultimately help you generate more revenue.

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*last updated 01/04/2020

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