Five Best Tips to Help You Write an Essay With Ease

Five Best Tips to Help You Write an Essay With Ease

Students find creating essays one of the most challenging academic tasks. The reason is simple; they do not know how to structure the paper and distribute content while determining what aspects are irrelevant. If you are in such a position and need urgent help with your test, text our professional helpers “take my online class now” and don’t worry about the result any longer.

It takes time to learn this, but students do not have much time because of deadlines. These tips will help teach you the necessary elements within a few minutes.

1. Know Where to Ask for Help

Help wanted signYou are not alone when it comes to essay writing. The reality is that several writing companies and agencies offer essays for sale.  The purpose of these companies is to share the academic burden and meet your deadlines. All you need to do is place an order and pay when you get it.

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So, buying an essay saves time and effort, so you can focus on your activities without multitasking a lot. Finding the best essay online service is a challenge as well. You can sift through hundreds of options and risk being scammed, or you can do simple research. Your research should focus on customer reviews.

Most credible websites have a customer review section, where people leave comments about their experience. You can also read the comments from review websites and blogs. These are people’s unbiased opinions where they talk about issues they faced with particular companies and the quality of work.

In college, many students have availed themselves of such types of services so that you can ask a colleague for suggestions. Moreover, you can contact the company’s customer service and ask about the writers available. The amount of time it takes the customer service representative to respond is also a good indicator of the reliability of the service.

It is a good company if it is under 20 to 25 minutes. If it takes them more than 25 minutes, you can try a different option. When you contact customer service for essay help, you ask for sample papers of each author. You can choose an author with good quality and replicate your writing style. Then you can place the order with all the requirements and relax as your work is being done for you.

2. Start Early

Little clockStudents’ most common mistakes when writing papers are leaving it for the last minute and pulling an all-nighter. You will be exhausted and stressed, which will adversely affect the quality of your work. So, instead, plan it out and create a schedule. You do not have to write the entire paper in one sitting.

One of the best essay tips and tricks includes planning, so take fifteen minutes out of your day and research the topic. You can jot down the main elements you want to write about and arrange them chronologically. You can spare 1 hour any day of the week to write the first draft of the essay.

It does not need to be perfect, but you need to write anything you deem relevant. You can take time on another day to read through it, change the order and add to it. It would be best to allocate a few hours to the essay a day before the deadline. You can edit the second draft to meet all the requirements.

It gives you time to add in-text citations and references. You can format it to meet the professor’s instructions. It is helpful if you proofread the paper as well. You will be able to edit out any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, ensuring that your essay is top-notch.

Now, you have the final draft already, and you should submit it a few hours before the deadline. The reason is that sometimes servers slow down when multiple people use it, and you cannot meet the deadline in a few seconds. If the essay is assigned on June 1st and due on June 15th, then a tip for writing an essay is given below.

You can create a schedule as:

  • June 2nd: Research,
  • June 5th: First draft,
  • June 8th: Second draft,
  • June 11th: Final draft,
  • June 13th: Proofread and format,
  • June 14th submission.

3. Attention-Grabbing First Line

The first part of a college academic essay is the introduction. In the introductory paragraph, you have to explain the topic and context. It is the first part your audience will read, so it needs not only to catch their attention but retain it as well.

A tip for writing an essay is to use idioms, eye-catching phrases, or a rhetorical question as a part of the introduction. These will intrigue the reader and encourage them to read ahead. Once you have caught their attention, you can include a thesis statement. The thesis statement explains the aim or purpose of the paper.

The last part of the introduction should be a sentence that seamlessly creates a flow from this paragraph to the document’s body. A typical introduction should have 70 to 100 words.

4. Always Have an Outline

ChecklistThe trick on how to write an essay quickly is to create an outline. The outline helps you to:

  • Create a flow within the work,
  • Prevent unnecessary repetition of information,
  • Save time,
  • Ensure the chronological order is accurate.

Without an outline, you have to take a break to gather your ideas and think about writing next. Suppose you spend 10 minutes before writing to create a list of what to include.  Then, you need only reference that list and continue typing without breaking your writing flow.

A typical essay has three parts and five paragraphs. For an essay about the Chernobyl disaster, a sample outline is as follows:

  • The introduction,
    • Where is Chernobyl,
    • About the people living there,
    • Brief description of the nuclear power plant,
  • The body paragraphs,
    • First: What caused the disaster,
    • Second: What happened during the disaster and how did the people react,
    • Third: The after-effects of the incident.
  • The conclusion,
    • How could such an incident be avoided in the future,
    • The impact of this disaster on a global scale.

5. Write With Style

The essay should be written within intent and purpose. The professor will specify what type of paper is required. Nevertheless, if it is not, then you need to decide. There are four main styles which are;

  • Narrative writing: telling or narrating the topic as a story,
  • Expository writing: informing the audience about a topic,
  • Persuasive writing: taking a stance and providing arguments in your favor,
  • Descriptive writing: describing or explaining something in detail.


College essay writing is a daunting task because numerous specifications need to be met. These specifications include aspects from content distribution to page margins as well. You will meet all the requirements and create high-quality content to secure a good grade with these tips.

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