Best Virtual Data Room Software for Mac OS

Best Virtual Data Room Software for Mac OS

Apple’s Macs are more powerful than ever before, which means more and more professionals are turning to them to manage their businesses and information.

Data room providers have been actively developing their applications to run natively on Apple’s new M1 chips, which is essential for those data room users who prioritize offline access to necessary data.

While many providers offer their websites for managing due diligence through cloud-based data rooms, having a dedicated application on your device is a great perk. Especially if you want to take virtual data rooms with you on the go on your MacBook or iPad.

Thanks to the new Apple chipset, applications designed for iPhones and iPads can now run natively on Mac computers and laptops. Some VDR providers have used this to their advantage, making their applications once only available for iPad users accessible for Mac customers.

We’ve picked some of the most convenient Mac-friendly data room services for your attention.

Code on laptopiDeals App for iPad and M1 Macs

One of the top-rated companies in the field, iDeals, has a dedicated application for iPad, which also runs natively if you happen to have any of the M1 chip Macs released in 2020 or afterward. If you use any of the older Macs, then you’re out of luck. iDeals doesn’t offer a dedicated Mac app for Intel-run devices.

However, if you’re not picky about how you access your data rooms, the iDeals website runs smoothly without any hiccups across all operating systems, including the Mac OS.

Ansarada Board App

Ansarada, another global player in the VDR industry hailing from Australia, has a dedicated application for Mac OS for board meetings and management.

Ansarada provides virtual data rooms for their customers, but that hasn’t yet been translated into an application that can provide that service to Mac users. Much like iDeals, Ansarada’s website provides excellent online data room software that runs smoothly whether you’re on Windows or Mac OS.

ForData Mac App

ForData is a data room software company that mainly serves central and eastern Europe and the Baltic states. However, their customers can be found all over the globe.

ForData has two dedicated applications in Apple’s Mac App Store – the VDR viewer and VDR uploader. They make it easy for both sides of due diligence to conduct business without any hiccups. Like the other providers, ForData also offers its data room services through their website if that’s more comfortable for you.

Box Applications for Mac

Box is more than a VDR provider; they have numerous business solutions, including file sharing, editing, collaboration tools, and more. iT has dedicated applications available for Mac users – Box Drive, Box Tool, and Box Notes.

In addition, the company offers a Box Mobile application for both iOS, iPadOS, and Android gadgets for when you want to take your work on the go.

Box also offers electronic data room software as a part of their productivity and business products but does not have a dedicated application, even though the website used for VDR runs smoothly on Mac.

eFileCabinet App for Mac

eFileCabinet is a VDR provider that serves small- to medium-sized businesses. The company also offers various software and tools for managing and streamlining multiple business processes.

eFileCabinet is also known for being highly optimized for mobile users. Their application designed for iPadOS can run natively on Macs, and they have taken advantage of that and made it downloadable from the Mac App Store.

While it is no substitute for a dedicated application designed specifically for Mac, you can be assured that you’re getting the same services and user interface as those using the app on their iPads.


Some of the best data rooms have always been website-based, and the move towards application-based VDRs is relatively new to the market. As more and more companies adapt to the ever-changing market of increasingly popular gadgets, the data room review websites will start considering whether a VDR company offers its users an option for running a virtual data room natively on their devices to reflect the demand.

The virtual data room providers should always remain vigilant to spot any trends in consumer behavior and adapt their technologies to meet the growing demands. With more and more professionals working from home and on the go, companies need to provide applications that run natively on various operating systems that are in use nowadays.

For now, the companies listed in this article are making use of their applications designed for iPad to run on new M1 Macs. However, eventually, they will have to adjust to the growing demand for application-not web-based market.

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