Four Best Ways to Create and Share Video Content Today

Today, video is taking over the world of online business. As people’s attention spans continue to dwindle and social media platforms continue to grow, companies are scrambling for new ways to market themselves successfully on these channels. Fortunately for them (and us), video is one of the most effective and enjoyable mediums out there today and it can be of help to create viral content.

So, what’s stopping you from creating and sharing some online video content of your own? It can be as easy as uploading a few clips to Instagram or Facebook, using an app like Boomerang to create shareable GIFs, or adding cool social media-friendly overlays to existing photos.

With the help of some great video apps, though, going from online content spectator to content creator is easier than ever. Here are some tips on creating and sharing video content in the current landscape.

1. Video Streaming

Live streamMany people are looking for ways to create viral video material, but turning your clips into shareable memes is only half the battle. Streaming services like Twitch and Hitbox have picked up speed as a go-to for gamers looking to stream their latest conquests and those interested in watching live videos from their favorite artists, musicians, and celebrities.

There’s also the option to create your channel and upload pre-recorded videos for others to enjoy using various tools meant for video streaming in 2022 online. People use the latter by creating “Let’s Play” videos, which feature footage from a live gameplay session and commentary from the player as they go through each level. It is a great way to build up hype around an upcoming game release while increasing awareness around your brand.

2. YouTube Channel

While it may seem like an obvious choice, having your own YouTube channel can be one of the most effective ways to share video content. Depending on what you’re trying to push, whether you’re sharing fun tutorials or product reviews, gaining subscribers is only the beginning in attracting viewers.

After the subscriber base is established, monetizing your videos via AdSense is a great way to collect passive income from your online videos. Once you have a collection of videos uploaded and earned, you can also begin promoting them across other social media platforms for free. To increase your chance of getting popular, you can always consider the option to buy views on youtube.

Sharing videos on your YouTube channel comes with a host of benefits. For one, you can create playlists for video content about similar subjects. These can be made public or private, depending on your preference. Additionally, YouTube is the only platform capable of hosting videos in 4K resolution. This option could be helpful if you create promotional material for a new display technology or product launch.

3. Social Teasers

Influencer taking selfieInstagram and Snapchat are great platforms for sharing visual content, but they’re even better when you use them to create teaser videos for larger projects. Each platform has unique features; Instagram is best for quick video snippets or GIFs (Boomerang), while Snapchat is better suited for full-on short videos with filters and geo-filters.

The beauty of using these apps for video is their ease of use. You can quickly upload a clip, add it to your story, and share it across other social media networks with the click of a button. It doesn’t only helps you establish your videos as social media-friendly content but also drives traffic back to your online video library.

Additionally, if you share your teasers in the right place, they can help give you a social media boost. Instagram hashtags are great for this, allowing you to reach a whole new audience interested in video content from their favorite artists or celebrities. You can also get creative and make your own themed “stories” out of random clips to spotlight your hobbies and interests throughout your day.

4. Webinars

While live video streaming is all the rage, it’s not always feasible for businesses with limited budgets or who aren’t so tech-savvy. An excellent alternative for marketers on a budget looking to increase their reach is pre-recorded webinars.

Like online seminars, pre-recorded webcasts are a perfect way to share your knowledge and expertise with potential customers and clients. A slew of video apps built specifically for this purpose, but one of the most popular is Google Hangouts On Air.

From there, you can share your link across various social media platforms and use analytics to track how many people tuned in and for how long. This data can then be used to create future webinars that cater to your most engaged viewers. Plus, you can record and upload webinars in real-time without any post-production work required by using a video app.


There are plenty of reasons why video marketing is essential to growing your business. From increasing engagement on social media accounts to interacting with clients and potential customers, having an online video presence can prove invaluable when expanding your brand name outside of the digital sphere.

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