12 of the Best Websites to Download Free E-books

Books are the first source of knowledge for the human race. Until the computers came, everyone had to go to the library and read in complete silence. It was a great experience.

With technology, the whole landscape changed. Electronic books(e-books) are introduced, and now we can read from the comfort of our home.

The actual challenge is to get hold of the books for free! That’s why, today, I will go forward and list the best websites to download free e-books. The e-books are legal to download. Many of the old valuable books are hard to find, and you can easily give the free e-book website to get hold of them. At least, you can try.

Without much ado, let’s get started with the best websites to download free e-books.

Best Websites to Download Free E-books

Google Books

Google Books

Google Books is the number one place to download hundreds of ebooks. The ebooks are made available by thousands of publishers. You can download or preview a lot of books that are hard to find.

I like the preview part of Google Books as it offers a glimpse of the latest books available on the market. This way, I am sure which book to buy from the stores.

You can grab classic books from Google books easily. A great place to be for readers.

Digital Library

The Online Books Page

Digital Library is the home of 2 million free books. Yes, you read it right. You can grab books by women writers, prize winners and much more. Digital library also offers book collection of banned book and hence it can give you the glimpse of intellect and showcase the worst of the humanity.

They also offer non-English language books.

Open Library

Open Library

Open Library is trying to the ultimate home for the all the books ever published. They are attempting to create a catalog of every book that is ever published.

With over 20 millions of recorded books, you will find extensive library very useful.

Open Library is different from other online libraries as it an open project, and anyone can contribute to the Open Library.

Free eBooks

Free eBooks.net

Free eBooks is another great place for getting free books. You can sign up for free eBooks for life. It doesn’t matter if you like drama, fiction, health or romance, the website has everything you can ask for.

The website lists the top 10 eBooks in each category, and this can help you gain an interesting perspective of what others people are reading. You can also choose one for yourself and start your journey to the unknown world.


Directory of FREE Online eBooks

The website is a great place to find eBooks. The only downside is the website design. It is cluttered to a great extend and finding books can be time-consuming.

The website hosts books on different topics including arts and photography, business & Investment, Comics and Graphic Novels. It also offers a good amount of Computer and Internet books. Almost every topic is covered under the website.


Free Book Spot

FreeBookSpot is one of the largest sources of free ebooks that are available online. According to the site statistics, it houses 4485 free eBooks with a total size of 71.97 GB(up to).

With a wide variety of eBooks hosted, you will not run out eBooks anytime soon. If you are only interested in free eBooks, then you don’t have to register on the website( bonus).


Free Computer Books

Online Programming Books is a heaven for the programmers. The website hosts some of the highest quality free eBooks related to the computer field.

It doesn’t matter if you love Python, C#, C++ or any other programming language or subject, the website can provide you a quality free eBook to study the subject.


Free ebooks

eBookLobby offers an excellent collection of eBooks. The collection is not huge but makes it up for the quality of free eBooks that are shared on the website. Almost all the categories are listed on the website with Computer and Internet category scoring the highest numbers.


e-library free ebooks

E-Library is yet another website that aggregates free eBooks.  As a user, you can submit eBooks as well. With a broad range of books, you are in a treat. The website also the list top 20 books, which you can give a try.


Free eBooks Download ebook3000

How strange the name can get? EBooks3000 offers free eBooks for the readers. The website is an open directory and hence you can download all the books for no cost. The website offers nice search capabilities and offers diversified categories for a wide range of audience.

Free book centre

Free Computer books Download

Free book centre offers a great collection of technical books. It doesn’t matter if you are studying computer science, web technology, mathematics or mobile technology, it got it all covered.

The search capabilities of the website are good. The front page holds the categorized version of the game and hence making an easy navigation.


FREE Download eBooks PDF

eBooks Space is targetted at the tech lovers. The website offers free eBooks to almost everything related to tech. The website offers good quality eBooks for free. But, there are some paid books available on the website.

I would strongly advise to download the paid books, only for reference and you are going to use the book, it is always a good idea to get a hard copy of the book rather than using the free version.

Get Started Now

With all the awesome website for getting eBooks listed, it is now the right time to visit any of the above eBook repositories and start reading your favorite book.

Knowledge is the a valuable thing in anyone’s life, and there is no substitute for knowledge. Learning should be the first priority for anyone and not only avid readers.

I hope, you liked the list. If you have any suggestion or eBook resource website, don’t forget to share it in the comment section. Also, share the article with your friends and family!

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