5 Best Word Cloud Generators

Recently I found myself searching for a word cloud generator to change my Facebook and Twitter background image. It took me some time find a suitable tag cloud generator so today I will share with you my findings and top recommendations. These days people use a word cloud to create compelling presentations,  printing for bags, shirts and so much more.


ABCya Word Clouds for Kids

Just like its name, this ABCYa Word Cloud Generator is usually to make the kids aware of their skills. The tool is available online for free and could be used directly from the website. It is very easy to use and hence suitable for the kids, although the official usages are not that efficient. One more thing that you should take care of while using this tool is to enter a minimum of 3 words to make the word cloud or else the tool won’t work properly. I guess now you’re ready to use it, and you can always check the below link for further information.

Wordle Word Cloud Generator

Wordle Beautiful Word Clouds

The Wordle is another options to create the Word Clouds with minimal efforts. The designs generated from it are not only exclusive, but can be customized for colors, text styles and formats as well. You can use this Wordle tool for nearly everything for which you need word clouds as there is no limit of categories, and a few examples are Election Campaign slogans, notebooks, tutorials and much more. Check the details and demo via the below link.


ImageChef Word Mosaic

One of the most popular online free Word Cloud tool available on the market is this ImageChef where the users wish to come again and again because of the uniqueness and ease of use. The tag word cloud generated from it are very effective and creative in looks and design as well. Being used by many users, it has been rated best by some of them despite having some really good competitors in the market.

Tagul Word Cloud Generator

Tagul individual character

This one is my personal favorite it is super easy to sign up to and, for the most part, free some features are limited to paying customers. The highlight of this word cloud for me is the ease of use and the customization options they have available such as the shape option, layout, fonts and so on.  Another excellent feature worth mentioning is you can also upload your own image to be used as the outline for your design.

tagCloud Generator

Regarded as one of the simplest Word Cloud Generator is this tagCloud generator because of the easy of its to use process that can even let rookies do the work efficiently. Available online, it uses HTML platform to put the tag word cloud on the website, and that makes work even easier for the admin. There is also no price charged for the use of this tool, and I guess now this deal is just perfect for everyone.

Wrapping up

That’s some of the best word generators I could find all tried and tested. Out of all the sites mentioned here I have t say that Wordle is my least favorite because you need a particular javascript install in your browser. That being said it’s still great if you are happy to add the java needed to load the word cloud generator, I guess this just shows the age of Wordle.

I am curious to what you end up creating on how you interact with these generators. Please leave a comment in below just letting me know what you end up creating.

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