42 Blog Post Ideas: The Complete List

Even the most passionate blogger can run out of posting ideas. This is especially true for those who have a daily blog. But fear not, below you will find a complete list of suggestions for writing interesting and engaging posts. This list is suitable for any topic or blog subject. Use it to create extraordinary content that will build your readership and inspire others to share your posts over and over again.

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Instructional Posts

  • How-To Guides – Share your expertise with your readership by creating how-to guides that provide step by step instructions on how to complete a task within or around your industry.
  • Tutorials – Put together a short course that can help educate others. You can also include a quiz that will help them to know whether they’ve mastered the topic or technique.
  • Lists – Publish an array of “to do” lists for your readers. These lists can be easily shared and reposted again and again.

Advice Posts

  • Share Advice – Along with sharing your knowledge, you can also provide advice on topics as a blogger. This can include personal topics as well as professional subjects related to your industry. Some ideas might include career, parenting or marital advice.

  • Review/Endorse a Product – Share your opinion on a new product or service. Make sure it is honest so that your readers will know you are trustworthy. Consider adding video to your blog as you try out the product. This will add interest to your post.

  • Recommendation – Recommend a movie, travel destination, book or dining experience. Be sure to tell why you are recommending it.

Inspirational Posts

  • Motivational – Help lift someones day by posting words of encouragement. These can be your own words or quotes by famous people such as entertainers, politicians or athletes.
  • Inspiring Passion – Inspire your readers to follow their dreams by writing articles about goal setting. You can also provide other tips for achieving success along with sharing personal stories within or outside of your industry.
  • Spirituality – If you have found peace and contentment through religion, use your blog to share your beliefs with others. Share teachings and revelations along with inspirational testimonies that will inspire your readers to seek after their own truths.

Self-Improvement Tips

  • Weight Loss, Exercise & Nutrition – One of the hottest topics on the net, your readers will always want to read articles related to losing weight and becoming more healthy. If you are not an expert on the topic, this is a good place to post articles from guest bloggers. You can also include recipes from local chefs or tips from personal trainers. Let them know you will include their information in your blog to entice them to share with your readers. Tell them this kind of publicity will also help them build their book of business.

  • Reducing Stress – In today’s busy world, many have problems managing stress. Help your readers relieve stress with posts offering tips and ideas that will help them to de-stress. Some ideas include articles on meditation and massage as well as tips for getting a good night’s sleep. Feature spas or stress-relieving activities such as yoga or Tai Chi.

  • Time Management – Help your readers become more efficient time managers by providing helpful hints in one or more of your blog posts. Along with sharing tips related to organization and maximum productivity, suggestions for phone apps and other time management tools should be included here.

Event Posts

  • Holiday – Share family traditions, decoration ideas and more on your blog during the holidays. Don’t forget to include photos to make your holiday posts more personal.
  • Community Activities – Keep your readers aware of activities happening in your community. Along with your local community, consider events taking place within your business or networking community.
  • Event Planning – Along with holiday events, help your readers by sharing tips for planning exciting and memorable soirees. Help them to draft a budget, find a venue and create a menu. Consider adding photos from caterers, cake decorators and meeting spaces to better enhance your post.

In the News

  • New Products – Share information with your followers about products that are soon to launch but have not yet been released, or products that have just hit the shelves.
  • Promotions – Inform your readers of job promotions or staff changes within your industry. This can be done informally or as an interview. Try to include photos to enhance your posting.
  • Changes in Industry Standards/Guidelines – Keep your readers abreast of industry changes with informative posts on your blog. You can also use your blog to expound on or better explain regulations that can be hard to understand.

Interactive Posts

  • Surveys – Conduct surveys on your blog and allow your readers to share their opinion about a topic or issue. Compile the responses and share on your blog.
  • Contests/Give-Aways – Build your e-mail list by conducting a contest or give-away.
  • Quizzes – Test the knowledge of your readers with a series of questions. Choose topics related to your industry, or go with something more fun such as sports, history or entertainment quizzes.

About People

  • Highlight People – Consider blog posts that highlight people. This can include local community, civic or business leaders, or others like entertainers, artists or chefs.
  • Youth – Tell the story of future leaders. Share stories about youth doing great things in your community. Encourage them to share this post with others at school to increase traffic to your blog.
  • Spread Gossip – Create blog posts dedicated to gossip about celebrities, politicians or athletes. This should include the latest news stories; however, be sure they are juicy and sensational.

Controversial Posts

  • Debate – Most people love a great argument. This is no different with readers on the internet. Consequently, choosing controversial topics is a sure way to increase readership. Select a contemporary event or something in the news to share your opinion on. Be sure to engage your audience by welcoming their feedback.
  • Respond to Another Blog Post – Find a recent posting of a strong blogger within your topic or industry that you do not agree with. Share a link to the post and tell why you disagree with it. Don’t criticize without having factual information and supportive arguments to back your position. This is a great way to get known but can be stressful if you don’t enjoy controversy.
  • What They Said – Often celebrities and politicians will put their foot in their mouths by saying something stupid. Take advantage of their public mistake by writing a post about “what they said”. Be prepared to respond to lots of comments as this kind of post tends to evoke lots of feedback.

Creative Writing and More

  • Short Story – Channel Edgar Allen Poe and become a short story writer. You can also publish the works of other fiction writers with their permission.

  • Poetry – Try your hand at becoming a poet or share works from numerous poets.

  • Crafts and Other Projects – Consider sharing your crafts and hobbies with your readers in a special blog post. This can include photos along with instructions on how to complete the project. Don’t forget to tell your readers how you became involved in this hobby and why you enjoy it so.

Photos, Spreadsheets and Other Documents

  • Photo Album – Post photos from your travels, outdoor activities or family gatherings.

  • Spreadsheets – If you have experience with spreadsheet applications, create industry specific files that can be downloaded from your blog. Applications for small businesses are very popular.

  • Other Documents – Create other documents such as calendars, brochures or letterhead templates. Fun graphics will also get lots of hits and shares, especially on Facebook or other social media sites.

Share Life Experiences

  • Traumatic Experiences – It can be therapeutic to share stressful moments with others. So why not use your blog for this purpose? Along with therapy, you may also be able to help others by sharing how you responded or handled these sad events in your life.

  • Travel Experiences – Share photos and make recommendations for hotels, eateries and points of interest in a specific town or city. You can also create a travel log or diary that you can share on your blog.

  • Successes/Achievements – Special events such as weddings, births or graduations also provide a great way for you to engage your audience. Sharing these occasions in your life will help your readers to get to know you. And with these personal stories, your readers will trust you even more.

Discussion Posts

  • Contemporary Issues – Invite your readers to discuss contemporary issues such as bullying in school or the rising costs associated with health care. Begin the discussion with stating the problem, then ask for feedback along with solutions to the problem. These posts are often shared as they include topics that many people are passionate about.

  • Pro or Con – Take a look at a current trend or ideas related to lifestyle, education or culture. Ask your readers if they are for or against this trend and why. This can include fashion, food or housing trends. Although this type of post may require a little more effort, it is also sure to attract many new readers.

  • Thought Provoking Questions – Write questions that inspire deep thinking. This includes questions about one’s death or the after life, along with questions like “if you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one book with you, what book would that be and why?”


  • Best Of – Put together a list that features the “best” in a category or group. Some ideas include best people such as authors, athletes or bands, as well as the best products or services.

  • Recap – Recap events that have occurred within a time period. This is a great post for the end of the year. In this post you can highlight events that happened throughout the year including the deaths of famous people, marriages, births and more.

  • Numbered Lists – List headlines are popular with both readers and search engines. These lists can cover any topic from health related tips to improving one’s credit score.

Review this list anytime you run out of ideas for posts. No matter the topic you choose, always make sure your posts are fresh and timely. Posting out of date or old information can be detrimental to your blog and will cause you to lose followers. Use this guide as inspiration to create innovate and unique topics that keep your readers coming back for more. With it the possibilities are endless.

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