Top 5 Sites To Check If Your Website Is Down Or Not

If we conduct a survey to find a single person on this earth who haven’t found any issues with the internet, then no one will make it to that list. This is very common because every system has a problem and the same thing applies to the websites.

In most of the cases, we hear the downtime about popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. But, it can happen to any website.

In this situation, the typical reaction of the users is to know, if this website is down or not. They even start asking the question, i.e., “Is this website down for me?”

Now, you’re here because you have been a victim too, and if I’m not wrong, you’ve recently (or maybe currently) faced the issue. So, here is a quick solution.

Instead of asking other users of that website about the downtime, you should check the status for some distinguish sites. Yes, there are specialized websites that can help you check the status of any website, and the same thing can even be done through Command Prompt.

If you are a website owner and would like to keep track of your website uptime then consider Pingdom tools. with Pingdom you get email alerts of the status and performance in terms of speed reports.

I’m going to share both methods right here.

How to Check a website if it’s down?

First of all, I’m going to share my favourite method. This method is the very best one, because of one simple reason, that is, it doesn’t rely on other websites, at all.

Think of a situation! You’re about to check the status of one website on to other, but if that other is down too, then you’ll have nowhere to go.

So, to save yourself from that situation here is a simple and neat trick.

Step 1 – Click on Start button and type Run. Or Start the Run application from All Programs.

Step 2 – Now, once the Run command opens, type ‘CMD’ and hit enter.

Step 3 – The Command Prompt will start running. Enter term ‘ping’ and then the website’s domain name.

Hit enter, and if the data in result says, ‘Request Time Out’ then that website is down. But, if it receives data, i.e., you see data volume and time intervals, and then it’s working fine.

If you’re completely new to the internet, then the domain name is the name of the website. For example, to check Facebook’s status, you need to enter ‘’.

I hope everything is clear now, and the method is working perfectly at your end.

Website to Check Website is Down or Not?

If that Command Prompt method sounds too techy, then following are the websites you can use to find the status anytime.

#1 Down Right Now

If the website you’re checking for is among world’s top 10, then you don’t need to go any further. Just open this website, and it will showcase the status clearly.

Is This Site Down? 3 Websites To Check WebSite Is Down Or Not

There is no option to enter your URL that makes this little incomplete. The fact that users search for popular sites is saving it here.

So, just visit the website, and see if Facebook or Twitter or YouTube is down for mass users.

Visit the Portal

#2 Down for Everyone or Just Me

This one over here is my personal favourite. Because it has an extremely simple and straight to the box, user interface. There is a line at the top, with an option to enter URL.

1 Is This Site Down? Websites To Check WebSite Is Down Or Not

Enter the URL, and hit enter. Once it’s done checking the status, you’ll be offered the results that can let you know if that particular website is working or not. Impressive, right?

Visit the Portal

#3 Is it Down Right Now

Now, this last option offers the combination of above two. It let you enter the URL manually and check the status, right at the top.

2 Is This Site Down? 3 Websites To Check WebSite Is Down Or Not

While, the bottom part consists of the active status of popular websites. It creates this list of popular sites, as per the user requests it receives over a time period.

So, if you were looking for both the methods to be available, then this will be your life saver.

Visit the Portal

#4 Down For Me

Website Down Or Offline For You

This website is slightly different from all the other mentioned above because not only does it give you the current report of the site you input. I also you to see a website’s history. This information is relly value for example if you how a site host with a particular host and you want the see their real-life up time now you can. If you want to test the reliableness of a company’s your files you can now do a background check.

I urge you to check out Down for me.

Visit the Portal

#5 Currently Down

Website Monitoring CurrentlyDown

Currently Down is a modern deign of the other sites mentioned above. The site is layout in an easy to navigate manner. What I love about this site is it conveniently display the most recent high-profile outages. Overall it’s an excellent site to check if your favorite site is down. I love how fast the site is and the detail search results page.

Visit the Portal


From now, instead of moving onto another social website to ask other users about the status of a website, you should be using any of the ones I’ve mentioned.

I hope this guide did help you and you are even going to share this with all your friends. If you have any issues, kindly write it in the discussion section below, and we’ll come up with a dedicated solution very soon. Peace.

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