Digital Logo Design: a Brief How-to Guide

If you want to put out conventional or digital media, you need to have a striking logo. Designing a logo might seem pretty straightforward, but the biggest companies will spend literally millions getting it right.

So how should you go about digital logo design? This article lists some great tips for your consideration.

Consider Your Whole Brand Identity

PresentationWhen doing logo design, you need to consider your brand identity as a whole. The logo doesn’t exist in isolation. Instead, it’s part of your wider branding.

The logo needs to look good on its own, but it also needs to look effective on the front of your building, on your letterheads, or on your advertising material.

Symbols Aren’t Essential

Many people make the mistake of thinking an effective digital logo requires symbols. This isn’t true; some of the best logos in the world are just text. While symbol use can make your logo look amazing, it also makes logo design much harder.

In many cases, effective logo design could involve striking use of text. If you’re struggling to develop a good logo for your company, give this kind of logo design a try.

Keep It Simple

Business Logo Importance for Online PresenceThe most important rule of logo design is that you should always keep things simple. If you try to overcomplicate your logo, it will lead to many problems. For example, complex logos don’t look very good in print.

Complex logos are also not very recognizable from a distance. Think of all your favorite logos. Chances are they keep things very simple and basic. If you want to make an impact, sometimes less is more.

Try Lots of Designs

Since you’ll be working with some very simple designs, it makes a lot of sense to try a lot of them. Generally, when coming up with a logo, you’ll create a portfolio of potential options, and then you’ll choose the best.

You might also consider getting options from different designers. Working with designers who know their way around technical tools such as photoshop and background remover is a great choice. They might help you create some designs you’d never come up with on your own.

Don’t Copy Other Logos

Finally, you should never copy other people’s logos. This is a mistake because you could find your company in serious legal hot water.

Big-name companies may have striking-looking logos, but if you try to emulate them in your design, it’s likely they’ll come after you with a high-powered legal team. Protect your business and only use original ideas.

Strive for Great Digital Logo Design

Logo design may seem easy on the surface, but creating a striking, memorable logo is harder than you might think.

Consider working with a digital design company if you really want to take your image to the next level. Do you want to learn more about some other business-related topics? Check out the rest of our blog posts.

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