The Digital Marketing Funnel: Turning Visitors into Loyal Customers

Last month, a guy tried to sell me weed. It was quite subtle though, us being in public and all. The first disclaimer is that I didn’t buy and the second, I haven’t seen him since. But he left me thinking, “Man, he should work on his marketing strategy.”

This may be a lot to ask of a street vendor but hey, sales are sales. And this is not just limited to the poor vendor. A lot of companies online today are missing their digital marketing funnel. They are missing the buyer journey.

There is a digital marketing strategy you can adopt for your digital marketing funnel. Below we will highlight the importance of a good digital marketing sales funnel.

What Is a Marketing Funnel

Ten Marketing Strategies for Tech StartupsA digital marketing funnel outlines your customers’ entire experience with your brand. Your sales funnel will highlight your user’s interaction from brand awareness right through to loyal customers.

But not every prospect coming to your site will necessarily be in the early stages of your funnel. And so keep in mind the different personas your brand is attracting.

Digital Marketing Funnel Stages

How to Use an API to Enhance Digital Experience for Your Website and App UsersThe funnel is nothing new, sales reps from the 1960s understood this method well and used it to their advantage. But it has since evolved and taken on new forms depending on the century.

The modern digital marketing funnel still answers to awareness but boils down to retention and not just conversion.

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Stage 1: Awareness

At this stage, potential customers interact with your brand for the first time. Of course, you’d hope it is love at first sight but there is a bit more work that goes into making prospects aware of you.

This can be through campaigns, organic search, or even your social media efforts.

Stage 2: Discovery

Now they know you exist, but they still don’t know enough about you. In the discovery stage, prospects come to your site and browse. They want to know a bit more about you.

They will read a blog or two, go through the products page, or maybe even visit the about page.

Stage 3: Consideration

Having discovered you is not enough, prospects must still consider you the solution they need. At this stage, prospects are seeking confirmation that you are indeed the solution they are looking for. They are looking for content that confirms your ability.

Stage 4: Conversion

Sweet desired action! At the conversion stage, prospects become customers. They understand what you offer and how it can help them. But this stage is not always quick, certain factors like price points can affect how fast a prospect converts.

Stage 5: Retention

Hello signThis has to be one of the most important stages. After your prospect has purchased your product or service, you want them to come back. And it is at this stage where you pull out all the customer support. Engage with them and continue to showcase the benefits of your products or services.

Implementing these marketing funnel stages can boost your digital marketing strategy and this company can show you more ways to knockout your marketing goals.

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies are changing and so should your digital marketing funnel. Understanding who and where your customers are will help you make the money changes to your sales funnel. Found what you were looking for? Follow our blog for more on business. Paularoloye helps 10x businesses by connecting them with the right targeted audiences boosting their sales and return on investment.

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