Writing an Essay: Essential Points to Understand Before Writing

It’s vital when you write an academic essay to keep a balance when it comes to the argument and the proof that are given by others. If you write an essay and you have no work cited, not a single source, you’ll leave the impression that you did not do any kind of research and that you don’t know what’s been already published about that specific topic. You should offer proof of the argument you’re writing, and also present the point of view of the critics. So, if your topics are biology-related, you should find biology research topics.

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Quoting vs. paraphrasing: how to stay away from plagiarism

When you want to talk about the opinion of others, you need to know the difference between paraphrasing and quoting. If you paraphrase a quote, the value might get lost; the meaning might not get its initial value.

Here’s the difference: if you want to quote someone, you should write the exact words of that specific person between apostrophes. Then, in the end, write the name of that person, and the page number from where you found the quote between parenthesis.

If you want to paraphrase, you need to re-tell what’s been already said, then, in the end, write the name of that person, and the page number from where you found the quote between parenthesis.

They both should have the same meaning.

You should learn how to cite the works properly, because otherwise it’s called plagiarism, and you don’t want that to happen to you, as it’s an offense in academia. Some may even suspend your studies if they catch you with plagiarism.

Get yourself a study friend

Many students don’t understand the importance of having a study friend. If you work together with another person, you’ll get to learn more and even faster. But your essays should not be the same, as you can both give two essays that are similar, and that’s plagiarism too.

But here’s a good idea: exchange essays after you’re done writing it. It’s not that easy to proofread your essay, so have your friend do it for you. It’s true: if you write and read your essay, you will not see the minor mistakes, but your friend will. Same goes with the gaps in the logic pattern.

Write as you’re supposed to

Many students tend to use non-academic language, and that’s not what you’re asked to do. This is a very common mistake that should be avoided. It often gives the idea of a blog, not of an academic paper. The language that you should use must be concise, but don’t let the meaning go away. Use the present tense (not the future, as many do) and stay away from informal terms.

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