How to Find Your Long-Lost Friends and Relatives

Relationships are easy to break and hard to mend. Over time you might find it difficult to cope with a person, and thus, you might lose contact with them. Or maybe the circumstances and obstacles don’t permit you to be in touch with them. Despite the situation and the difficulties in a relationship, it stays with you forever.

Imagine there’s some festivity at your place, say New Year’s Eve, and you and your family have decided to spend time talking about your family’s history. There comes a name of a family member which you have always heard of but never met. You have discreet information about them now, and you want to get in touch with that person.

Let us consider another scenario. It’s a school get-togetherparty. You and your school friends are meeting after a very long time, during the event you realize that a good friend of yours hasn’t turned up at the party.

Friends talkingUpon asking, you find out that your friend had to keep moving from place to place due to work, and in the process, they couldn’t maintain contacts and thus, couldn’t be invited to the party. You miss your long-lost friend and want to get in touch with them.

Having encountered such a situation, you wish you could find your distant family member or friend, contact them, and ask about their well-being. Yes, it might seem like a very tiresome and fruitless process. It is difficult to find the person you have little to no information about. But it’s possible!

Yes, it’s possible! The world seems to be a small village thanks to the technological revolution. With the help of social media and other platforms, you could find your distant relative or friend in no time.  

Here we will be discussing a few tips on how to find your long-lost friends and relatives:

Social media

Social media is undoubtedly the most helpful platform to find your long-lost friends and relatives. The power of social media is impressive.

With a few clicks here and there, you could search and reach out to the massive global crowd. Looking for your long-lost friends and relatives on social media platforms must be the first step toward reaching them.

Unless they are not on social media or use some other name, there are high chances you could find their accounts.

Search platforms

Eight Google Search Tips for StudentsThose are similar to social media platforms, but here you can get other related information such as news articles, links to various social media handles, or links to a Wikipedia page.

It is again more likely to help you find your long-lost friends and relatives. Search platforms might help you find some information through which you could look deeper and investigate further.

In addition, there are people searching websites. You can start with Nuwber. It is one of the best ways to look up that friend/relative as you’ll be able to check and verify the details about that person that you remember.

There, you can easily get basic details of your friend or relatives, such as contact numbers and addresses. If you know anything about their professional background, you can also try looking for them on Leadar.

Background check

Man working remotelyYes, background check! Usually, background checks (also known as public record lookups) are performed to find out a person’s character and suitability for a job. But if you are looking for some of your long-lost friends and relatives, you could also opt for a background check.

Performing a background check will help you with information on the public records. Also, the data received from a background check is thorough and highly reliable.

The details you can get from a background check are:

  • Personal information such as public name, address, contact information
  • Social media profiles
  • Criminal records
  • Information on relatives

Thus, a background check will help you find substantial information on your long-lost friends and relatives.

Use your network

Everything You Need to Know About Cross-Posting on Social MediaNetworking is another way to find your long-lost friends and relatives. You could ask your other friends and relatives about the person you are looking for.

And they could help you by asking their network. The more information available, the more helpful it will be to find your long-lost friends and relatives.

What information will help you reconnect with your long-lost friends and relatives

There is no exact way that guarantees you to be effective and to promise to find your long-lost friends and relatives. To rekindle your relationship, you can search using various strategies and reach out to people to help you find them.

Before you hunt for your friends or relatives, ensure you have some basic information about them:

  • Name: Knowing their full name helps you track them more effectively rather than just knowing their first name or last name. Also, if you are looking for someone with a common name, you must refine your search. You could use their nickname, middle name, or initials of the middle name to improve and narrow your results.
  • Address: It is another crucial factor. If you have details on their last known address, city, or place, it could be used during the search to get more specific information. Even if there are chances that the person might have moved from the address you have, you could look for property records or past resident information. It might help you with the new address and a contact number too.
  • Mutual connections: Connect to your friends or relatives who are mutual to you and your long-lost friends and relatives. These mutual connections might have contact with the person you are looking for and thus, can help you to establish your contact again. Mutual connections can also help you with previous information, which might be of no use at present but might help track down your long-lost friends or relatives.
  • Phone number: Previous phone numbers will help find the information on whom it belonged to and help find new public records for the same person.
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