19 Free Tumblr Themes For MicroBloggers

The topic micro-blogging can be a good topic to discuss right now, but no one can deny the success one can achieve by doing microblogging right. Tumblr, a microblogging platform, understood the importance of microblogging and achieve tremendous success. Currently, Tumblr has more than a million users and it is only going to increase in the near future. Today, we will go through the best free Tumblr Themes that can help you create websites with the familiarity of the World’s most popular Microblogging website, Tumblr.

All the free Tumblr themes are handpicked and have been scanned for the “free” tag. These Free Tumblr Themes are free but are full of features and you can eventually create a website that is appealing to the visitors.

Setting up your Tumblr community will only take a few minutes. The good news is that Tumblr blog owners are always in total control of how the blog appears. You can easily edit and adjust the custom themes or you can choose any of these free Tumblr themes. This will make it very easy for you to optimize the appearance of the Tumblr blog for improved display of our personality.

The themes discussed today will help the designer or developer or even a blogger to get started on the Tumblr platform. With the Free Tumblr Themes, you can easily customize the looks of your Tumblr Blog and get started on the microblogging aspect of the Tumblr platform. If done right, you can easily catch hundreds or thousands of followers in no time.

So, why wait? Let’s start the countdown already!

19 Free Tumblr Themes For MicroBloggers

1. Indy

Free Tumblr Themes

Indy is the perfect theme for Tumblr as it focuses primarily on images, and also share text details together. The design is kept minimal and responsiveness is also intact right within to ensure mobile friendliness. It’s a perfect theme for writers, photographers, artists, designers, etc.

Indy is one of the best Free Tumblr Themes that will give your blog a straightforward and clean look. The good news is that this theme comes with an elegant layout that you can set up easily and use it for as long as you need it. Furthermore, Indy is one of the Free Tumblr Themes that is mobile-ready, fully responsive and will help your blog stand out.

Theme highlights:

  • It supports dozens of Google fonts to pick and easily change the visual of typography.
  • It allows showcasing of full-size images in the background.
  • It offers options to pick between two or three column layout, and even include a single column layout for full featured posts.

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2. Vienna

Vienna Tumblr Theme

This is one of the most popular free Tumblr themes that you can ever find. The key feature of this theme is its unique design that starts with a fully featured cover image, followed by different posts, which again focuses on the image first.

Theme highlights:

  • It offers easy options to bring decent customizations that can change the way web page normally looks. You can change color themes, width, and fonts easily.
  • It uses responsive design norm to make everything work on mobile devices.
  • The unique feature offered is Infinite scrolling.

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3. Grid Lyfe

Grid Lyfe Tumblr Theme

The sole purpose of developing this theme was to offer a super lightweight platform for sharing posts on Tumblr. Thus, it can ensure better search engine visibility as fast loading websites rank faster and at higher positions.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme offers an option to create your own custom social media links and buttons.
  • The thumbnail and images are offered a cool hover effect.
  • The header area is customizable and you can even disable it.

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4. Voices

Voices Tumblr Theme

If you’re looking for a full width theme, then Voices is the one to try, as it covers the whole estate available on the web page and also looks stunning due to its elegant overall design.

Theme highlights:

  • It comes with dedicated slide show area to showcase images and other custom posts.
  • The responsive layout is offered to keep everything working perfectly on a mobile device, as well as desktop and tablet PCs.
  • It includes Disqus comments and a dedicated option to insert Google Analytics for better tracking and data analysis.

Full Details & Download is not available

5. Empire

Empire tumblr theme

The theme comes with full screen layout and multiple column powered grids, which ensures better visibility for images primarily. It offers multiple ways of customizing different sections inside.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme includes a dedicated section with drop down Ask Box and description for an individual post.
  • It includes Tumblr styled Like and Reblog buttons.
  • The header offered is allowed to either stay on top or keep scrolling down with the flow. An additional option to make header transparent is also included.
  • It includes seven custom colors to pick and change the aura around.

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6. Revolve

Revolve Tumblr Theme

This one is another entry from Zen-Themes, and as usual, the theme in question here is available for free. Still, it comes with dedicated support, which can be very helpful for newbies. Different column widths can be adjusted to ensure unique look, and it increases the customization further.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme offers an option to upload a custom logo and background image.
  • The fonts are adjustable and so does the overall look at the homepage. The theme offers multiple hover styles.
  • It offers infinite scrolling which can be kept turned OFF or ON, as per the need or personal taste.

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7. Stamp

Stamp Tumblr Template

Stamp is my another recommendation from Zen-Themes and it packs all the common features as of its other themes. It offers responsive design to stay available on mobile devices, as well on Tablet PCs and traditional desktops and laptops. It offers a unique option to adjust the multiple columns layout, which is good enough to customize the blog in your personal way.

Theme highlights:

  • It offers options to adjust post types and margins across.
  • There are tons of customization options included inside to ensure further a standard user experience.

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8. Pop Gallery Lite

PopGallery Tumblr Theme

Creating powerful Tumblr websites for visual galleries, handicrafts, portfolios is now easy with the help of Pop Gallery Lite theme.

The theme is completely responsive and has a circular layout for showing media content. The theme also supports infinite scrolling, google analytics, different post types and more.

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9. Calypso

Calypso Tumblr Theme

Calypso is a video first Tumblr Theme whose main focus is playing video seamlessly across different devices.

You can also add a channel video player so that visitors get constant video play and enjoy their stay. The channels can be run either from the Yahoo’s channel providers or your own! The choice is completely yours.

The theme is customizable and comes with HTML/CSS customization support.

Full Details & Download is not available

10. Telpher

Telpher Tumblr Theme

Telpher is a modern sidebar fixed Tumblr Theme that also offer stunning grid layouts. The background color is completely customizable and offers great design control.

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11. Licorice

Licorice Tumblr Theme

Licorice is one of the beautiful Tumblr Themes. It has three columns, and the theme can easily fit the bill of the blogger.

The theme comes in two colors, black and white. The black preview is available here.

Full Details & Download is not available

12. Lookbook

Lookbook Tumblr Theme

LookBook is an impressive free Tumblr theme that offers premium features designers, and creative people can use it. The main aspect of the theme is its responsive design, support for high-resolution photos, infinite scrolling and much more.

The theme also comes with a Blur-O-matic feature that improves on the idea of backgrounds. It automatically curates the background using the images, thumbnails and other media for the right content. A great feature set indeed. The feature set is optional and can be turned off from the customization options.

Full Details & Download is not available

13. Inkhorn

Inkhorn Tumblr Theme

Inkhorn is a simplistic free Tumblr Theme that focuses on readability. The main feature of the theme is the typography and you will be able to make the words the center of the theme. With advanced typography comes the infinite scroll and tags support.

The theme is customizable and you can turn off any feature of your liking.

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14. BigGuy

Big Guy Tumblr Theme

BigGuy is yet another simple and responsive free Tumblr theme. The theme is more focused on big screens and is completely responsive.

By default, the theme comes with all the different post types and you can also set panoramas for images(which is a pretty cool feature).

Other important features of the theme include Note count, infinite scroll, a search bar, Tumblr reblog button, Tumblr Like Button and much more. You can also use your Google Analytics code with the blog.

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15. Optica

Optica Tumblr Theme

Optica is amazing Free Tumblr Theme that focuses on customization and providing a clean and simple look to your Tumblr blog. The theme main design is grid layout. You can also choose the column layout and customize different aspects of the theme such as links, fonts, colors and other tons of options.

The theme supports different media types.

Full Details & Download

16. Effector

Effector Tumblr Theme

The effector is all-in-one Tumblr theme that focuses on creating a different type of Tumblr theme under one roof. The theme is super flexible and has multiple ways of building it. It has customizable top navigation bar options and sidebar.

You can also easy set the font options and comes with three different color palette.

The theme has great documentation, and it will be a rare occasion when you are not able to find the solution to the theme problem.

Full Details & Download is not available

17. Editorist

Editorist Tumblr Theme

Editorist is a writers theme that focuses on content than anything else. If you are looking for a writer theme than Editorist is a perfect theme for your Tumblr blog. The theme comes with infinite scroll(optional), supports tags and comments.

The theme is created by Theme Static and also supports group blog.

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18. Luci

Luci Tumblr Theme

If you are looking for a theme that supports high-resolution one-column, then Luci is for you. The theme comes in two flavors, the first flavor being the high-resolution one-column and the default card layout.

Whichever flavor you use, you will be astonished by the clarity of the theme.

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19. Paper Stacks

Paper Stacks Tumblr Theme

Thinking of creating a powerful portfolio? Then, Paper Stacks is the perfect candidate for creating a Tumblr blog that showcases all your creative endeavors. The theme supports touch sensations and images can easily be swiped across for better user experience.

The theme supports five posts for carousel and tags for display as well. These free Tumblr themes are great for creating a Tumblr blog with interactivity as one of the most important features.

The theme also comes with fonts, two color, layout options, and background photo upload.

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20. Salvia

Regardless of what you are good at as an innovative individual, salvia will bring it online and allow you to promote it. Artists, writers, web designers, photographers, and other creatives can use this great theme to make their dreams a reality. This is because it offers them a chance to showcase their prowess to the rest of the world. As a result, you can use this platform to land some new gigs.

As one of the best free Tumbler themes, Salvia is fully compatible with a different web browser and modern devices.


Wrap Up

Tumblr is undoubtedly the best micro-blogging platform out there. The main advantage of using the Tumblr platform is that access to millions of its users. The toughest part of creating an online presence is acquiring new visitors and with Tumblr, you get a great start.

The Free Tumblr Themes we discuss offers the right mix of features and customizability. It is always tough to find a theme that have all the features of the premium theme, but using a free theme at the start and then moving to a premium theme is not a bad idea.

Do you think, I missed an awesome free Tumblr theme? Comment below and let us know! Also, share the reasons why you prefer to use Tumblr platform. Contact us today to get one of the Free Tumblr Themes.

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