Eight Useful Tips for Getting More Engagement on Instagram

In this article, we will show you the eight best ways to increase the engagement of your Instagram account. So, let’s go.

8 Useful Tips for Getting More Engagement on Instagram

It is not hard to increase engagement on your Instagram account, even though it sometimes seems it is. The truth is, you only have to know what you are doing.

Here are the tips you should know to bring more engagement to your Instagram account.

1. Optimize your profile

Instagram feedInclude the keyword in your profile name and your bio. But pay attention – the username should be easy to remember and simple. You should also include the profile picture that is on-brand. If you are a company, it is best to post your logo, and for personal accounts, a photo of yourself with your face visible is the best option.

Having an informative bio that will show what your account is about is also important. Additionally, switch your account to a business profile because that will unlock new features and keep it public.

2. Respond to your followers

One of the keys to good engagement on Instagram is having an active community that will share and engage with your content. You can also help them by replaying their messages and comments under your posts.

Also, always reply, even when they have something negative to say. Otherwise, you will only show them that you are uninterested in their opinion and in building a community.

3. Post consistently

If you want to increase engagement, you should post at least three times a week. If you post less than that, the Instagram algorithm will decrease your chances of becoming visible.

Also, if you post a few posts during the day, you will bombard your followers, and they will walk away from you and your business.

4. Encourage discussion on your posts

Hello signAsk a question, express an interesting or contrasting viewpoint in your posts and ask followers for their opinion. Once you start getting comments on your posts, more and more followers will feel encouraged to comment. This will increase the number of interactions with your profile.

5. Post at the perfect time

Little clockIf you want your post to reach more followers, you should post during the most active times or during the period when your audience is online on Instagram. You can find the most suitable times for your business in the insights and under the audience section.

6. Utilize Instagram stories

The Instagram algorithm tracks all kinds of engagement coming to your profile. Multiple story sticker options can increase your overall engagement – polls, quizzes, question tickers.

You can use them to ask your followers questions, let your customers ask you, and much more. This is also a perfect opportunity to research the audience and learn more about people following you.

7. Collaborate with other accounts

Influencer taking selfieInstagram has an Invite collaborator feature, where you can invite other brands or influencers with the same audience as you to collaborate on a post.

We all know that hacking Instagram profiles is easy. So people often made up their minds to hack others’ profiles to grow their page. But it’s not going to help anyway. You may select some people you want to collaborate with and send requests to them. If they accept, your post will show on their feed, and you will get more visibility and engagement because all likes and comments on the post of your collaborator will also count as yours.

8. Create carousels

Posting carousel posts is a great way to increase engagement, and some studies show that carousel posts increase engagement by 3.1%. This is because the Instagram algorithm shows the post again to people who did not engage with it for the first time.

Wrapping up

To sum up, here are the best ways to increase engagement of your Instagram posts:

  • Optimize your profile
  • Respond to messages and comments
  • Post consistently
  • Encourage discussion
  • Post at a perfect time
  • Use sticker options on Instagram stories
  • Use the Invite collaborator option
  • Post carousel posts
Natasa Tomic
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