Why Good Product Descriptions Are Important and How Services Like Topcontent Can Help You

Why Good Product Descriptions Are Important and How Services Like Topcontent Can Help You

The exciting world of eCommerce is ever-growing. Each day, hundreds of thousands of new products get put up for sale. Whether you’ve recently started an online business or you’ve been at it for a while now, you may be wondering – how do I make my products stand out?

Many factors are involved when it comes to making a sale. Some people invest a lot in marketing. Others hope that the uniqueness of what they have got to offer seals the deal. But, no matter what you do, you have got to pay attention to one thing – the description.

Woman scrolling on tabletIf you think back on your previous online shopping experiences, you can surely remember some that still make you wince. So many people know this – you scroll through a page, find something you like, buy it. You excitedly wait for that delivery van, open up your package, and wow – pure disappointment.

Let’s say, theoretically, that the coffee mug you have been hoping to use every morning could only be suitable for a children’s tea party. What went wrong? In most cases, when people go back to the website to see what happened, they’ll learn that the product fits the description.

The thing is – it is way too vague or, they have just completely skipped it. The cause for both of those things is a lack of finesse from the seller’s side. A lot of business owners tend to rely on pictures. Granted, a photo may be worth a thousand words, but important details are not amongst those.

When it comes to showcasing your products, investing in product photography and getting your photos professionally retouched and edited can make a world of difference. By opting for high-quality visuals, you can eliminate the need to explain any potential discrepancies between the photos and the actual product.

While it’s true that photos can sometimes create a misleading impression, it’s important to recognize that their purpose is to captivate and entice customers. During a photoshoot, the goal is to present the product in the best possible light, even if it’s not entirely realistic.

However, as a business owner, relying solely on deceptive visuals can have negative consequences. It’s crucial to consider the long-term implications. Over time, dissatisfied customers may question your credibility, potentially accusing you of dishonesty. Such accusations can harm your reputation and lead to a surge in refund requests.

That’s why it’s wise to invest in a well-crafted product description. You can build customer trust and avoid misunderstandings or disappointments by providing accurate and detailed information about your products. This approach helps prevent potential PR disasters and cultivates a positive relationship with your clientele. 

You can explain every mistake (or inaccuracy) that the photographer/editor covered up while creating the visuals. You can also point out the details which can’t be seen or add additional info about the product. Another reason to pep up your product description is the sale.

Customers are more likely to complete a purchase if they have a detailed list of information to fall back on. Remember, you have an online store. People can not touch or try the products personally. Make them feel secure in their purchase by providing a decent product description. But, how do you write a fitting description? What is necessary? Let’s take a look.

A great product description is a bridge of trust between you and your customers. It legitimizes both the company as a serious business and you as an owner. Also, it’s a way to stand out in the sea of products. So, what should be your focus?

1. Create a Story

Now, you do not have to go into full Brothers Grimm mode or aim for a Disney dazzle. Make the storytelling aspects work for you – add a bit of background information, some emotional relatability.

People respond better to a personal touch in descriptions. It makes them feel like their money isn’t going to a faceless, mass-production corporation.

2. Target Audience

Word audienceWhen you’re trying to sell something, you must know your audience. It’s crucial.

You wouldn’t go on a TopShop commercial and use the same vocabulary that you’d use when selling to a friend. The words and phrases in your description must appeal to the group of people you want as your customers.

3. Details

If you aren’t entirely sure what to include in your product description, listen to the people. Go back to your older products and see what the commonly asked questions are.

Or, check out other brands’ posts on social media. The comments will let you know what confuses the consumers often. Make a list and tailor your description accordingly.

4. Clarity

Letter blocksNow that you have covered most things, you have got to remember – Make. It. Readable. If your target audience isn’t a part of a specific field (for example, medicine), keep the description simple. Unnecessarily complex words and formal terms are a recipe for confusion. Don’t scare away your customers by making them feel less than someone.

We have covered some fundamental points when it comes to describing a product. However, one more thing is crucial – no matter how good you are at writing, turn to a professional. Writing yourself isn’t the worst thing you could do, but it should be the last resort. Why? As the old saying goes: time is money.

You’re the owner. Numerous other, more critical, and urgent things require your attention. Don’t spread yourself thin by trying to do it all. We have continuously mentioned what importance the product description carries. It is not an area where you want to fall short. So, take that burden off of your shoulders and pass it along. You may now be wondering where to turn? Don’t worry. We have you covered.


TopcontentOur top suggestion for description writing is Topcontent. The website consists of a team of numerous expert content writers ready to assist you. The services that they offer go from SEO content writing to multilingual translation. However, we will focus on the service that concerns you the most – product description.

Product description at Topcontent falls under their numerous eCommerce services. Apart from that, you can also hire Amazon description writers, as well as product review writers. So, what exactly is it that makes this website stand out? Let’s talk about it.

Product Description Writing in Over 20 Languages

FlagAt Topcontent, a team of expert product description writers (and proofreaders) is ready to create high-quality content just for you – in 20+ different languages. There is a native speaker available for each language. All you need to do is pick a language you would like to use and let them know.

They will make sure that your product descriptions are written in a way that preserves the core meaning of your content. That is how they ensure that your customers receive the same message. It is worth mentioning that the content they create goes through various levels of quality checking. That goes for product descriptions as well. They check grammar, flow, and facts. In other words, you will get what you want every single time.

Higher Ranking in the Search Engine Results

Let’s be honest here – who wouldn’t want to stand out in their industry? Topcontent can assist you with that as well. Their top-notch product description writing service will also help your products appear nearer the top of the organic results.

So, your customers will see you before they see your competitors. Your brand is going to be exposed to a larger audience of potential consumers.

What Topics Can Their Product Description Writers Cover

Six Ways Good Essay Writing Skills Help in Blogging on WordPress WebsitesAs an owner, you may be tempted to turn to Topcontent. However, you’re probably wondering – what topics do they cover? Don’t fret; their team is perfectly equipped to cover just about anything. You’re looking at thousands of quality product description writers and proofreaders with a wide range of experience.

Topcontent’s writers have covered numerous niches, so whatever your product and industry are, they can handle it. The copywriting professionals will research your brand before creating content. That way, the result will not simply fit your industry but also showcase your brand’s identity. Both writers and proofreaders have a clear understanding of the relevant terminology. That means that they will apply other industry keywords to ensure top-notch SEO descriptions.

A good product description is what can seal or kill a sale. We can agree that all owners want their businesses to flourish. So, to help you out with that, we have gone through numerous dos and don’ts of the description writing field – aim for empathy, add a personal touch in your description, know your target audience. Always keep up with what details are in demand. Most importantly – turn to a professional.

A serious business doesn’t leave space for a DIY, even when it comes to writing. That is why we recommended TopContent. Amongst their numerous benefits – which range from content writing to multilingual translation – they are also wallet-friendly. TopContent charges start at €0.03 per word. For this price, you get access to thousands of writers and proofreaders with years of experience under their belt. It’s a bargain.


So, let the pros handle the writing, and allow yourself to focus on all the other responsibilities that come with being a business owner.

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