Great Link Building Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Link building is the creation of links to your site on external resources. Such links increase the confidence of search engines in your project, which means its place in the search results. The correct keyword in the search conditions can affect the difference in traffic and the level of ranking.

Expert Link Building Tips That Will Help Beginner Bloggers

Link building is a process of link promotion, the accumulation of many external links to promote a web resource. However, it should be borne in mind that link building is not just a reference mass building. Buying external links on exchanges is not link building. Link building has a broader meaning. Link building is a whole strategy for obtaining backlinks from quality resources and, if possible, from those that other link builders have not previously posted.

Link building, in this case, gives more guarantees in promotion, although it is more time-consuming.


Link Building Tactics

First of all, it is essential to note that there is no one general strategy for successful link building. Since this is a creative process, link building combines several tactics. Each webmaster is free to choose their combination. Let’s list some tactics:

  • Top competition

Very practical and at the same time complicated tactics of link building. Its essence is to get a link to a web resource from search engines (Yahoo, MSN, Google) on each page from the top of the PS. Webmasters call up site owners, send letters with offers of link exchange.

  • Search Links

The oldest and most popular tactic. The bottom line is using Google / Yahoo to find pages relevant to your query. Used in case you need to find a page to which you can add a link.

  • Forums and Blogs

The forum can be a valuable tool for link building if used correctly. Do not forget that the search engine can often recognize the link on the forum as spam.

  • Directories

Directories have an impact on link building, as the relevance of creating backlinks to the site is still valid. A list of SEO directories and their requirements will be helpful.

Let us review the most effective link building tips that may increase your blog position in a few days.

Make Your First Steps by using Broken Link Building Bible

Link building is considered a trivial job. You can easily create several PBN sites and get a bunch of links that will affect the promotion of your organic ranking in the top SERPs. But does this circuit work?

Link building strategy using broken links is a white and scalable tactic for getting useful links.

Essentially, this is a content-oriented strategy for any link building campaign. You need to find the dead (or broken) links, see if the page is relevant and create more valuable content to replace these dead links. This technique helps site owners, editors, and webmasters to improve the work and trust of site users by replacing broken links with a link to your page based on a search query.

When you familiarize yourself with the Broken Link Building Bible program, you will understand why the link building strategy using broken links is perhaps the most effective white link building strategy for many years. You can also find more vital and professional tips by experts on TheAdsy if you are looking to create a successful blog.

However, you should understand one thing: your success in building useful links will depend entirely on how much time you are willing to spend on researching, analyzing, and checking various sites.

Create a Link Building Guide to Make Your Blog Better

One of the best things for blogging is to create an “Advanced Link Building Guide,” which I shared for free with the world of internet marketing. Of course, this is not link building software, but this guide helps you understand the steps necessary for success no matter which links building a program you choose.

If you have tried your best to create links that Google likes in the same way as many bloggers do, we advise you to study this guide. You will learn:

  • The right way to create excellent search query content, which in turn helps you build relationships with opinion leaders in your industry.
  • How to analyze and contact reputable sites that can link to you in just a few minutes
  • Secret ways to build rare .edu and .gov links.
  • A step-by-step outreach method in link building, which describes the process of starting and building relationships with influential opinion leaders and professional bloggers.
  • How to find and obtain these “perfect links.”

Other Links May Be Useful for Your Blog

At the heart of an effective link building campaign is the concept of return. In other words, you need to link to other sites, pages, and case studies kindly.

For ranking on Google, it’s more important to link to other sites, rather than trying to link to you – this is the central message of the indicated useful source, which suggests not following traditional tips. Everything here focuses on the principle of reciprocity.

Why is linking to other resources a strategy and not a tactic? That’s because if you create high-quality anchor text phrases for external sites, you will also receive the following benefits:

  • Increase your website and brand awareness
  • Opportunities for other sites to link to your page
  • Understanding the search engine that you have a timely and useful resource
  • More useful information for your readers.

Link building strategies are far from easy. Hell, even SEO experts have failed link building campaigns.

Electronic resources and tools help, but to understand their impact on your work, and you still need to do some thorough research. Outbound links or links pointing to external pages from your site can affect the credibility of your website. Make sure the pages you link to are relevant, useful, and in good standing with Google.

The Outreach Is Your Main Tool

What is outreach? This is a tactic in which you reach out to people in your niche (website owners, bloggers, journalists, potential partners, and customers) to introduce them to your content.

You do not necessarily need any “content” in the literal sense of the word. You need to have something worthy of a link – it could be your product, service, business, brand, or even an individual.

Who to contact during outreach work?

  1. People who mentioned your target keyword in their articles;
  2. People who are related to similar articles on this topic.

But often, for productive work, it’s worth creating something special – Linkable Asset, an “article for links” that organically “spreads” across thematic communities or sites, provides more coverage – more blog posts, tools, infographics.


Outreach is the foundation of any link building campaign. It doesn’t matter if you are involved in writing a guest article, link building with broken links, SMM, or buying paid links. Your goal is to get in touch with the right people. However, it would be foolish if you took and sent the copied letter template to hundreds of people, and then you wondered why only a couple of people read it and reluctantly answered.


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