Tips for Growing Your Real Estate Email List

Potential profits in the real estate market are high, and there are numerous entry points for reaching out to and converting customers. Since technological progress has provided us with so many helpful resources, this is truer now than ever before.

Real estate salespeople aren’t the only ones who give email marketing a bad reputation; the tactic is often viewed as an antiquated method of reaching out to clients. However, it’s one of the most adaptable, lucrative, and low-cost forms of marketing. Email is still essential for everybody who uses the internet, no matter how many social media accounts they have.

While you can’t be sure that every person who follows you on social media will see your posts, you can be sure that everyone on your email list will see them if you use email marketing. Thanks to this time-honored method of communication, you may now contact thousands of people with the effort often spent on communicating with only one.

Email marketing is already quite easy to implement, but you can streamline the process even further by using automation. With an email automation tool, you can make sure you share your content or important news regularly with the prospects and existing clients on your email list.

Ask Your Website Visitors to Sign Up

12 Critical Trust Issues Killing Your Website's Conversion RatesWhen they’re looking for a property, most people will start their research online. But search engines are also the first stop for most people when it’s time for them to find a real estate agent. And a well-designed website offering great content is great for the first impression.

Nevertheless, the competition online is fierce, and even with the best online presence, people can get lost in the great labyrinth of tens of opened tabs and new attractive things they see on their search result pages. This is why you have to make sure that once they’ve left your website, they don’t simply forget about you.

Putting up a subscription form on your website or blog is the perfect solution to this problem. You can use an eye-catching pop-up subscription form to grab their attention immediately. However, it’s important to learn how to use pop-ups properly to avoid annoying people. The right use of pop up email forms can make a huge difference and help you grow your real estate email list better than any other methods.

There are other ways to ask people to subscribe to your email list, including through ads, social media posts, or during interaction through email or other digital communication tools. You can also easily get individuals to join your real estate email list by including a sign-up link in your email signature.

Create a Dedicated Landing Page

A landing page can be a powerful lead-generation tool, and you can certainly use it to grow your real estate email list. Like your pop-up, you should ensure that your landing page clearly explains what the website visitor will gain from joining your email list.

Everything on the landing page should be dedicated to that purpose—the aesthetics, the text, the images, and even the choice of colors. To increase the chances that someone will land on the page you’ve created, you can share it on your social media.

Use Social Media to Get More Email Subscribers

Social media platforms can be very useful for real estate agents, as they are perfect for improving customer experience, communication with your prospects, generating leads, and, of course, increasing your email list.

Using Facebook, Instagram, or any other popular social media network, you can direct people to your email list by posting engaging content and including a call to action in your posts, your bio, or your About Us page.

Offer Something in Return

Newsletters, emails with special offers or discounts, and other types of emails can be annoying to people, so no one will willingly offer you their contact details to get even more emails they have to delete from their inbox. If you simply ask your website visitors, social media followers, people you meet through networking, or anyone else to join your email list, they will most likely ignore the request.

Think about what might make them truly want to receive your emails. Most who are willing to join your email list will probably be motivated to do so because they are searching for a property and want to be kept informed.

Some people may even subscribe to read it if you’re creating valuable and relevant content, such as guides and useful tips. You can offer a first-time buyer’s guide, a home-buying checklist, or a seminar on the ins and outs of purchasing a primary residence or investment property to attract potential buyers.

Or, you can attract sellers by offering them some kind of deal, like estimating their properties for free. In any case, remember that people will expect some kind of reward for their subscription.

Finally, don’t forget that to create a good strategy for increasing email subscriptions, you must know and understand your target audience.


Emails may feel like old news, but in many industries, they are still perfect for communicating with clients and prospects.

But a larger email list will also give you a chance to increase visibility, generate leads, and, most importantly, establish yourself as an authority in your field.

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