Six Habits You Should Put Into Practice to Stimulate Your Creativity

Six Habits You Should Put Into Practice to Stimulate Your Creativity

Whoever said that creativity is only for artists was wrong. We are all creative in different ways because creativity can generate new ideas or concepts, create new associations between constructs that we already know, and produce original solutions. Creativity is synonymous with “original thinking” and we all have original ideas within our different occupations and styles.

Have you ever thought about how to stimulate your creativity? Undoubtedly this is a question with many possible answers, and all of them are correct, by the way. But in this review, we leave you with some key ideas that you can quickly turn into habits to develop your creative capacity in a super simple and effective way.

1. Seek Out New Experiences

For children, routine and predictable life is a necessity, as they offer security and comfort. The same is valid for adults. Our brain seeks to perform activities it already knows to feel comfortable, which in the long run can put us in stressful situations when trying to break the routine.

That is why we must create the habit of changing certain things in our ways and habits. They don’t have to be radical changes. Small items are also essential, like when you dare to go out with your friends one afternoon without having planned it, or when you go to a restaurant and order something you have never tried before. We should look for new experiences in everything we do. Even the slightest change can make a big difference.

2. Write It All Down

NotebookWe are having a coffee two meters away from the nearest person. Suddenly we get an excellent idea for the most delicious recipe that will be the success of our bakery. Or we finally figured out how to solve that knot in the programming of the website we are doing, or we just came up with the best answer to that question we don’t want to be asked. No matter what they are, ideas come as a surprise and go away just the same if we don’t catch them fast.

Take a notebook and pencil with you wherever you go and write it all down. Sometimes you’ll jot down the silliest or funniest things, and other times they’ll be great solutions or innovative ideas. Also, practice freewriting – it’s an excellent practice to unleash your imagination.

3. Minimize Using Technology

Instagram login screenWe spend a lot of our time sitting in front of a computer or working from the phone to solve and facilitate everyday tasks. Make calm space away from the buttons, keys, and clicks to reconnect with yourself and the tools and materials that are still out there.

Take a piece of paper, pens, and highlighters and make a mental map of what you need to solve. Use a whiteboard to help you make visible all your ideas and any other materials that will lead you to the solution.

4. Try New Things

Experimenting with new and simple things, as we already said, is a great way to stimulate our creative side. It is why you can propose to yourself to get out of the lines, break the model and see what happens. If your life revolves around numbers and straight lines, try something different, like taking a watercolor course.

If you work in customer service, try creating a garment, or if you spend all day sitting at your desk, go for a walk, roll around in a park garden or swim in the sea. Break away from routine and invite yourself to try things you don’t know and get to know the world that others live in.

5. Connect With Your Inner Child

Kids playingOne of the most beautiful qualities of children is their ability to be surprised by everything around them. Surprise gives us the possibility to keep discovering the world and to keep discovering ourselves. The ability to surprise breaks with routine invites us to find solutions and answers and keeps us curious and eager to keep learning.

Let your inner child be curious and ask a thousand questions about everything you see or want to know. Use the tools at hand to answer your questions and enjoy the new ideas that will come to you.

6. Give Your Brain a Rest

Woman meditatingJust as it is essential and productive to stimulate our creativity and keep the brain active, it is also necessary to give it moments of rest. Do activities that allow you to distract your attention, relax and get away from the stress that work, studies, and any other issue that we have “pending” produce in us.

Meditate, breathe, knit, embroider, run, dance, listen to music. You will be surprised how some of the best ideas in life arise in moments of disconnection.


We all are (or can be) creative. For some people, it is easier to create images, sounds, experiences, or ideas, but with a bit of work, positive habits, and a lot of desire, our creativity and talent will begin to flow and will not stop.

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