How Do I Protect My Data from Data Brokers?

How Do I Protect My Data from Data Brokers?

While data is all around, it’s among the highest value in all the earthly commodities. This is because the use case of data is almost limitless. With the right data, companies get a huge competitive edge and will even be more likely to thrive in the information age. So, how can you protect your data from data brokers? Read on to find out!

What is a Data Broker?

Before delving into how to remove data from data brokers lists, let’s look at who these brokers are. A data or information broker is a company (or individual) that makes money from your data. These firms collect data from different sources and sell it to others or businesses that may require it for a fortune.


How Do Data Brokers Get Your Information?

As mentioned above, data is all over. Most of your data is available on most platforms and to companies that may require it. They only need to find the pieces of information and compile them into one collection. Here are some of the places information brokers can get your data.

Public Records

Public records have to be the most common sources. It includes court records, census data, and even motor vehicle records. If someone searched your vehicle plate, they would probably find your name and address.

Internet History

In an online world where people spend much time on social media and browsers, it is not hard for data brokers to find your information. They find information through your most liked pages and posts, quizzes you have participated in, and the websites you visit.

Other Areas (Where You Have Agreed to Share Data)

Signing up on online platforms seems pretty easy. Most only require entering your name, email address, and phone number. After this, you must check the box with ‘I Agree to the Terms and Conditions’. You might have agreed to share your data without knowing it.

Now that you know how they collect information, how can you protect yours?

Remain Informed Regarding Data Security Incidents

Gaining knowledge is crucial for safeguarding yourself on the internet. With data security breaches happening frequently, it’s essential to be aware of potential risks to your personal information. This awareness enables you to update passwords, replace credit cards, and implement additional measures for protection. Regularly checking tech news for the latest on data breaches and malware, or employing breach monitoring software, represents a straightforward adjustment to your daily routine that can significantly enhance the security of your data.

Data analysis

Do Not Distribute Verification Codes Sent via SMS or Email

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is designed to confirm your identity prior to accessing an account. However, deceitful individuals have exploited a vulnerability by claiming their phone is malfunctioning and requesting to use yours for login purposes. By divulging these codes, you risk unauthorized access or losing control of your account, and regaining possession can prove challenging. It’s imperative to keep one-time passwords confidential and to promptly alter your password if a code arrives unexpectedly, without any attempt on your part to sign in to the account.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can reduce the information easily accessible to data brokers. We know how frustrating dealing with spam and junk mail can be, especially when waiting for a specific email or information. If you can reduce the data that winds up in the hands of them, you can stay in control of your data privacy.

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