How Long Does It Take to Create a Video Game?

How Long Does It Take to Create a Video Game?

Asking how long it takes to build a game isn’t always correct because it’s hard to know how long it will take right away. It’s similar to asking how deep a hole is without seeing the bottom. While it may sound cliched, there is no definitive solution to this issue.

The sort of game being developed and the development teams have an impact on the game’s development. Large-budget games often take three to five years to produce. Indie games can take months to years to make, whereas mobile apps take months to years.

AAA Video Games

Person playing video gamesThese big-budget games often take three to five years to produce, progressing from the initial concept phase to a gold game and hopefully generating revenue. While some games may take a bit longer, the majority of the games you’ve played have most likely taken place over this period.

As you may be aware, certain games are only published once a year. These are primarily shooters or sports simulators. With major yearly franchises, many companies are working on separate game releases. As a result, one studio’s game will be released one year, while the other will be released the following year, indicating that these games have been developed over two years.

However, development is a little faster because most of the materials and game mechanics are present in earlier versions. Without moving studios, sports games may be produced in a year since companies only provide small gameplay changes once a year.

Keep in mind that AAA publishers want to produce games as quickly as feasible. The more time it takes to complete a task, the less money it generates. Unless there are exceptional conditions, most publishers will take 3-5 years to establish. They must release a game by these dates, or they will lose money.

Games for Mobile Devices

Mobile phoneThe majority of smartphone games are pretty basic. Even profitable ones are still simple games, which indicates that development took little more than a few months. A few more inexpensive mobile games out there are likely to evolve at the same pace as AAA games, but they are so uncommon that you are unlikely to come across them.

Companies have realized that they can deliver a game in a couple of months and still make millions. Therefore, most of them aren’t investing in mobile games on a large scale right now. Maybe you want to create your own mobile game that will make your dreams come true or become a source of profit? If yes, then you will be interested to know about the mobile app game development cost.

Indie Games

In terms of development time, indie games are significantly more unpredictable because many of the independent games now being produced are designed to be part-time jobs. They are not developed by in-house developers. They also operate with a small team.

A lot of independent games are purely for fun. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but as more people begin to make games, these exceptions become less prevalent. Indie games can take anywhere from months to years to ultimately develop. It all depends on the game’s size.

What Factors Influence Game Development Speed

SpeedometerYou’ve most likely heard of games that take longer than they should. There are a few well-known instances. So, why is it taking so long for them to mature? It might be due to a lack of financing for the game, personnel, license transferring from company to business, or issues at any point of production, such as building an open world. The fundamental reason why games take so long is undoubtedly a lack of money.

Finally, there may be difficulties with development. The game’s size can shift dramatically at times. The game may not be creatively viable, but no one wants to abandon the project. Team Fortress 2 is arguably the most well-known example.

It took nine enormous years for it to come into being because the game has evolved significantly. It’s the same with the first Borderlands, but development was quicker. Both of these games would have appeared radically different at the start of production than they did when they were finished.


Remember that developing a game is a lengthy process, regardless of how long it takes. It wasn’t easy. Hundreds of people may be working on a final product in AAA games, and they must bring everything together to make something beautiful.

Many games have quick development cycles, which is unexpected. If you are interested in the aspect of game design, then you can find more info that will interest you.

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